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Old September 3, 2013, 05:23:02 AM
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Default Surface RT get!

It looks like my laptop is going to cost a lot to replace it (due to cost of parts broken).

I ended up buying a Surface RT to tide me over until the Christmas season comes (then I'll get a real laptop... Or even a desktop). Im actually kind of surprised that how well RT fits my needs right now. Being cheap, reliable, and quality. I was initially also considering the W3, but the screen is so horrible, it's not worth getting it just to be able to run all Windows apps. Not that I'd have the space to do so...

It's kind of surprising to me how many apps that I do use on my laptop have RT equivalents and ports. It makes the transition ridiculously easy. Pretty much the only things I couldn't use are IDEs, a proper sync client for my phone (Zune), and PC games. Not that it matters - and I can use campus PCs as needed.

Also, the keyboard is sublime compared to Android tablets... Oh my. I didn't even bother with the covers to save cash...

The USB port is also very handy. I copied a lot of things from my backup drive
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