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Default Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing Mobile

At Nintendo's April Investor Meeting, they revealed both Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing are coming to Mobile devices this year. I was just wondering how everyone here feels about that.

I never played an Animal Crossing game before, but I know they are extremely addicting game. It makes sense to make an Animal Crossing mobile game, since cell phone are also extremely addicting. They also revealed that the Animal Crossing mobile will be capable with an Animal Crossing. (Animal Crossing NX anyone?) I will try this out when it comes out, and I probably will regret once I am addicted and spending a lot of money on in app purchases.

I love Fire Emblem, and I am happy that it is coming to mobile. Fire Emblem is one of Nintendo's franchises that need some more love. (Awakening and Fates did do very well, but Fire Emblem still deserve to get some fans into the series.)
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