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Old September 28, 2012, 05:19:45 PM
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Default What are your preferred enchantments?

You know you have them. You prefer having some enchantments on an item over other enchantments. What enchantments would those be and on what items?

For me, armor having Protection IV is almost a must, but that's not really practical. For practical use, Protection II is nice, along with Feather Falling just in case. On helmets, I would love to have Respiration rather than Aqua Affinity because I don't really dig underwater, but I tend to find pockets leading to water sources that I like to swim up to.
As for swords, Sharpness of any kind is nice. Looting would be nice, but I don't see much of a difference in drops (then again, I've never had a Looting sword).
Bows - High tier Power with Flame is always nice. Infinity is just a bonus if I happen to get it (you might know about my Infinity I, Punch I, Flame I, Power IV Bow on the server).
Picks - Unbreaking and Fortune are the things I always want on a Pick, but never seem to get. Efficiency is pretty nice though, but I would still rather have Unbreaking and Fortune on the same Pick.
Old September 29, 2012, 05:15:41 AM
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Depends on what I need the tool for.

For general use, Unbreaking + Fortune + Efficiency. This kind I refer to as "Obsidian Smasher"
But if I have to do work in the Nether, just Unbreaking. There's nothing in the Nether that requires Fortune, and Efficiency breaks netherrack too fast.

Sharpness + Knockback + Looting. I don't trust Fire Aspect cause I think it counts as a non-player kill so it would keep the rare drops and experience from dropping.

Unbreaking + Efficiency.

Unbreaking + Fortune + Efficiency. Why Fortune? Cause axes work on leaves, so it would increase drops of saplings and apples.

Infinity + Power IV. Unlimited arrows that are as powerful as a diamond sword.

Aqua Affinity + Protection IV + Respiration. Perfect for gathering sand and clay underwater.

Protection IV

Protection IV

Protection IV + Feather Falling. Protection against fall damage is important.
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