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Default PotW 9: Gallade

Pokémon Sprite 475
Pokemon of the week #9 is Gallade

Overview (from Smogon):
BW is known as the Fighting Generation. With new challengers approaching and veteran Fighting-types getting buffs, Gallade was left in the dust. Not only did it miss out on the Hi Jump Kick bandwagon, it was also leapfrogged by many rookie Unova Fighting-types, and with that, Gallade vanished from OU. Some say that after its OU career was crushed by monsters such as Terrakion and Conkeldurr, Gallade became a hermit in the mountains of RU; it lives its dream superficially by beating up little kids such as Ferroseed. However, 5th Gen was not all doom and gloom for Gallade; for each shattered dream begets new opportunity. Dream World gave it an ability that's not completely useless, Justified. A power buff to Drain Punch, coupled with a decent 115 base Special Defense, allows Gallade to run a destructive Bulk Up set. A Swords Dance-boosted Close Combat makes its fellow RU Fighting-types drool in jealously. Shadow Sneak allows it to pick off potential revenge killers, and it has access to excellent coverage moves such as Night Slash, Zen Headbutt, and Ice Punch. Gallade has all the right tools to wreak havoc in RU.

You can post as many movesets as you want. Just try to fit them into one post.
All movesets must be original. Meaning they must not be sets that are taken off a website.
Constructive Criticism is good, just no flaming or trolling.
Please try to be serious about the set and provide as much information as possible on how it works.

Base Stats:
HP: 68
Attack: 125
Defense: 65
Special Attack: 65
Special Defense: 115
Speed: 80

Form of Movesets:    
Name of Pokemon @ Item
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