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Default Good portable headphones?

So the headphones I use constantly are just $6 Panasonic RP-HT21 headphones, and as cheap as they are they do sounds pretty good, and even though one ear will inevitably fail after several months, they're not a pain to replace (And as much as I use them, I'm surprised they last as long as they do).
The only thing is, it's a little clumsy to take them out of the house with me. They don't fold up, and the bag that I take with me all the time isn't quite big enough to hold them with the other things I have in there, so I just hook them through the little handle at the top and hope they don't get knocked around too much. So I've been looking for a nice-sounding pair of headphones that I can fold up and put in my bag so they're close at hand when I need them.

Now before you say something like, "Well, why not just get a pair of earbuds?" Earbuds have never worked for me. I don't know if it's because my ears are just small, or if they swell up a little bit whenever something gets pushed into them, but even the new Apple "Earpods", which are supposed to have a better fit in differently-shaped ears, don't work for me. I tried wearing them for a while the other day, and my ears started to hurt after just a few minutes. So, no, I can't use earbuds.

One of the headphones that caught my eye was the Urbanears Plattan, but some of the reviews say that the cord covering, which is a woven fabric instead of the plastic-y cover most headphones have, tends to fray fairly quickly and leaves the wires to break.
The others that I've looked at are the Kose Portapro, and while they are very... interesting-looking headphones, they do have very good reviews, not to mention they have a lifetime warranty that they seem to be good about upholding.

So, does anyone have any other suggestions for good portable headphones? Or has anyone used the Urbanears or the Koss headphones before and know how good/bad they are?
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