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Introductions If you're new, this is your first stop after signing up!

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Default Introduction Board Rules

New members:
Please feel free to introduce yourself on this board. Please start your own topic on this board instead of leeching off another member's topic. You can tell us about your history with Pokémon, other video games you play, other hobbies, or whatever you want. Just be sure everything still follows our forum rules.

Existing members:
You are more then welcome to greet our new members. However, PLEASE actually read their introduction thread first and DO NOT JUST SPAM "Welcome to VR" on every topic. It looks like cheap copy-pasta and makes it look like you really don't care. As a result of all this copy-pasta I have been seeing recently, post count has been disabled on this board.

If you are an existing member returning from a hiatus, feel free to leave a topic here as well or bump your original one.

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