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Well I've got some time to kill. I guess I can go over just exactly what my strange views mean, and how I believe in God but not religion. First, I'm not technically atheist because I still believe in God, and I'm not technically agnostic because I'm not impartial.

Religion has never been favorable in my eyes. Growing up as a Muslim I didn't understand fasting, I never got a reason for making prayers daily, I was always disgusted at their overgrown beards (that was more of a personal issue, everyone didn't have one but looking at my father was unbearable.) Most of my friends were Christian and I listened to what they had to say out of respect, but all of it still sounded wrong to me. I suppose the whole concept was intimidating so I declared myself as non-practicing.

The first time I doubted my religion is when I asked my mom why we don’t eat pork, and she told me the “real truth.” Back in the day before science people discovered that since pigs eat whatever they want that made the pork bad, and it killed a lot of people. They needed to get everyone to stop eating it fast, so they just added that into the holy books. I was shocked at first, I thought it was just another one of my mother’s jokes until my history teacher confirmed the same thing. I’m glad it’s there because I absolutely hate pork, but it made me think, “Are you really allowed to just add your own little anecdotes to ancient scripts?” I also wondered what part of the book was real and how much of it came from God.

I broke sometime last year. I was busy, I had a life, I didn’t want to be bothered. I was having fun playing Animal Crossing with my friends when I had to leave for like a half hour to pray and that REALLY bothered me. My father expects me to memorize all these things and eventually become leader of the Islamic community, but it’s definitely not my thing. Especially since Islam by tradition is somewhat misogynist. We’re modern and so women play a fair role, but they aren’t allowed to do anything truly important. I don’t think that’s right, and so I just had to break away from it.

Now, why do I still believe in God? That’s an interesting one. It’s out of respect that the human is just a simple, hilarious creature. God is All is Truth. I can sense that my family and I have a guide, protecting us from the ridiculously stupid things we do each day. Everyone has something they believe in and I believe that God has power over all of us, but as a fierce individual I believe I have the right to interpret his signs in my own way. I don’t need a bible to tell me that.
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