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Default Week 9: Chansey

(2/4/12) Playing through Pokemon Yellow again, I never realized how uber Tauros was. Also, did you know critical hits are based on speed in first generation and doesn't become fixed until the second generation?

Anyways, inspiration has taken me and I wanted to do a generation shift on one of my least favorite Pokemon in the entire series...and yet it has always been so useful to many players. I'm talking of course about that nursing Pokemon that puts Audino to shame, Week #9, Chansey.


Oh, how I despise this Pokemon in Stadium. It ruined my Mewtwo sweeps more often than Starmie or Slowbro simply because it was so hard to kill it.

This thing has always been known to take a lot of special hits and shrug them off with Softboiled, but man did it have it great first generation before the special stat split of Gold and Silver (sounds like a historical event...).

It also was an excellent sponge for paralysis and burn as they did very little to actually hurt what this Pokemon does (unless they can't Softboiled when they have to; then they're screwed).

Consistent Strategy

Chansey changes its game very little in terms of strategy each generation. You use special attacks as you take them as well. You could use Seismic Toss for fixed, reliable damage, but generally you had a special attack (Bolt, Beam, or both), a recovery move, and a status move. This is the general Chansey for most generations and, even in the 5th generation, it hasn't changed THAT much.


Oh Arceus, this Pokemon was part of the League of Extraordinary Pokemon in the Kanto region. Your high special stat not only meant that you could take many special attacks, but you could also dish out that damage equivalently as well.

Can you contemplate this? I mean, Mewtwo had wonderful Special and took attacks like a champ, but this thing has GARGANTUAN HP so expect long matches against this guy when you don't have a Pokemon that can hit in on the defensive side (its only true flaw).

That dude across the small pond in Celadon City gave you a special TM for a reason: for Mew (of which most of us kids didn't know how to or couldn't get until now) or for Chansey. Most likely, you kept that TM for Chansey.

Softboiled restores half your health. This is equivalent to Recover on Starmie or Mewtwo or half of Rest for any Pokemon. Let me reiterate this: Softboiled restores HALF your health on a Chansey. Do you have ANY idea how much health that is and how ANNOYING it can be fighting one with only special attacks? Praying for critical hits was ALL you could do to stop this thing from ruining Pokemon when you lacked Recover or Rest (and you're more screwed with Rest). If you lacked a Rhydon (who hates Ice Beam) or Tauros (who hates T-Wave), the match might be over simply because this move kills all your hard work.

But you can't just keep recovering; you need to have a reliable way of stopping them from attacking you: Thunder Wave was another valuable TM in first generation for Chansey because, put simply, they might not hit you next turn and most likely you're faster. Getting one off on a special sweeper can mean certain death as the best ones (Zapdos, Alakazam, Joleton, etc.) require speed to beat Chansey or the next Pokemon after it.

Thunder Wave also gave you that advantage when you need to recover health the next turn. If Chansey killed off something and had close to full health, it could take a Hyper Beam from Tauros, Thunder Wave it the same turn, and Softboiled the next. This meant everything Tauros did to try to kill Chansey did nothing and got him Paralyzed. You're morale at that point just got killed.

Then you fill out the set with your attacking moves: Ice Beam could counter Exeggutor and Rhydon/Golem (your main counters to Thunder Wave) or Thunderbolt for Slowbro and Starmie (your main counters for Ice Beam).

This is self-explanatory, but remember that these attacks actually hurt first generation since Special was the same for both offensive and defensive purposes. Unlike the next generations, you could quite easily kill Starmie with only a few hits with Thunderbolt. That's pretty cool for you (or it really sucks to be the player with Starmie).

There are other moves at your arsenal. Sing is when you lack Jynx or a Sleep Powder Pokemon and want to take advantage of Sleep. Counter is a reliable surprise about the previously mentioned Hyper Beam Tauros (and you could Thunder Wave first and THEN use Counter and it still counted). Blizzard was so broken first generation. 90% accuracy for all that power (and the match ending freeze possibility) can be quite useful if not for the lack of PP.

Other than that, there's very little that needs to be used in this set. Chansey was in a small paradise of walling and power...


And then that great special got split. Instead of the greatness that was its special attacks last generation, Chansey as a meager 35 Special Attack with no way to improve it. Oh sure, it still has great HP and amazing Special Defense, but now it's only a special wall (we'll miss you RBY Chansey...or not, cuz you was ANNOYING).

Leftovers as a recovery move along with SB is quite handy. All that health it regains after switching into a special attack is quite nice too.

Your option for main offensive moves switches to Seismic Toss. You can't hit everything too hard with this move, but paired with paralysis, it did its job. Only took about 4 turns to kill just about everything (paired with T-Wave and SoftBoiled, this was quite easy).

Flamethrower is an alternative. Why do I mention this move in particular? Steel Types. Yes, now there is someone else that can easily counter this plump normal type. It's possible you can spread yourself a little too far without Seismic Toss if you don't have this move.

Heal Bell could be placed as a Support ability now (over Thunder Wave or an offensive move). Having Chansey heal up the team of Sleep or any other status can be quite a lifesaver. Just depends on what Chansey switches into to be able to do so.

You now need to resort to Toxic to get significant damage done. This can be a little tedious but can end some opponents.

You had Light Screen as an option before, but it's more usable now without that Special Attack...

Other than that, your strategy stays the same except you can't kill things anymore. It sucks...for Chansey. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Oh wait, then there's Blissey.

Yes, Chansey got an evolution this generation. Remember how much I said this helped Weavile? Well, this did the same thing for Chansey.

What happened was that amazing HP increased a litte for Blissey, and it gained a little bounce in Special Defense (it can wall things even better now) and its Special Attack is only 30 points off from its once amazing Power of Kanto.

One advantage this Blissey has still is the lack of Taunt so it can create a set now that has no attacks and just keeps stalling. You "could" include a Bolt/Beam attack, but it's not necessary thanks to how well this thing can still Sponge attacks and screw up the attacker.


Speeding things along, we now have abilities in Ruby and Sapphire. Natural Cure allows you to lose a status with a switch (and if you manage to set up enough for the next Pokemon, you can switch without fear).

EV's are useful to boost your defense up along with your Special Attack and HP. This helps focus more on those stats so you last longer (but no EV's are needed still for that disgusting Sp. Defense).

Taunt requires you to have an offensive move now. Every set should have some sort of attacking move now else they see Blissey go to waste.

Natures come into play too. Having a Bold nature to relegate some of that Attack to Defense is important if Blissey/Chansey is to take on some of the new Physical attackers that can really hurt this generation.

Oh, and the counters are quite numerous this generation. Fighting types and Bulky steels now ruin Blissey thanks to Choice Band and better Physical attacks.

There are ways of boosting yourself now as a Blissey this generation. Calm Mind changes things up a bit: not only can you take Special Attacks even better, but you can approach what the original Chansey was first generation with just a couple CM's. Your typical special attacks are still at your disposal, and Softboiled continues to be a Gift from the Arceus.

Speaking of Arceus...


Oh, how you thrive as a supporting wall here Blissey. You have everything you had last generation and a bit more.

Wish can be super helpful either when you know you're Blissey is going down and want to heal something else the next turn or to keep Blissey in play. It's essentially a Softboiled for a teammate when you need it.

Protect is useful for scouting and stalling for health with Leftovers or Wish. It's just generally a good move to use when you really need it.

Not much changed for Blissey, but that's generally a good thing since that means news threats didn't target Blissey completely.


Our most recent generation. Things get interesting here as Blissey actually declines a bit in usage. He struggles to keep himself high in health with all the new sweepers and fighting types that decimate it because of its glaringly low Defense.

Priority moves can slowly take it out, especially Mach Punch (no Blissey will ever like that move from Sinnoh, and it only got more popular this generation).

Moves that work off of Special that attack Defense are also cumbersome. Of course I'm talking about Psyshock and (more importantly) Psystrike. Psychic types use to get laughed at by Blissey as a counter. Now they can reliably drain it of its massive health without much trouble. Mewtwo use to have to Explode on Blissey to get any good damage; now it doesn't.

Though this wasn't mentioned last generation, as of now, with a lack of the TM's from Sinnoh, Stealth Rock can be handy to get out there simply because Blissey can. There are a decent number of other Stealth Rockers out there, but it's hard to get one that's good unless you trade over from last generation.

Much of what Blissey can and should do remains the same: have some sort of attacking move, a healing move, a status move, and a support move. It's all Blissey can do now. It just can't wall the way it use to...

Wait, what's that Chansey? You want the spotlight again? Alright, but I don't know why we'd go back to a pre-evolution...

Holy crap. They made an item called Eviolite? What's it do?


You gotta be kidding.


You're not? Seriously? Really? It wasn't annoying enough three generations ago?

Okay, guess I'll have to cover this: Chansey and Eviolite were a match made in heaven. Ebony and Ivory. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Plusle and Minun. Solar Beam and Sunny Day. Pokemon

You're defenses become substantially higher as a Chansey thanks to this item. You lose Leftovers, but honestly this is so much more useful. It takes so many hits from the oddest things that should actually kill it easily that it's almost insulting. Seriously, go put this guy in an attack calculator and see for yourself!

You're forced to not use special attacks now as they come off that terrible stat. Seismic Toss and Counter are your only forms of attack, but that's okay. Ghost types are an ugly fight, but thankfully there's only a small number of times where you'll get stuck fighting one.

Other than that, it's a lot of what Blissey does but less so offensively: SoftBoiled (or Wish), Protect, and Toxic with either Counter or Seismic Toss. It works surprisingly well and reminds us of how good Chansey use to be in the days of Kanto...


Chansey has had a bumpy ride through each generation. It lost something that its evolution gained for a while, but then it made a nice rebound in the most recent region of Pokemon. Chansey is a trademark Pokemon for the series. Audino is a cookie-cutter copy of the true healing Pokemon and can never match its competitive greatness.

That said, anyone who wants to join me in the WHCBIROMIKC (We Hate Chansey Because It Ruins Our Mewtwos In Kanto Club), we're taking applications. We're open on weekends, but only til 3.

...I need me some eggs...
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I feel offended I didn't convince you to get back into it?
granted, I get to hear your thoughts all the time about this
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