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Default YouTube Red

No thread on this yet? Anyway, YouTube recently launched their "YouTube Red" program, which involves:

- Ten-dollars-a-month subscription
- No ads (:O)
- Save videos to watch offline (people did this before but without permission from the creators it was at best a dodgy gray area and at worst against the rules)
- Integration with Google Play Music
- Few more upcoming things such as "original shows and movies from YouTube's biggest creators" and probably a few yet-to-be-announced things
- Maybe more that I have not been made aware of yet?

As usual for a big YouTube update, Red did not quite have what I'd call a solid landing, and by that I mean I've been right in the middle of it, read plenty of literature about it and STILL am not 100% sure if what I just wrote in this thread is correct.

Anyway, it seems like there's been more than plenty of confusion over the specifics of what's involved and how it affects people and whether or not your videos are still available if you don't agree to the new terms of service (spoiler alert: they're fine.) A bunch of MCNs (mine included) have automatically enabled the new TOS with the channels under them so as a result a bunch of us . . . never ended up actually seeing much of Red.

To be fair, not all of the weirdness seems to be YouTube's fault, the bit about privating some videos seems to be a bit of legal quagmire involving channels who have not OK'd the new TOS not being allowed to have their videos involved in the whole paid service thing, which raises questions like "what happens to all the talented people who haven't logged in since 2009 and might not still be alive? Do their videos just get locked up forever?"

Obviously there are going to be a bunch of updates on this as the problems get ironed out, and obviously they're probably going to screw up a lot of stuff for a lot of people before they get it working, but YouTube's also got a lot of money at stake here so there's a good chance they'll make an effort to fix problems with Red faster than they have in the past.

It seems like the subscription system is a net positive for creators over the unreliable ad revenue system, but there are a whole lot of variables involved in money, period, and I don't really feel like thinking about them all at 3 AM.

To me, the most interesting part (for right now) is that I can't just say "screw the money" and use video game OST as background in a video anymore because there's a chance that'll result in the video actually getting blocked from viewing, which is . . . interesting. For those curious and/or who might be affected, this is what they sent me:

big-ish wall of text    
Originally Posted by youtube mail
Hi DragoniteSpam,

We’re writing because one or more of your videos is no longer viewable in the United States, due to a pre-existing claim by a copyright owner. Before we get to the details, please be assured that this change does not affect your account standing on YouTube, nor does it put your channel at risk of termination. In other words, this is not a “copyright strike.”

Here’s why this is happening: You may have heard that we recently announced YouTube Red - a new membership that offers fans more choice in how they watch their favorite videos with features like ad-free, background and offline viewing for a monthly fee. In order to deliver a great experience for fans who choose to pay for this offering, we are updating our contracts with all of our content partners. The new terms make it possible for us to share subscription revenues with creators, providing an additional revenue stream for them beyond ad-supported YouTube revenue. The overwhelming majority of videos on YouTube are accounted for in our agreements, but there are some partners who have asked for more time to think about their options. While we work with these partners to update their terms, we unfortunately can't make their claimed videos available in the US.

There are a few options that might be available to you. For example:

If you believe Content ID mistakenly identified content in your video, or if you have all the rights to use that content, you may be able to dispute the claim. Visit our help center for help understanding and addressing claims.
If you’ve received an audio claim, you may be able to remove the song. You can also take advantage of the YouTube Audio Library -- royalty-free tracks you can use for free, forever, for any content you make (not just YouTube videos).

The videos listed below are being affected by this. Each video title links to more information.

Epic Battle Fantasy Playthrough - Part 1
Epic Battle Fantasy Playthrough - Part 3

It’s our goal to make as much great content as possible available to as many people as possible, so we’re actively working with copyright owners to restore these videos in the US—for both ad-supported viewers and members of YouTube Red. We sincerely hope this is a temporary situation, and very much appreciate your patience.

- The YouTube Team

One of the other major points of interest is the ten dollars a month bit - this amounts to $120 a year, which is a pretty decent number of dollars. This, of course, depends on your person view on the balance of time and money and probably supporting the people you watch.


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