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Old July 22, 2016, 02:13:20 PM
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I finally put something together worthy of a download version for you to try, if you want that. See the bottom.

I finally began my foray into real map design! Made a floating island and I'm probably going to outfit it with houses and a town and stuff eventually, but I'm not quite sure what else to put in it. Alternatively I could make it a sort of miniature forest/meadow/nature preserve, though I like the concept of having a city sitting half a mile in the air for no reason. Somewhat inspired by Zeal of Chrono Trigger.

Screenshots at the bottom, as attachments.

please do not question the logistics of keeping a massive clod of rock floating in the air

There's also a bunch of other things, like this.

Also it seems that I've been forgetting to bore you all to death with the changelog. This one includes a very fun incident involving completely breaking collision detection and having to dig out a backup and start all over!

i swear it gets longer every time    
8:05 PM 6/12/2016	Game window can be stretched around, or it can go into fullscreen mode. Everything works except for updating the cursor position accurately in menus.
8:42 PM 6/12/2016 Cursor position works properly
9:42 PM 6/12/2016 Mouse look in full screen works properly
10:45 PM 6/12/2016 Removed "use controller" option because it was pretty useless, replaced with a "control setup" option that doesn't do anything yet, re-implemented a formal "switch to/from fullscreen" option
6:11 PM 6/14/2016 Made movement a little bit more smooth.
12:16 PM 6/15/2016 Added CRT shader.
5:44 PM 6/15/2016 Model templates can have components that move.
4:10 PM 6/17/2016 Models can have alternate "skin" forms; i.e. the Route Signs are now all stored in as piece of information with multiple sub-models (but the same collision, texture, etc. properties)
8:10 PM 6/17/2016 Added options to change the crosshair, since a few people didn't really like the default one.
8:22 PM 6/18/2016 Object editor: Some formatting on model names in the list that you can click on to drag objects into the world. Makes it easier to read.
1:17 PM 6/22/2016 Modeled some flags, implemented them so that they can be added to the world as model templates. They're animated and flap around with speed proportional to the map's weather intensity setting.
1:14 PM 6/23/2016 Mailboxes, water fountains, a few other things. Made entity types with different data scripts, so I know how to do that now.
1:42 PM 6/23/2016 Fixed a bug where ground items wouldn't show up properly, added ground items to the list of Model Templates, made a data script for ground items
2:00 PM 6/24/2016 NPCs can be added through "model templates" menu, and you can edit (most) of their relevant properties
1:29 PM 6/26/2016 Object editor: Changed the "floor" so that it uses an actual collision model and doesn't just raycast downward from the (x, y, z) position
3:03 PM 6/26/2016 Game now uses global variables W and H for positioning things on the screen instead of room_width and room_height
5:11 PM 6/26/2016 Expanded the game window and made the Debug Stats thing its own little window instead of an annoying overlay at the top of the screen.
5:13 PM 6/26/2016 Removed the Pokétch because it looked pretty bad and will probably eventually be replaced by Key Items that do similar things.
1:32 AM 6/27/2016 Real-time/not-real-time in-game clock, plus setting to change how it ticks.
1:57 AM 6/27/2016 Sea level not drawn as part of "atmosphere" anymore. Not sure why it ever was to begin with, tbh.
2:39 AM 6/27/2016 Moved the required dll files to the root directory instead of some sub-folder somewhere, because that might have been causing problems because dlls are weird.
5:55 PM 6/28/2016 Got rid of Geometry Editor, because it's kind of useless now that I've taken to making game environments in GMMC.
11:38 PM 6/28/2016 Got rid of the SG Audio dll because it was causing problems for some people. Using the built-in audio system instead. Music is not working.
2:40 AM 6/29/2016 The problem with music was a problem with Windows having a fight with the GMAssetCompiler, not with the code. Music is working again. Wonderful.
3:04 AM 6/29/2016 Fixed a few annoying edge cases that have to do with things like starting and stopping a sound at the same time.
3:59 AM 7/1/2016 Programmed Cut and Rock Smash, plus templates that can be filled in to do the other HM moves. Some of them can accept multiple moves to activate the effect, i.e. Slash can also work for Cut. You know, since Slash is less useless in battle and carrying it around might infuriate fewer people.
4:13 AM 7/1/2016 Added "duplicate" HMs to represent the alternate moves. Also, it turns out you can give two items the same name and the game won't complain. That's kind of cool, I guess.
6:16 PM 7/5/2016 Moved a bunch of GUI code out of the GUI event, because for some reason the GUI event takes way longer to execute than the regular Draw event. Consequently, shaders now affect GUI elements, so be careful with that.
7:31 PM 7/5/2016 Removed the Terrain Editor, because I decided to run with the sort-of-grid-based DPPtHGSSBWB2W2XYORASSM terrain style.
11:49 PM 7/5/2016 Game fonts load from a sprite sheet instead of the normal resources. Quite convenient, for a number of reasons.
1:42 AM 7/8/2016 Added a few mountains, reformatted debug screen, optimized a few things (most notably the starbox)
12:36 AM 7/9/2016 Programmed a special terrain grid system, a dummied-down, automatic version of regular models. Each cell is 1024x1024 and has its own visible models (and ideally LOD models, in the future) that are drawn automatically, and they automatically load/unload their collision models when the player enters/exits the cell.
(Currently this ONLY covers the cell that the player is standing in, and will ONLY do collisions for the player properly 100% of the time. If you try to check collisions for, say, an NPC or the physics ball it won't detect the terrain geometry of other cells and will probably not behave as intended.)
* 12:48 AM 7/9/2016 Added a data script for ModelTerrainCell that basically says that you can't select it.
* 11:24 PM 7/16/2016 Draw water with models instead of d3d floors, which turn out to be unbelievably slow
* 10:58 PM 7/17/2016 Added yet more information to the "time scale" menu option, because . . . I can.
* 11:25 PM 7/17/2016 Fixed a bug with the game's internal clock not updating properly and now apparently several otherwise problems related to that system have been magically fixed. All I did was scope a measly little variable.
* 11:50 PM 7/17/2016 Fog depth does a transition when you enter an area with different weather settings.
* 12:02 AM 7/18/2016 Size of the sun does a transition when you enter an area with different weather settings. It looks INCREDIBLY strange. Also made the color of the sun yellow instead of colorless, which it should be.
* 1:30 PM 7/18/2016 More weather settings.
* 3:51 PM 7/18/2016 "Darkness" and "Total Darkness" are now weather types, defined by things like low fog distances, black sky and no sun. Total darkness also has a gray lighting instead of white.
* 7:02 PM 7/18/2016 Added a plain old "Fog" weather stype. Weather types now render clouds and the option to not draw stars.
* 1:53 AM 7/19/2016 Almost all weather works, except for the fact that most of them sort of override "night." I imagine this shouldn't be TOO difficult to fix.
* 10:02 AM 7/19/2016 Collisions with non-terrain entities don't work. Traced the error's appearence back to July 9, when the terrain grid was introduced, but I have no idea what the cause is.
* 2:43 PM 7/19/2016 Removed the objects-removed-from-collision-if-certain-distance-away code, collisions with non-terrain entities still don't work.
* 3:09 PM 7/19/2016 Took a break from collision problems and added map points that show up on the overhead compass and on the overworld.
8:52 PM 7/20/2016 Still can't figure out why collisions stopped working so i just went back to the July 7 backup and will be re-adding EVERYTHING. (this is not going to be fun.)
4:29 PM 7/21/2016 Re-implemented compass points, some of the weather code, and slowed the physics ball down so it doesn't go rocketing fifty miles if you hold down the B button. Game compiles, starts and doesn't crash, thank god.
9:23 PM 7/21/2016 Object editor: caught a potential array index out of bounds error. Removed the Pokémon DLL and implemented all of the math in native code to keep things simple.
4:48 PM 7/22/2016 Removed the Pokémon DLL and SGAudio DLLs from the Included Files, since they're not used anymore.


Here. Windows only, extract and double-click the executable to run it, all the usual stuff. Hopefully shouldn't trigger your antivirus, although one of the data files has the extension "vir" so let's keep our fingers crossed.

Tested the executable a little and it SHOULD do everything properly, though if you find anything let me know. You can run around and talk to people and run up the side of that round mountain because I haven't made a proper collision model for it yet and the slope is technically still within the game's "climb height" (and the unfinished mountains don't have collision information associated with them at all, yet).

You can hit F2 to go into the editor and screw around with a bunch of settings if you want to, it should be pretty self-explanatory.

Right click/press B to throw the physics ball, which is good for testing collisions with distant objects.

There's a semi-functional quest marker system, the dude that gives you a bunch of items has an exclamation point over his head, though unfortunately nothing you can do will make that ever go away.

If you're in the editor, you can leave it with F2 and the camera'll zoom back to where your character last was. If you want the character to zoom to the camera instead, hit Right Mouse + F2.

Escape pauses the game, you can quit or change a bunch of settings from there.

Have fun!
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Old August 20, 2016, 09:47:56 PM
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Amazing Adventure Known As Cleaning My Room

So I lost a One Piece book ages ago and was trying to find it and eventually just decided to turn my room inside-out to find it. My room doesn't really have the traditional "looks like a tornado hit it" theme going on and positively looks like a biology lab clean room when compared to my siblings', but it turns out there were some unbelievably weird things accumulating in it over the last sixteen years anyway. Here's a list!

The original list was longer but my I spent so long writing the post that the browser page expired and I had to re-write it.

- A box of staples
- An entire shelf of baseball books from the 1970s
- A whole wad of National Geographic magazines
- A whole wad of those unfolding paper things they always stick in National Geographic magazines
- Every piece of literature that's been written on my high school cross country team in the Star-Ledger since the Bronze Age
- Baseball ticket stubs from 2009
- Enough computer wires to cross the Atlantic
- Plastic insects
- Plastic arachnids
- A bottle of plant fertilizer that spilled and caused weird green crystals to start growing on the bottom of the drawer (that has to be some kind of health hazard)
- A computer hard drive that was so ancient it had its own power supply that was apparently full of Pokémon music and video game TrueType fonts for some reason
- Dental floss
- Twenty dollars plus about a half a pound of loose coins
- a Wii, a Wii Wheel for Mario Kart, a GameCube controller and all of the wires that went with them
- Homework from 4th grade
- Homework from 8th grade
- I'm guessing there was homework from all of the other grades in there somewhere but I wasn't going to search through every single sheet of Loose Leaf I found because that would have taken about a week
- Notebooks that stacked into a pile about eight and a half inches tall (photo attached)
- Pokéddexy stuff
- A user manual to a cell phone I owned in 2009
- A jar of marbles
- A Barnes & Noble gift card that's god knows how old
- A ridiculous number of hats
- Baseball cards
- I'm writing "baseball cards" twice to try and drive home the point of how many of them there are
- The bottom panel for my 3DS (it had to be removed when the capture unit was installed)
- Markers that have somehow managed to not dry out yet
- Bleach-splattered pants
- A CD-ROM that apparently had a C++ compiler on it, but I'll never find out because everything on it was for MS-DOS
- Newspaper clippings
- Apparently I've never thrown out any birthday or Christmas cards in my life ever until today
- Rocks
- Two separate reams of printer paper, both about half-used
- A vacuum cleaner appendage thing (??????)
- The original of this thing that I drew back when ORAS were announced
- Newspaper clippings
- All of the promotional material the high school Robotics team made and didn't manage to give away apparently ended up in my room
- Gloves
- A Whiffle ball that I painted like a Poké Ball
- Socks
- Piano sheet music (I don't even play the piano)
- A clock that doesn't work
- Some of those generic orange "Admit One" tickets
- Bicycle chain oil
- A whole bunch of ancient Popular Science/Popular Mechanics magazines
- A bunch of glasses cases, plus a pair of glasses from several prescriptions and a smaller head size ago
- A confusing number of USB cables
- An entire shoe box full of art supplies
- Eighth grade graduation cap
- a box that says "Wii U" on it
- Comic strips I drew in middle school
- Flower pots
- Duct tape
- A library card that expired five years ago
- Enough books that were falling apart at the spine to give a librarian a heart attack
- A whole bunch of hair ties
- Postage stamps

I didn't even start to investigate these things (I'll probably do it in the morning)

- My closet
- Most of the drawers in my desk

Things I didn't find

- The One Piece book

I guess if it never turns up I can see if that old B&N card is worth anything now, right?

Something about Pokémon fan games

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Old September 27, 2016, 10:10:46 PM
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Oh btw I found the One Piece book. Was buried in a desk drawer. Took me long enough, right?

Been a little while since I did this, hasn't it?

Been trying to work towards releasing another tech demo thing hopefully soon-ish, probably including at least a little bit of what one would consider "map design." As opposed to the blank field with random scattered Entities like last time.

Refactored some stuff, hunted down redundant pieces of code (there was a considerable amount), maybe shaved a off a couple nanoseconds per frame.

Made toilets that you can flush and coffins that you can "sleep" in to restore your party (I was playing Dawnguard recently, okay?)

Also started playing with particle effects, text effects, animations, and a few other things.

Still haven't done any battle programming. I still want to put that off to the end, so I can make sure everything else works and all that stuff.

Here we go again    
10:10 PM 7/23/2016	Implemented toilets. Made data scripts for toilets (and doors). What am I doing with my life.
7:49 PM 7/25/2016 Reorganized the Settings menu, splitting it up into a bunch of sub-menus.
8:43 PM 7/25/2016 Implemented "Restore Default Settings" options in each of the settings menus.
11:33 PM 7/25/2016 Created a loading screen.
12:35 AM 7/30/2016 Actors no longer stop falling at z=0. Instead there's a very large sheet object at z=0, and actors stop falling when they land on it, just like any other part of the collision mesh.
2:08 AM 7/30/2016 Playable character calculate how far/fast they've been falling when they hit the ground. The physics ball does the same thing, but accounting for three dimensional movement.
2:16 PM 8/2/2016 Removed Trainer Class team generation rules and about 300 lines of code. Created game data arrays with array_add before filling them in; overall startup improved by about a second. Created a special move category for Psyshock which uses physical defense.
5:21 PM 8/2/2016 Player now stops when about to step over water. Collision models need to have a buffer space around their land area unless you want the player to stop moving when they hit the edge, thanks to the way collision chunks are loaded.
11:07 PM 8/4/2016 You can buy stuff from NPCs. You can't sell stuff yet, though.
4:20 PM 8/10/2016 Player stops before stepping over water, now using some kind of movement state machine thing.
7:02 PM 8/10/2016 Check for movement status /after/ updating collision cells. you can move freely between cells without getting stopped for no reason again!
9:44 PM 8/11/2016 Can add events through the "Events" tab. They don't react to the player stepping on them, though.
10:15 PM 8/11/2016 Markers for HMs 2 through 8. Copy and paste of HM01, really.
12:50 AM 8/13/2016 Fixed the moon (finally). Disabled phases because they simply looked bad.
9:58 AM 8/13/2016 Changed the Object and Event editors so you can change an object's model or event's cutscene indexby clicking on an entry in the list on the side.
11:51 AM 8/13/2016 Player stops moving automatically when talking to NPCs. Events trigger when you walk into space designated for them (!)
2:37 PM 8/13/2016 Teleport works; added "turn" cutscene script and made it actually work. Teleport blocks make you turn around and walk a few steps if you decide to not take them, meaning you can get spat out into a wall if you approach them from specific directions. I think it's amusing so I'm leaving it in.
2:48 PM 8/13/2016 Event spaces don't work when you interact with them; now you actually have to walk into one to trigger it.
2:53 PM 8/13/2016 Events no longer get triggered if you leave one that is the same as the last one you entered.
5:33 PM 8/13/2016 Can change the UI color(s), plus the brightness of the autotexture.
12:03 AM 8/18/2016 Added an editor so Pokémon base stats can be changed on-the-fly; also changed the way stats are calculated
4:50 PM 8/18/2016 Database editor: Pokémon main, TMs, Egg Moves, linked alternate forms (missing only Level Moves and Evolutions)
3:07 AM 8/24/2016 Database editor: finished Pokémon tab, including Evolutions and everything. Re-arranged some parts so they fit on the screen a little more nicely, especially so that the base stat bar graph has a little more space.
2:23 PM 8/26/2016 Default shader now lets you mess with the rbg color values. It's actually kind of a bad idea to do so, but whatever.
4:19 AM 8/27/2016 Database editor: Items tab and most of the Moves tab; consolidated all of the move flags into a single unsigned int with lots of bitwise arithmetic and stuff
11:57 PM 8/29/2016 Made a structure for BattleEffects for things like Moves, Abilities and Items. Filled them in, although all of their scripts are set to null and half of them don't even have names yet because there are just too many of them.
12:21 AM 9/1/2016 Database editor: Abilities, Items and Moves all filled in; buttons for editing MoveEffect information work properly.
1:58 AM 9/1/2016 Database editor: Pokémon evolutions have been simplified. They don't crash. Lots of code is commented it out and some of the text displays incorrectly, though.
2:34 PM 9/3/2016 Game data is now a global variable instead of attached to the World object, so they should perform a little better now.
11:26 PM 9/3/2016 Database editor: Trainer Classes (why did I make this a tab in the editor, again?)
11:42 PM 9/3/2016 Game stops taking input and shows a message over the HUD when the game window loses focus. The GMS manual says window_has_focus() is only valid for HTML5, Windows 8 and Tizen. Lies.
11:50 PM 9/3/2016 Database editor: Removed the Egg Group, Trainer Class and Type tabs. Honestly don't know why they were there in the first place, since I'm not doing this for mod support or anything.
12:50 AM 9/4/2016 Object editor: Can edit individual bits in the objects' collision masks. Had to change the way the game looks at collision masks in general, though.
7:28 PM 9/4/2016 Code for saving/loading Abilities to file again (not actually implemented); color-coding in Object\Collisions tab
8:02 PM 9/10/2016 Save/Load: works; reprogrammed the way most Items work
11:10 PM 9/10/2016 Added "Collectors' Cards," they sit there and rotate but don't do anything (the goal is to make them like the wizard cards in Harry Potter)
1:37 AM 9/12/2016 Implemented particle effects as "aster" models instead of actual particles, since they look way better. Cards get "collected," despawn and explode into said particles when you pick them up. Some other minor fixes.
2:13 PM 9/13/2016 Achievement book, sort of.
1:47 AM 9/14/2016 Most functionality of the achievement book, a few fixes related to cards, added triggers for achievements in various places in the game, fixed a few things that would have broken the YYC
7:31 PM 9/15/2016 Better water, plus reflections, plus a slight performance increase (how often do you get to say that all at the same time?)
12:06 AM 9/16/2016 Water now can be collided with (within the game grid). Some other minor fixes.
7:28 PM 9/16/2016 Merged Entities with Characters and a couple other things with each other. Less redundant code. Model Templates also run on less code.
1:02 AM 9/17/2016 Background music works. Each area has a set of background music types that it can play (for both day and night). When one song stops, another starts. Can be stopped for cutscenes and stuff. Not sure how it'll work with a "radio" object, though.
8:42 PM 9/20/2016 Added a default weather control script. There's a 1 in 16 chance of creating normal rain. Weather cycles every 10 minutes by default (or every time you enter an area).
9:36 PM 9/20/2016 Added push notifications. They appear when you pick up ground items or collector cards instead of the message boxes. I think that looks a bit better in 3D. Also, yet another mechanic totally not also stolen from Skyrim.
3:56 PM 9/22/2016 Added random encounter space. Makes crunching sounds and sprinkles particles all over the place when you walk through it. Volume of both of those is determined by your movement speed. Also there's a random encounter countdown but it doesn't do anything yet.
6:28 PM 9/22/2016 Random encounters are generated based on the encounters defined for them in const_environment
12:12 PM 9/24/2016 Can change maps. Contents of previous map get deleted, new map loads. Can't load from a file yet, though.
7:04 PM 9/24/2016 Title screen: camera. Does nothing else, though.
9:12 PM 9/24/2016 Title screen: menu. navigation and Quit works.
9:15 AM 9/25/2016 Changed the way Fog works so that it appears on the title screen. Changed the way it's initalized, too, so the default fog distance can be changed relatively easily.
11:46 PM 9/25/2016 Only cells, entities, etc. within sight of the camera are rendered. Can boost performance immensely.
9:36 AM 9/26/2016 Object editor: fixed data scripts so that they show up again (broke by merging all of the different entity types together), fixed the NPC setup, fixed the "select base NPC" option in NPC data script
9:50 PM 9/27/2016 A bunch of miscellaneous fixes related to thinking about finally releasing a playable version of this game, such as:
- Route sign text is drawn through code instead of contained in the model
- Fixed bottom of palm trees on the texture sheet
- Added music
- Music starts and stops correctly when the same song repeats itself (although it would be nice to be able to avoid repeating music at all in the future)
- Music only cued to change when
- Some route icons
- Probably a few other things

Between you and me, this is actually slogging along faster than I thought. Will probably mash together a bunch more map cells in the next few weeks and see what happens from there.

Attaching YouTube videos this time 'cause I have more of them than screenshots and I'm being too lazy to take any.

Playing with fountains

Water effects

Haven't been doing this so far but I might start if I remember, but lines of code is an interesting (if not perfectly accurate) way to measure the growth of a project.

Current lines of code: 21905

Not sure how much all of the code for hundreds of move effects, item effects, ability effects, etc. will take up (on top of the battle programming/AI that's bound to take up a ridiculous number of code) but I guess for now I'll stick with my old estimate of 100,000 lines by the time this is finished. We'll see.
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Old October 11, 2016, 06:31:39 PM
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I meant to write this like a week ago but forgot

So, long story short, I finally compiled a playable version of this game. At least, I hope it's playable. More below.

relatively short because I only copied the parts that are included in the executable    
11:52 PM 9/30/2016	Added fire and one type of torch. Fixed the Fountain model template.
2:48 PM 10/1/2016 Made Cards work again, made Items work without needing a cutscene index, implemented leaf piles that explode and possibly give you an item when you walk into them. Removed item rarity variable.
10:33 PM 10/1/2016 Added some kind of global boolean variables. Doors can be locked using these variables - they also contain information on which Gym Badges you've won and stuff, so you can have doors that only open if you have a Gym Badge . . . or an item that "unlocks" a Gym Badge. Also, doors animate and the speed that they open can be controlled by the creator.
1:02 AM 10/2/2016 Removed almost 500 lines of code by refactoring data scripts. They're better organized now, too, and code isn't duplicated when creating data scripts for sub-objects of an Entity or Event type (since it can just call its parent object's data script). Also, leveled items work properly.
12:10 AM 10/3/2016 Filled in a bunch of the @todo notes (mainly math, which may or may not actually work)
10:15 PM 10/3/2016 A few unrelated things:
- Particles are quite a bit more efficient, appearing about 4X as dense for the about the same amount of computing time
- Water rings are more circular than they used to be
- Created CompassPointLocations, so the location icons appear on the compass if you're within about four cells of the location on the map (but there are no floating markers on the actual overworld)
11:26 PM 10/3/2016 Changed the way day/night audio is handled; instead of having multiple audio types for different times of day, the game pitches the base file differently depending on what time of day it is. Night = 0.8, morning = 0.95, afternoon = 1.0, evening = 0.95.

Here's a sister video to the "water effects" one of last time.

The interesting bit

This is currently a demo that does not contain plot, RPG battles or a lot of other things that are standard fare in completed games. But don't worry, as long as I don't die before I finish it, it will some day. Right now I'm kind of looking for people to fool around with it and find ways to crash it.

You can hit F2 to go into an editor which lets you throw around 3D objects, edit Pokémon, items, move data, etc. and a couple other things which may or may not work. You can zoom around with WASD like usual, and turn the camera with Middle Mouse. You can hit Right Mouse + F2 to jump the player to where the camera is in the editor - useful if you manage to clip through the terrain geometry or fall below z=0.

All of these links should go to a Google Drive folder that contains a, a and a .gmz. Default uses the standard Game Maker interpreter and should work on all Windows computers but is somewhat slower, YYC has been compiled to machine code and should be considerably faster but may not work on computers with potatoes for graphics cards (example: mine), and the gmz can be extracted in Game Maker Studio to let you play around with the source code and let you laugh about how bad of a programmer I am. The parent directory also has a couple things in that which might be found interesting, but I don't remember if I enabled sharing on it or not.

Yes, these start at version 7.0.2.x. Shows you how long I've been screwing around with this. (Numbered versions not listed were probably shared for testing between me and my friends and never actually posted anywhere.)


edit: forgot about this part

Current lines of code: 22,256
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WOW! GAmes are hard to make and u must have alot of pateince to do this, do u need help?? Ill download and try it if i can sometime.
Pet my dog Pokemon!

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Originally Posted by Lycanroc View Post
do u need help?
I don't really like working with people, but what do you have in mind?
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Old November 4, 2016, 06:24:28 PM
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In terms of real life I started a new job this month, which I guess is sort of useful, but I'm guessing most people reading this aren't interested in that part.

this has been fun    
3:06 PM 10/4/2016	Compressed all of the existing models. Changed the way water rings and splashes spawn. Fixed toilets. Fixed a bug in the db editor. Fixed what might have been a bug in the background music system.
8:12 PM 10/4/2016 Changed the way particle types are indexed the game. Fire now rises in the direction of the wind of the current weather.
1:11 AM 10/6/2016 Re-implemented HMs; animated Cut, Fly and Surf interactions
8:06 PM 10/6/2016 Animated a bunch of HMs, don't really like the way any of them turned out but whatever
11:08 AM 10/7/2016 Removed some useless stuff, added a raytrace shader, added a clock tower. Don't know if they actually work. Game Maker beta updates are being weird. Edit: it's working.
12:38 PM 10/7/2016 Added a pendulum to the clock tower and simplified the windmills. Dutch windmill pillar model somehow got un-textured. Oops.
9:09 PM 10/11/2016 Changed the way collision cells are loaded, maybe a few other things I don't remember
11:34 PM 10/14/2016 Bunch of things:
- Removed "textured?" information from models
- Removed "draw snow?" code (since footprints are drawn automatically anyway now)
- Removed obsolete NPC animation code
- Updated ETypes
- Updated NPC image system
9:00 AM 10/17/2016 Many more things:
- Fixed "RemoveItem/RemoveItemStack"
- Overhauled models; removed most of them from the game filesystem, on the assumption that most static ones will be saved as part of the level file anyway and the only ones that the editor needs access to will be ones that can be interacted with, etc
- Removed the "Interactable" switch, since now by default objects are interactable anyway
- Added tombstones
11:09 PM 10/19/2016 Book items partially implemented. They look really weird.
3:16 PM 10/20/2016 Recreated the game database file because it got corrupted somehow and Items/Moves were being read out of it incorrectly. Every single type of item can now have its own model representing it on the ground, instead of relying on the template defined by the Item Pocket. (Collision boxes are still the default Poké Ball, though, since I can't be bothered to implement that part.)
1:02 AM 10/24/2016 Fixed movement so it's not restricted to up/down/left/right (especially with controllers with analog sticks). Allowed for changing of a map cell location in the editor (apparently I never bothered to do that earlier). Added the Forest of Zeal visual cells and music for the same location.
6:11 PM 10/26/2016 Made comets that shoot down from the heavens at night. That's an hour of my life that I'm never getting back. They look pretty, though.
12:53 AM 10/27/2016 Fine-tuned comets.
5:29 PM 10/27/2016 Entity saving/loading from map files. Fine-tuned comets some more.
10:32 PM 10/28/2016 Comets drop items if they pass over the cell you're standing in.
12:27 AM 10/29/2016 Saving/loading NPCs from map file. Fixed "team" array; Test Pokémon cutscene works again.
12:40 AM 10/30/2016 Pokémon menu:
- refactored a lot of code
- reorganized the one massive script into many smaller scripts
- removed a few useless features (they can be readded later pretty easily if i ever get bored enough)
- straightened up a few errors in the GUI
- menu actually doesn't break when you use it constantly
4:07 PM 10/30/2016 Implemented volume control for different types of audio (music, system effects, etc) plus a Settings menu for it plus fancy slider bar things for the Settings menu.
10:40 AM 11/1/2016 Following NPCs. Normal NPCs can switch between following and not following through scripting.
11:36 AM 11/1/2016 NPCs can follow any character. They turn to face random directions when not following anybody. Created a variable to enable random movement but haven't implemented it.
11:40 PM 11/3/2016 Implemented NPC Pokémon. If they're linked to an NPC (or Player) they'll be treated as a party Pokémon, otherwise they'll be treated as the Species defined for them.
8:56 PM 11/4/2016 You can send out NPC Pokémon, or have them return to their Poké Balls. Fixed the annoying problem with texture pages causing NPC Pokémon sprites to contain random pixels of each other.

Main interesting things are the comets that appear at night time on occasion, the NPCs that follow you and the Pokémon that follow you. Especially the last one. I'll leave a video for the last one (although there are also videos for the other two things).

I'll also be trying to include semi-playable downloads more often now, since the game is sort of starting to take playable form. Same rules as last time apply. Also same as last time, the Default version should work but I have no idea about the YYC version because my computer literally can't handle my own compiled code.


Current lines of code: 23,473

In other news, the Game Maker Studio 2 beta came out a few days ago. Been messing around with it a little. Looks extremely slick. Can't wait to use it once I get back into 2D games.
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The code base of Theseus: does a game engine that has had all of its major systems rewritten remain fundamentally the same project?

Anyway, normally I'd wait until I have a longer change log to post this, but it's unlikely that I'll be getting much done in the coming weeks thanks to (a) busy work schedule, (b) computer troubles and (c) Magfest so I'll do it now anyway.

As you can see, most of what I've done relates to the paradox cited at the top of the post.

4:54 PM 11/12/2016 Still rewriting pause menu code. Everything appears to be working. Some items implemented, particularly PP-related items. Also defined a bunch of important settings for Items and such.
3:12 PM 11/20/2016 Implemented TMs (although nobody's got their TM learnset set up yet). Can use escape sequences to insert special text into strings (particularly TM/move names and descriptions).
11:00 PM 11/25/2016 Began thinking about battles. Wrote code to generate NPC Pokémon.

There are also a couple other partially-completed things but I won't write about them until they reliably don't crash the game enough to put in the changelog.

Also also, Game Maker Studio 2 is out and I'm totally not going to waste my time trying to port it over to that (although it might be fun just to see how precisely it decides to blow up).


Same rules as last time apply. Also same as last time, the Default version should work but I have no idea about the YYC version because my computer literally can't handle my own compiled code.


Current lines of code: 24,668
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A bit different but I finally made a way to make maps without dropping every single tile down by hand. This is like the third 3D terrain editor I've made in the last two years but at least this one outputs maps that sort of look like the game I'm trying to make.

This particular geographical feature is kind of supposed to be my Throat of the World (biggest mountain in the game) but it ends up being kind of flat due to the fact that the sides can't ever have a slope over about 45 degrees and in most places the grade is even lower than that. Not sure what to do about it but I'll probably figure something out.

For the record the entire mountain (16 or 20 cells) took about as long to make as a single cell would have with my old system, so I guess that's a good thing. Plus it's now not impossible to go back and change something if I don't like it. The collision model it spits out is pretty badly optimized, though.

Current lines of code for the terrain editor: a measly 728, but I'm probably going to be adding onto it so that I can plop down things like trees and tall grass and stuff, too.
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Old January 8, 2017, 05:20:45 PM
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Magfest Spoils of War: JRPG Edition

Dragon Quest 4, 9, Final Fantasy 4, Radiant Historia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. I actually brought money with me this year.


- Probably some of the tournament winners


- It's not a CON, it's a FESTIVAL :^(

Everything else

- Even more Colossus Roar than usual, somehow.
- Spent most of my time floating between panels with smatterings of the indie space, marketplace and console games area thing. One concert, that being "Triforce Quartet" and not any of the more high-intensity performances that Magfest tends to be known for.
- The highlight of Thrown Controllers was literally people chanting "BUTT! BUTT BUTT!" for about thirty seconds straight
- Will try to post the rest of my footage shortly.
- If you've been anywhere near Twitter in the last four days you probably already know that Team Skull cosplay was this year's Undertale.
- Eyan wasn't there this year, but I met a few other people I know from the Internet, which is always cool.
- Learned the real reason you're not supposed to use "if" statements in shaders.
- Laptop decided to stop working for no reason on Friday so I had to go down to the hotel lobby to borrow a screwdriver and take it apart and check all of the battery connections. I'm a true nerd.
- Stopped at Maryland House for late lunch on the drive back. That's about an hour north of National Harbor. There were literally people doing the Colossus Roar in the parking lot and the guy at the register actually said "how many of y'all are coming from Magfest?!" when he saw my badge.
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Now, the real question is whether you paid fair prices or if you were ripped off.
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Judging by what I see on Amazon, most of them were pretty reasonable $(20..30). A few different vendors were charging like $75+ for varying conditions of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver . . . but, well, those are HeartGold and SoulSilver.
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Yeah, during the late summer, those were going for $150+ for complete copies.
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Whoa, has it been more than two months since I posted a major update in this?

Spoiler Alert:    
11:08 PM 12/4/2016	Code to manually load models from files, which will hopefully get rid of the memory leak issue that's apparently built into d3d_model_load with vertex-normal-texture-color.
8:14 AM 12/7/2016 Got rid of the code that was supposed to fix the memory leak, thanks to YoYo (apparently) fixing the GMS bug in an update.
9:23 AM 12/7/2016 Got following Pokémon to move around again. Not sure what was wrong in the first place. Controls are still backwards and you can still "talk" to "yourself," though.
9:57 PM 12/7/2016 Player invisibly "follows around" a controlled EntityNPCPokemon, so that takes care of the weird issues/annoying lag that happens when the controlled Pokémon is in a different cell from the Player. Also you can hit Escape (or talk to "yourself") to return to the regular Player.
10:14 PM 12/7/2016 Cutscenes (and events in general) disabled when controlling EntityNPCPokemon. Corrected the thing where all of the controls would be reversed when controlling one.
12:29 AM 12/8/2016 Speaking of control, there is now a basic ability to rebind (most) of them. Movement not counted since dealing with the sticks on a controller is a massive pain.
10:55 AM 12/8/2016 Control customization works, with some limitations.
12:27 AM 12/9/2016 Control customization, wrote a script to draw a pretty little button prompt on the screen when desired.
1:46 AM 12/9/2016 Stuff to go on the HUD when you're controlling a Pokémon (attack buttons and the battle info thing).
1:57 AM 12/10/2016 Controlling Pokémon HUD is probably finished. Have one "main" move attached to the A button, and you can cycle through with L2/R2. Can "use" moves (which don't do anything) and dock PP, until you run out of PP. Messages are done with the push notification system currently, which is kind of ugly.
10:00 PM 12/10/2016 Default move animation is a cloud of colored particles shooting off in front of the user. They stop when they hit a wall or run out of their range, but don't do anything to whatever they hit yet.
5:56 PM 12/12/2016 An event is triggered when an object is hit by a move. For now it does nothing but pass on the x, y and z of the collision and the IDs of the caster and the target.
2:38 AM 12/13/2016 Added a few FieldEffects, one that just tosses out a yellow spark on contact and one that creates a fire on contact.
6:02 PM 12/13/2016 NPCs frown at you when you hit them with an attack. My life is complete.
7:30 PM 12/13/2016 NPCs may show emoticons or complain when you hit them with an attack. This may be my new favorite feature to have programmed.
10:25 AM 12/29/2016 Added terrain made in the terrain creation program (parts of it, anyway), expanded the plane of water and simplified the collision mask, fixed a few bugs with the Yo Yo Compiler, maybe some other stuff
10:56 AM 12/29/2016 Confined the player's position to the actual game world, fixed some sound effects
3:46 PM 12/29/2016 Did some more stuff? (This is mainly just here so I can back it up to external drives)
2:41 PM 1/3/2017 Most of the game world has been added, size of the game filesystem has ballooned. Some progress on the stuff in the game world, including a few NPCs and lamp posts showing where the (intended) paths lead. Fixed an annoying bug where the YYC version would crash if you had a Pokémon use a move.
11:01 AM 1/4/2017 Sped up the "loading map" bit by somewhere between 30 and 50%
4:45 PM 1/4/2017 Increased run speed, increased jump height, removed random encounters, made fov expand while running and jumping, made footprints only spawn while you're on the ground
8:49 AM 1/5/2017 Run speed and jump height are functions of combinations of the character's calculated Speed stats and the moves they posses. Move limit has been reduced to two. An array of smaller changes and fixes.
10:07 AM 1/13/2017 World loads via buffer now, considerably faster than with the old method(s). Fixed teleportation. World collision shapes are cached because there appears to be a memory leak when freeing them.
10:59 AM 1/13/2017 Removed UI color options.
11:30 AM 1/14/2017 Took out a bunch of code related to battles, including battle effects and Abilities. Changed the Control Pokémon UI so that it's less cluttered and you only see the option to use A and B for your two moves. Fixed a bug involving controlled Pokémon not having the proper move data and crashing the game.
12:37 PM 1/15/2017 Implemented Mind Read, totally not ripped from Golden Sun.
11:08 AM 1/16/2017 Added random quotes to all loading screens, fixed data script for windmills.
11:56 AM 1/16/2017 Teleport move works. I don't have an model that could be used for the teleportation target, though.
12:36 PM 1/16/2017 Levitation works. Default behavior is to hover 32 pixels (6 feet) above where it started; things may behave oddly when they fall back to earth if there's something underneath where it wants to be. In any event, you can walk underneath the objects and I'm thinking of letting the player levitate Rock Smash boulders out of the way instead of destroying them if they want to.
9:59 PM 1/16/2017 Ironed out some bugs in various field moves, and fixed the way that projectile moves are cast into space.
12:38 AM 1/22/2017 Implemented Vine Whip, maybe a few other moves, made Teleport look a little nicer.
9:23 PM 1/23/2017 Rock Smash now has a charging animation, Pokémon can't water walk anymore, corrected the text showing the button prompts when controlling a Pokémon, maybe a few other things
6:21 PM 1/29/2017 A lot of bug fixes. Implemented "drowning" as opposed to the player stopping at the water's edge (where you return to the last NPC you spoke to when you enter the water without Surf). Gutted Natures since they did nothing and just crashed the game.
11:47 PM 1/29/2017 Edited demo island text so that it fits in the text box, and even remembered to create icons for the demo areas.

I haven't been updating that thing nearly as often as I should have been, but battles have officially been scrapped and this game is now entirely devoted to HMs, which I know the whole planet is going to be thrilled about.


I'll update this post with video and probably screenshots tomorrow, it's kind of late and I want to sleep and stuff.


Same rules as last time apply. Unlike last time, there's no Default version, only the YYC version, since I got that working on my computer and all the computers I've tested it on. You can have the source code too, if you want it.


(You can assume the version numbers between the last one and this one were tests that I sent to my friends without officially putting out for the world to see.)

Update: game has several crashes. Since I'm moving on, I may or may not be fixing them.

Interested in game design?

Hit F2 while you're running around the game world and you'll have access to the game's debug mode. Or you can go into the game's filesystem and see what you can find. Feel free to play around, you might learn some things. (I will not be fixing crashes related to things that happen in Debug Mode, it's not the most stable thing in the world.)

Current lines of code: 24,506

It actually peaked at about 27,000, 28,000, don't quite remember, but I deleted a lot of scrapped features (and a lot of battle code) so it shrank quite a bit.

The end of Pokémon, and a new beginning

Yes, you just read that. For better or for worse, Nintendo's been way more pushy about enforcing their trademarks and all that jazz since even the last time I updated this thread, and between that and this game sticking out enough from the usual RPG Maker games I'm legitimately worried about getting shut down if this game ever gets big enough.

The source code and graphics and what have you isn't going anywhere. The Game Maker files'll still be in the download section for whoever wants to open it up and play around with it, and if the world of intellectual property ever relaxes itself (probably not) or if I'm still alive when the trademarks on Pokémon ever expire (it's complicated) I'll see if this project can still be opened up on future-generation technology and we can continue from there.

In the mean time, I'll be gutting the Pokémon graphics, data, sound, etc. from the VirgoNova engine and, at long last, making something original. Stick around, it should be a fun ride.
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It may perhaps be best for it to no longer be a Pokémon game, but it can at least be one in spirit.
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