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Default Unsolved ORAS Mysteries/Future of Gen 6 Speculation

Was discussing this with some other friends recently and figured I might as well bring this over here.

Probably contains spoilers if you haven't finished the Delta Episode and/or found all the legendaries.

Also I'm sure this is being discussed other places on the Internet and some of these might have already been proved or disproved by now, but nevertheless.

Speculation overhaul because Dragonite likes to overthink things    
Future games: Pretty popular theory is that they're going to finish things off with a Zeta Emerald. The name, at least, would tie together a bunch of the themes between X and Y, Omega and Alpha and Ruby and Sapphire. Eh, maybe not Omega and Alpha perfectly, but close enough. I also heard one "Pokémon Z End," which I'd actually consider if it didn't imply the retirement of the franchise.

Battle Frontier: I'm pretty sure we haven't seen the last of it. The interview only explicitly stated it wasn't coming . . . in ORAS. Nothing mentioned of the likely Zeta Emerald or whatever.

Looker: He randomly washes up in the Battle Resort and can't remember anything, and then gives you the Audinite. Absurd Easter egg and awful pun, or is there still more? We've wanted to know more about Looker since Platinum landed five years ago, and it seems like every release they give us a little bit more information about him. What next?

Loose ends from X and Y: not a single one has been resolved; if anything else, they've been expanded. AZ's Flabebe? The extra Power Plants? The Heatran reference in Lumiose? The ominous message on the back of a sign in the Train Station? The unexplained and useless item the Backpacker gives you in hotels? The ghost girl who tells us that we're not the one, and returned to tell us again in Mt. Pyre? Who is the one? The Zeta Emerald protagonist? The Zeta Emerald antagonist? Zinnia? Cynthia? N?

Story: This is heavily, heavily deviating from traditional third game releases, but Game Freak proved they at least knew what a sequel was supposed to look like (I loved B2W2, by the way) and people like buying sequels more than they like buying the same game twice, so let's go.

Friends and I were thinking it'd center around the war referenced in Kalos, since it was implied that it was a pretty big deal even though we didn't learn too much about it. Also, given that the war was 3000 years ago and Primal Groudon and Kyogre had been dormant "for thousands of years," I'd reckon they're going to be involved, too.

I did not realize this until someone told me a half hour ago, but the rings a lot of the legendaries jump out of are rather reminiscent of Hoop, the yet-to-be-officially-revealed legendary of Kalos. And as it happens, Diancie's Pokédex entries read:

X: It gathers things it likes and pushes them through its loop to teleport them to a secret place.
Y: This troublemaker sends anything and everything to faraway places using its loop, which can warp space
Which is exactly what happened. Also, the Mossdeep nerds built their own device that did the exact same thing, which Zinnia destroyed . . . though it's likely they still have the plans somewhere and could make more if need be. Also, the warp thing could add to the parallel universe theory rather nicely; if not holes through space, maybe they're holes into (one of) the alternate universes where Team Aqua won, where you don't stop the meteor, where Team Plasma succeeds, etc.

Speaking of Mossdeep . . . where did Deoxys come from and why did it want to hit the Pokémon earth? There are a couple mentions of it not wanting to actually hurt the planet afterwards, and there may be more content there that I haven't found yet . . . regardless, interesting.

By the way, am I the only one who feels like the Delta Episode was basically a trailer for something else? Or a relative calm before the storm? Between the Draconids, the Mossdeep nerds, etc. it really felt like there was much more to all of that than the game was letting on, and I can't imagine they would have gone to such troubles of creating something so intriguing without any intends to pursue it somewhere else.

Anyhow, getting back to all the legendaries . . . there were a lot of them, and there were a lot of good ones. I'd imagine they tie in somehow, too.

Zekrom and Reshiram: Someone, I think it was Zinnia, said something about truth and ideals somewhere in the Delta Episode, which practically SCREAMED "Zekrom and Reshiram." In addition, there are Zekrom and Reshiram statues in the palace backyard in Kalos. The Pokémon franchise isn't one who's been big on decorations like that in the past, and when they do show up they usually have some importance. My best guess is that they're related, in some way or another, to the Draconids; not sure about Kalos, but maybe their influence had spread all the way over there at some point in history?

Dialga and Palkia: They just appeared above Dewford, for no apparent reason? Why? Dialga and Palkia's powers can warp space and time, respectively. That calls to mind Hoopa's rings. Granted, the X and Y Pokédex entries only mention they can warp space and not time, which sort of leaves Dialga out in the cold, but I think they're going to be somewhat important.

Lugia and Ho-oh. It's nice to see them return and I normally probably wouldn't think much about this, but given all the other loose ends ORAS have I thought about it and wondered a few things. For one, it changed quite a bit since old Ruby and Sapphire, becoming an abandoned sea lab with an actual history to it. Which was alluded to but not told to the extent that it could have been. There's also a Spiritomb somewhere down there so it might have just been a setup - a really big setup - for Ho-oh and Lugia, the way the Old Chateau and Haunted House were, but who knows.

Professor Cozmo. Cosmos. Deoxys. Dialga. Palkia. Large role in the Delta Episode. He didn't do much in old RS, but I'm fairly sure we haven't seen the end of him.

Possibly the most ridiculous (and fun) prediction . . . Arceus, and possibly Mew. The supposed God of Pokémon has been noticeably absent from the earth-shattering (sorry) events in XYORAS; both pairs of games, in fairly bold print, had the looming threat of the end of the world. Wouldn't that concern Arceus, at least a little bit?

I mean, the scene is basically set. You have Dialga and Palkia, masters of space and time. You have Zekrom and Reshirm, who symbolize two core human concepts. You have Xerneas and Yveltal over in Kalos, who symbolize creation and destruction. And, of course, you have Groudon and Kyogre, who do weather. Lugia and Ho-oh, the sea and the sky. That's all five major legendary groups within the main games of the generation, as well as at least one side trio (birds, hamsters, Regis, Lake, Kami and Musketeers) present from every generation; this may have felt slightly better in Gen 5, but it definitely feels like they want to unite all of the different regions and Gens into one. What better way to do that than with the god of all Pokémon?

Also, Mew's been pretty noticeably absent for a little while as well. The Dex entries don't say much, but I seem to recall the TV show portraying it as rather empathetic, and would probably care if the world was almost destroyed, and is the supposed ancestor of all Pokémon - dust to dust, ashes to ashes and so forth - and is in its own right a counterpart to Arceus . . . yeah.

This is probably just a really, really weird coincidence, but Hoopa's Pokédex number - 720 - is the same as Arceus' base stat total. Was that done on purpose? They could have put the legendaries in any order, they could have added just one more or one less Pokémon to Kalos, and it would be off by a couple points, but nope. Vague foreshadowing of a connection, maybe?

tl;dr so many possibilities. WHY U DO DIS, GAME FREAK.

*reads post* Dang, I wish I could have done that in 10th grade English class.

Anyhow, what do you lot think?
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If we're going to have sequels, what if the next game is Black 3 and White 3?

Too many hints to ignore, really, but they could lead to anything. Or nothing. But it sure is fun to speculate.
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Also have you noticed that Unown is the only Non-event pokemon left that we havnt been able to catch since gen 4 with the blue pentagon icon. Plus Zygarde hasnt been involved in the story at all (not even a little bit), so if and when we a get 3rd game of whatever im pretty sure he might be involved in the story in some way or form.

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Originally Posted by kakashidragon View Post
Also have you noticed that Unown is the only Non-event pokemon left that we havnt been able to catch since gen 4 with the blue pentagon icon.
Post-game spoilers    
Actually, you can catch Unown in one of the Mirage Caves. I got that specific cave a couple of days ago, in fact.

As for the OP, the Delta Episode did seem kinda off the wall, random, and much bigger than the tiny bit of sidequesting it ended up being. I hope to see it return in a future game, Emerald remake or not.
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I always kind of thought ORAS to be like a partial sequel or what the GF intended RSE to be. Save for the obvious change in story, but places like Mauville and Sea Mauville sure look like they could possibly be "old to new" in terms of time.

Delta Episode was short and sweet though, I do agree. Lets not forget that Zygarde has crystal like thingies that look like emeralds!

Edit: After reviewing the post again, I don't see any reason for Lugia/Ho-Oh to appear. Even Mewtwo. Every other legendary has some sort of tie with the Universe. These 3, including the legendary Birds and Beasts along with the 4 Musketeers, don't seem to have a strong tie to a particular element or shape of the world.

Blackholes distort time as well, don't forget about that. Dialga and Palkia are a much needed duo and one could argue that one can't continue without the other.

Oh, to explain why I think Lugia/Ho-Oh aren't significant enough is because there already exists beings that represent the sea and sky. Kyogre and Rayquaza. I guess they could be second in command, lol.

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What about

Spoiler Alert:    
the ghost in Phoebe's room?
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Originally Posted by RotomGuy View Post
What about

Spoiler Alert:    
the ghost in Phoebe's room?
Holy AMD on a stick, things got even weirder than they already were.

Spoiler Alert:    
If you want more, here's a decent article on it.

Looking at my own footage, the ghost appears as a slightly-humanoid figure for exactly one frame of video, and the best non-enhanced pictures I could find elsewhere were only marginally better. Really trying to be sneaky there, weren't they? Ironically enough, they can hide it as well as they want, but pretty much as soon as one single person finds out, the whole Internet knows.

Following a hunch, I'd say it ties in to the Ghost Girl from X and Y and Mt. Pyre, but that's a pretty big leap of faith that isn't really based on anything except the fact that they're both ghosts.

That article also linked me over to this one, also about ghosts and ghost-y stuff.

Some reason or another, the one they listed about the Mauville apartments doesn't interest me that much. Now that I've written that out loud, watch it play a central role in Delta Emerald or whatever.

And then, there's Hoopa. Hoopa . . . maybe I wasn't crazy about speculating about the legendaries, after all. I knew about the rings and stuff before, but now it seems that Hoopa's basically a poltergeist that does absurd things just for its own enjoyment . . . like stealing legendaries like goats and dumping them right in front of you, or warping random islands from anywhere in the Pokémon world - or universe - or a different universe - or Atlantis - and leaving them right in the middle of the sea.

The "organization that tried to manipulate it" sounds exactly like the sort of thing Team Rocket would have done, though I don't recall anything about Team Rocket getting spontaneously dumped in the middle of the desert. Or maybe they did? Gen 6 is, after all, implied to be an alternate universe.

This part's probably nothing, but:

Rumor has it that there are mountains of gold and silver treasures that it took from ancient kings and wealthy land barons.
ancient kings
We still really don't know much about the ancient royalty of Kalos, btw.

Also, this brings Looker back to my mind. He could very well have accidentally fallen off Ambrette in Kalos, hit his head and washed up here. Or he might have seen a ring, gone to investigate and . . . never mind.

gdi, Game Freak.
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Plus on youtube, Zyguarde has these 2 hidden attacks that aren't legit yet. So maybe we'll get them as event moves or maybe have a role in the story soon reguarding those attacks.
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