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Default "/give" Command Issue on Minecraft 1.3.1 SOLUTION

I was on Minecraft and was trying to use a command that was supposed to give you whatever item that you wanted. When you type "/help" it will say it is "/give <player> <item> [amount] [data]". Minecraft wasn't specific when they said "Item". Don't keep trying to type in "/give TeamPlaz (or whatever your name is) diamond 64", that will never work. Instead of the name of the item the want the data value code. So if you are looking for diamonds then just do this "/give Teamplaz 264 64", that is what will give you 64 diamonds. If you aren't sure what the data value code for your item is the go here.

To recap, type this.
"/give <name of player> <data value code> [amount of that item]"

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It's most fun to do with 51 (I think that's what it is, just try it for yourself and you'll see ).
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The /give command has always been like that, going by the block's ID rather than its name. Just most won't know that since it used to be a multiplayer-exclusive command.
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