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Default Battles and Trades!

I used to be strong but I reset my game and now i'm the weaker ones can battle me for now. I will also do trades. The only time I will be able to Trade and Battle will be from Monday April, 4th to Friday April 8th and maybe some other times. Heres a list of pokemon i'm wanting to trade(That I have or will have by that monday):

Pokemon I have on Black or White---------- Pokemon I Want-Black or White
*Cottnee --------- *Victini
*Petilil --------- *Archen
*Timburr--------- *Terrakion
*Tympole --------- *Panpour
*Patrat-------- *Pansage
*Munna-------- *Emolga
*Roggenrola-------- * Or other ones I cant think of

Pokemon Diamond or Pearl----------------- Pokemon I want-Diamond or Pearl
*Kricketot----------------- *Pichu
*Piplup----------------- *Shaymin
*Bidoof----------------- *Glaceaon
*Shinx ----------------- *Murkrow
*Starly ----------------- *Leafeon
*Zubat----------------- *And other ones I cant think of.

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This is for VB and you got none so Mod move this.
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