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Old September 4, 2017, 06:34:14 PM
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I used to play Minecraft online on the PC back when the computer stilled worked. Let me sum up Minecraft online in four words for ya.

Survival. Of. The. Fittest.

I wasn't a griefer or killed players mindlessly. However, most of the time I got revenge on those would wrong my faction members. Even though I say factions those four words still apply to any server and you know it. Creative wasn't safe either, troll-wise.

I never got revenge if It would have been long-term, I thought of it more as justice. It's not like I was a hitman for any player on a server. If it wasn't affiliated with me, I honestly didn't give a "barrel of cement." It was a fun time when I was 12. I was either building, running, or killing. Maybe a little trolling here and there. I now play the console edition with my relatives offline.

If you want to see proof that I did, look up a channel on YouTube called: SimplicityPVP
That channel is dead, but the Pie24 video has me in it as Clydemoose.

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