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Old February 9, 2013, 03:31:20 PM
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Default Work-In-Progress: The Castle

So after a terrifying incident with a lightning storm, I've decided I can no longer live on my island... at least, not without a roof over my head.

Because I had already started on my underwater greenhouse-lighthouse hybrid, I thought maybe I should live in the lighthouse, but I figured I wouldn't have enough room to work with in a traditional style lighthouse and I didn't want to have rooms that branched off the lighthouse, but I did like the idea of areas that branched off the main room.

It was then I decided to make a castle on my island. So far, as if you couldn't tell by the thread title, the castle is a work-in-progress. I only have the basic outline of the main room and a good portion of the front entrance finished, as seen down below:
Castle Entrance    

I'm not very good with MC building, but I do have some things in mind for what I want the castle to look like. Some feedback would be appreciated though.
I'll update the thread as often as I need to.
Old February 9, 2013, 03:47:44 PM
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The base of the castle looks nice, I like how you use the stone stairs to make those small windows. I think it would be cool if each individual floor of the castle had a theme in it.
Old February 9, 2013, 05:08:04 PM
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Looks pretty nice I actually have castle that I built on the server but that will be a while before I let anyone looks at it.

Good work thus far keep it up.
Old March 31, 2013, 06:51:26 AM
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Don't worry, I didn't forget about my castle. I just haven't worked on it much.
However, I did get some work done on it very recently:
Spoiler Alert:    

Bunch of work on the entrance. The basic frame looked very flat to me before I added all those stairs, but now it looks more like a house rather than a castle. That will be fixed once the roof is in place (hopefully).

Spoiler Alert:    

A side view of my castle. Those windows you see are upside down stairs. The spot just above the window will be torn down for a stairway up to a different part of the castle (same goes with the other side).

Spoiler Alert:    

I was tired of using dirt and jumping up to the roof, so I placed a roof access ladder on the side.

Spoiler Alert:    

I wasn't going to do anything with the back wall, but I didn't want to keep it blank either, so I put that cute lil' face right there. I originally used Glass blocks, but didn't really like the look of it, so I used Glass Panes instead. I originally planned on using stairs for the face, but wasn't sure how to place the stairs to make the face, but that probably would've been pretty small. Those Jack-o-Lanterns are a temporary light source until I get the flooring in.

Spoiler Alert:    

A look at right behind the entrance. You can see that I like the look of stairs for roofing purposes. Ironically, I don't have a roof yet.
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