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View Poll Results: What should be done with the current server world?
Leave it as it is 0 0%
Revert to the last backup 0 0%
Start a new world 8 80.00%
Bring back the first world 2 20.00%
Voters: 10. You may not vote on this poll

Old June 24, 2012, 04:51:19 AM
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Default Status of the Server World

As many of you know by know, on Wednesday the 20th the server's world became corrupted. The reason was linked to a network crash, which resulted in the hard drive the world is stored on to stop suddenly. Anyone who's played Minecraft for awhile knows that just stopping a world without saving chunks is a good way to lead to data corruption, and it happened in our case, though luckily in a small enough degree to let us still access the world.

The corruption itself has hit only two regions of the map [0.0.mca and 0.-1.mca, which translates to the area from 512x 512z to 512x -512z], leaving the rest of the world pretty much intact. Unfortunately a lot of our work is in this section of the map [like town and most of our houses] and the last backup we made was at the end of May. And as there is yet to be a way to repair chunks in Anvil, we have no real way of fixing it like the way it was at the moment.

This leaves us with the following options:
1) restart the world as is. The map was fairly playable except for chunks either being moved around or just deleted. These can be built around or over, but will most likely leave patchwork biome areas.

2) Revert to the May backup. This was almost a month ago, so a month's worth of work would be lost. We would only have to restore the two affected regions, so buildings outside of it should still be alright.

3) Start a new world using the old seed. The center areas of the map would be different, and things would have to be rebuilt, but areas outside the old world generation will be the same as on the old world.

4) Bring back the first map and expand on it. This is the idea I like most, though it'll take quite a bit of work. I have found that it's possible to exchange .mca files between worlds, though it tends to have not so pretty results. However, as the following pic shows, it's possible to make it almost seamless and still have all the features we want. The plan is to use the four central .mca files [which holds town and a few of our old houses], generate 1.0.0 land around it [to add the strongholds with End Portals] then replace the .mca files on the server with the ones made using this method.

Personally I like 4 the most. It would bring back a few players who stopped because all their work in the first world was "lost" to add in dungeons with Ender Portals. Also I blame KYA for making me miss my old house.

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Old June 24, 2012, 05:00:55 AM
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I personally like the sound of Option 3. Though I will say I don't mind whichever option is taken.
Old June 24, 2012, 06:06:59 AM
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I like #3 as well. It'll be a fresh start, and it'll be a change to the world.
Old June 24, 2012, 08:28:17 AM
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I'm kinda torn between #2 and #3. While a fresh start would be pretty nice (and it will give me a chance to practice for my MC Journals), a lot of people would lose the structures they've worked so hard to build in the server. Plus there is all the ore they've managed to dig up (I know people like A'bom who have too much of everything) would just be lost and all that time would be lost.

However, reverting to a backup wouldn't be much better. Sure, some of the work will be retained, but people would still lose a considerable amount of work they've managed to do within the past month. It would be nice to have some of the work, but it would actually hurt a bit more knowing that you did all that work, but then it's gone and now you have to get it back.

I think I'll go with #3 in this situation. Maybe you should save a backup more often, if possible.
Old June 24, 2012, 09:23:04 AM
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Yeah, I lose a ton of stuff. But you know what? The fun part is BUILDING the stuff! Who knows, maybe this time I can do a bit more feng shui this time around! I was just kinda putzing around before. I love the thrill of a fresh start!
Old June 24, 2012, 10:24:14 AM
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I've always wondered how it'll go when we all do it again, from the ground up, with people that haven't been around when the old world was built.
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