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Default This Love of Ours

-Verse One-

With you. With me.
One love. One heart. One more sound in the night.
I can't believe. How hard. It seems to be.
For us.
For you.
To be together.

(Stay here with me, please.)

Call my name! I'll be there! I promise.
You're my love! Forever! That's for sure.
It's eternal, infinite, never ending.
This love of ours.

They'll try to destroy us! But they won't succeed! That's true.
I won't let them! I'll protect you! Always.
We've got to be together forever, with
This love of ours.

-Verse Two-

That night. That place.
One time. One promise. One more tender embrace.
We were there. Forever. It must've been.
That's how we were.


-Verse Three-

I tried. I failed.
One beginning. One end. One destroyed life.
I had to try. Right now. To win you over.
That's how I must've been.

(But I won't ever give up!)

I love you! Forever! And ever.
You may not! But that's okay! I'll win you over.
As long as I live to see another sunrise, I'll make you see
This love of ours.

This love of OURS.
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