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Old February 13, 2010, 10:48:02 AM
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Default Banner Graphics Needed

Pokezam is a site with a long history. Currently, the staff and myself (the current acting webmaster) are trying to move to a new domain and new branding (or are at least exploring the possibility). However, neither myself, nor Legend (who is the other administrator) are very good graphics artists. Previously, most of Pokezam's banner graphics were made by people very skilled in this area. However, they are now doing other things.

With this in mind, we could really use help from someone skilled in creating banner graphics to make a banner for each of the six skins used on the site. The branding we are planning on using is "Crystal Islands" with or without a creative slogan.

To visit Crystal Islands (the new Pokezam), go here: We should request the banners look something like the original, but if you think it would look better another way, I'd be more than pleased to see it. It's worth noting that this is still just a transition sort of thing - it may take another month to actually move the site.

Additionally, each of the styles can be navigated by using the control at the left. The links to these are,,,,,

Many Thanks,
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