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Old January 29, 2010, 08:25:09 PM
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Default Site Articles Rules - Please Read Before Posting

Rules for the Articles Sub-forum

Welcome to Victory Road's Articles sub-forum.

This forum's purpose is to facilitate the creation of articles by users of Victory Road over subjects pertinent to Victory Road and its host site, These can include reviews, editorials, persuasive pieces, essays, and other works of nonfiction (fan-fiction should be posted here) that pertain to Pokémon or other subjects of site interest. Before posting, please familiarize yourself with the rules and processes specific to this sub-forum.

If you would like to contribute an article to, you may create a new thread in this sub-forum. Please entitle the thread with the same title you wish to use for your article; if you wish to change your article's name, a moderator can change the thread title for you. Compose your article in the opening post.

Other users may post feedback to your article in your thread. Ideally, you should rewrite multiple drafts of your article in response to feedback you receive or other ideas and revisions that come to mind. If you wish to submit your article for publication on, please send a private message to a moderator or admin for review. Please note that we want only the highest quality of user articles on net, and as such it is highly encouraged that you revise and edit your article considerably before submitting, as well as use correct spelling, grammar, and conventions.

Rules for the Articles Board:

1. Please post one article per thread, and place your article's title in the thread title. If you wish to change your article's name, contact a moderator or administrator.
2. Do not use the Articles board to post rumination or brainstorming, nor articles that are shorter than several mid-sized paragraphs in length. Post only articles that are developed and that have (preferably) gone through at least one private revision.
3. Use correct spelling, grammar and conventions. Poorly-written articles will not be published.
4. Do not submit your article until it is ready to publish. If your article is rejected, do not take offense or argue with the rejecting moderator/staff editor. Instead, revise your article and resubmit when the moderator's concerns are resolved.
5. Post only constructive feedback to articles. Constructive feedback should include specific and relevant and criticisms as well as compliments for what is done well and should never use ad hominem.
6. When providing feedback, judge articles based on the merit of their writing, logic, and insight, not your opinion. Do not attack the article writer based on your views.
7. Rule 5 of Victory Road MUST be followed by all articles, regardless of their technical or logical merit. Any and all offending articles will be removed.

If you have questions or concerns with these rules, please post in this thread.
Old January 29, 2010, 08:28:37 PM
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I believe these rules are very nicely written. I hope everybody will be able to follow them easily.
Old July 27, 2010, 12:16:48 PM
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*Locks so no other users can make not needed posts*
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