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Default Dragonite's AlphaSapphire Playlog


Originally planned to pretty much have the game beaten by now, but after real life threw a couple things at the back of my head that didn't happen . . . but I finally may have time to sit down and dump a couple serious hours into the game so here we go!

This happened yesterday:

Originally Posted by Dragonite View Post
Okay, so real life has so far blocked my AS marathon this weekend but so far I'm standing outside Petalburg with the following:

Adamant Shiny event Beldum, Metagrossite, level 9 (going to stop obeying me soon D: ), Hold Back, Iron Head, Zen Headbutt, Iron Defense
Careful Treecko, level 9, Pound, Leer, Absorb, Quick Attack

Notable things:
- That intro. Had a very severe fanboy moment right at the beginning of the game.
- Named my character "Dragonite" because I'm creative.
- Now that I'm playing Hoenn in 3DSvision, I'm not sure I fully appreciated X and Y when they were new because everywhere I go I'm like "this looks AMAZING." The conversion from GBA to 3DS really puts things in perspective, I suppose.


Petalburg? Rustboro. Rustboro! RUSTBORO! I need sleep.
This happened today:

- Stopped about every five minutes to gawk at the music.
- Cleaned out the Rustboro Gym. Did some training beforehand and learned Mega Drain, and after that happened it was pretty much over for everyone inside.
- Went to Dewford. Fanboyed at the graphics a little more.
- Realized how the DexNav works. I know, most of you probably got that as soon as they gave you the item. Leave me 'lone.
- Decimated the Dewford Gym. That Beldum is so good it's just wrong. RIP Dewford Gym.
- Regained my senses and headed off to Slateport. Beach wasn't that exciting but I picked up a couple levels and some free tooth dec-I mean, Soda Pops.


- Adamant Shiny Beldum, Metagrossite, Clear Body, level 17, Hold Back, Iron Head, Zen Headbutt, Iron Defense
- Careful Grovyle ("Falkreath"), Overgrow, level 16, Pound, Flash, Mega Drain, Quick Attack
- Docile Tentacool ("Riften"), Liquid Ooze, level 14, Poison Sting, Toxic Spikes, Constrict, Acid
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