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Default Hanidy


My eyes were heavy, they were like doors that were frozen shut from a winter blizzard. With a little force I got them open the slightest. The first thing I thought was what an unfamiliar place. I was on some bus with a bunch of children. I didn't really think about it before, but every seat was filled with exactly two people. They all looked the same age as I, but I didn't remember my age at the time. Every single seat was occupied by 2 children, that were sleeping. How strange? I found that I was the first person to wake up on the bus, besides the drive, who was blocked off by a wall.

Outside my window was a continuous sight of trees. I kept my eyes fixed on them and they never stopped going. We were driving on a road built straight through a forest? I couldn't help but thinking how weird my first waking minutes were. I hung on to the thought that I could just wake up and not be in this place.

I looked around the bus again, picking up more sights. I was sitting by a girl. She was taller than me, not by much but a noticeable amount. She had striking hair, as light as it naturally could be, and with a little red tint the deeper you got into it. She was wearing simple clothes, nothing that would grab your eye. Out of desire for not being alone I shook her. She didn't wake up first, it took a little shove before she actually responded. She crawled her hand onto the bus's windowsill. She pulled herself from her slump and adjusted her body to normal. She turned her head with a dazed look. "Hi," she said. This girl sounded like she had swallowed sand. She cleared her throat,wet it down, and tried again, "Hey, I'm Kara. Who are you?" The voice was now clear, but now it was very frank.

"I am..." I couldn't remember my name! It took an awkward silence before it came to me. "My name is Isaac. It is very nice to meet you, Kara." That was an introduction I would rather had gone smoother if I had a choice.

Kara laughed at me, making me blush. "So, what is this?" Her attention then wandered from me to the rest of her surroundings, scanning all of the thing I just had.

Now I laughed at her. "I don't know, I just woke up too. I think we are going to school." I said as a joke. I wish it was just a joke, but little did I know we actually were. I smiled when she laughed at my joke.

I heard movement from the seat in front of me. I stood up and looked over into the seat and another boy had waken up. He too didn't have many special features about him, except for his noticeable muscularity and had very dark skin. He sat up and tried not to disturb the girl by him. I think I scared him when he noticed me because he said "Hello" a little too forcefully.

"Hi, what's your name?" I asked in the least scary way possible.

"I am..." He took the same pause that I did to conjure up a name. "I am Maxence. And who are you two?"

Kara quickly answered for me. She bolted up from her seat. "I am Kara, and this is my friend Isaac. And Max, we don't know where we are, just saying." By introducing me as her friend I both felt better and a little unsure. I felt happy that she recognizes me that way, yet it also felt like she was degrading my impression on Maxence. Max curled his lip when she answered the question he hadn't asked.

I quickly became acquainted with these two people. We all didn't know why we were on the bus, or where we were going. We didn't seem to have last names, or any kind of predetermined nickname. We didn't know were we were from, or what "from" was like. Neither did we know who else was in our lives. There wasn't much knowing on the bus. I think the only thing we did know by this point was each other.

By now about half the bus was awake. This included the girl that was in the seat with Maxence. Her name was Amelia, and she didn't want to speak much. She dodged questions as often as she could and didn't talk when she wasn't asked to. Though when she did talk it always seemed to be something well thought out and smart. She wore skinny black pants and a grey shirt, which all complimented her light colored hair.

Not after long I decided that I liked these people and that I was going to stick with them. That was when the constant line of trees had stopped and brought me to a campus. It was a grass landscape with a large plotted building in the center of the circle. It was huge and brick. There were two other buildings right by it which were just as big. The bus pulled into the front of the middle building. and the door of the buss faced the the main stairs that lead to the entrance of the building.

A slender woman in a blue suit with a blue skirt walked out of it. She had her hair tied back in a tight bun. She stood at the top of the stares unflinching.

"What do we do?" Kara was the first to talk after the bus stopped. She seemed to be heard all over the bus because most of it turned to look at her.

A kid that was sitting in the front of the bus exited into the campus. The rest of the kids include us four had followed and group up at the bottom of the stairs facing the lady.

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“Welcome to Hanidy,” The woman said, “A school for the Special.”

“’Special’? ” Kara said, rather loudly, “What’s that supposed to mean?” A couple of kids laughed, but most looked at one another as if that thought concerned them.

“Please, no interruptions,” The lady at the top of the stairs said, “Now, you are all to be assigned a room number; the Boys rooms are to your left, the Girls rooms to your right. You will NOT, under any circumstances, be able to switch roommates. There is a mandatory assembly at 4 o’clock, so please be there. Aside from that, stay safe and have fun.”

One by one, the kids stepped up to the lady and were handed a three-digit number. I was paired with Max, which I was happy about. We made our way to our room, Room 043; it was a fairly uniform room, light grey walls, two beds with light grey sheets, two oak desks, two small nightstands next to the beds with a simple lamp on top of each, a wall clock on the wall across from the beds, and a single window facing the courtyard outside.
Maxence walked up to the window and examined it, “Bulletproof,” He noted, “And no way to open it.” There was a hint of disapproval in his voice at that observation.

“Were you planning on sneaking out or something?” I joked, though it occurred to me that it could be a very real possibility.

“Well, you never know,” He replied, not looking very amused, “But it is a safety hazard; if there was a fire or something in the corridor, there’d be no way to get out.”

“I guess that’s true,” I agreed, “It’s strange that it’s bulletproof, though. Why would they need that?”

“This whole thing is ‘Strange’,” Max said, “We wake up on a bus with no memories except for our names, arrive at ‘A school for the Special’…” He frowned, seeming to try and figure out a problem that wasn’t going anywhere. He started to pace, knuckling his head and growing more irritated at the lack of even a guess.

“Hey, man, calm down,” I said. He didn’t seem to hear me. “Calm down,” I said again, reaching out to grab his shoulder. What happened next was a little hard to describe; my body didn’t actually change temperature, but I “felt” a warm feeling flow down from the back of my head, down through my arm and hand, and into Max. The feeling had an almost soothing feel to it, like the feeling you get when one’s Mom would hold you when you were younger; kind of comforting.
Maxence had started to lift his arm to shrug me off, but he’d froze, relaxing a bit as the feeling flowed into him. He looked at me, his eyes wide, “How.. how’d you do that?”

“I don’t know,” I replied, pulling my hand away and looking at it, “That was really weird.”

“Try it again,” The other boy said, taking a step closer. I placed my hand on his shoulder again, and tried thinking “Happy”. I felt the feeling run down my head and arm again, though there was a subtle difference this time; It wasn’t quite as “warm” as the last one had been, and it wasn’t quite a “comforting” feeling as much as it was a “pleasing” feeling.
Max suddenly grinned, almost a childlike smile, then after a second he just stared at me, “.. That’s kinda freaky, Isaac,” He said.

We spent a while after that testing out this phenomenon of mine with him; with some practice, I found I could do it without touching him, and we both figured I could use that to change the emotions of a room full of people as well as just one or two. I had fun messing around with it, making him feel excited one moment, then sending out a burst of fear and watching him jump almost out of his skin. Well, he didn’t find it so funny, but the expression on his face made me fall over laughing every time.
I also found out, quite by accident, that I could project specific thoughts into my friend’s mind, too; I was looking at him, mulling over what to make him feel next, when I absently noticed that Max’s hair was sticking out a bit on one side, probably because of the position he’d been sleeping on the bus. Quite suddenly, he reached up and patted it down, “Well, your hair isn’t exactly bedhead-free, either,” He said, sounding almost insulted.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“You said my hair was sticking out on one side,” He said.

“No.. I didn’t say it,” I replied, “I thought it.”

He looked at me, not looking convinced. I concentrated a bit and thought, I’m not moving my lips. Can you still hear this?

He stared at me again, then nodded, “Yes, I heard it.” He paused momentarily, “Do you think this is why we’re here? We’re all Psychics or Empathies something?”

“I dunno,” I said, “I guess you could try and see if you can make me feel something.”

Max nodded, then looked at me with an expression of concentration. Seconds passed, and his face started turning red with the effort he was exerting. “Do you feel anything?” He asked, his voice a bit strained.

“Just a mix of concern and amusement at your face coloring,” I replied, trying to keep from looking the latter.

He let out his breath explosively, his face returning to normal. “I guess that’s not the answer, then,” He said.

“Guess not,” I agreed. I looked at the clock on the wall, “Oh, it’s almost 4 o’clock; we should go find out where this assembly will be. Maybe that will give us some answers.”

Max nodded, and the two of us left the room together. Most of the students were also leaving their rooms, and one of them pointed, seeing the woman from before standing outside an open doorway. Slowly, the kids made their way through the door and into the main hall.
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The Main Hall, which I didn't examine before, was a large and pretty school-building. It was connected to both the boy's and the girl's corridor, and only left about thirty feet in between the doors leading to them; The doors were both only about fifteen feet away from the main entrance (or exit, depending on how you look at it). It had white and black checkered floors, just shined, I would say. There was a few red velvet couches lining the outer rim of the more expanded section of it. Most of the light in there was coming from dainty candles on the walls, and a larger chandelier in the middle of the ceiling.

Many of the boys and girls were already mixed together in the crowd of people. I don't think that I came late, just not as soon as the rest of the people. I looked for my new friends among the sea of children, but everyone has such a different appearance that my eyes kept fluttering from one to another. A yell, one particularly loud, came from my right. I jerked my head towards it. Sure enough, her fiery hair riveted my attention, and she was with my other friend Amelia.

"There they are, come on," I said to Maxence. I pushed and parted the crowd as I made my way to them. Amelia and Kara were talking to each other, but Kara was doing most of the talking. "Hey guys, anything interesting happen, you know, besides the whole 'I woke up and only know my name' thing," Maxence said whitely. For some reason his voice had caught me off guard and sounded new to me.

Kara promptly said, in her 'Kara' manner, "Well, I got stuck with our little friend Amelia here, but that is really it." Her mind must have not filtered her real thoughts too well, what a frank person. Though by her tone of voice and the look in her eyes she didn't intend for it to sound mean at all. Amelia didn't talk, but she shrugged smiled a little.

Max didn't even waste time, "Isaac found out something amazing, well because of me." Again for some reason that kind of comment didn't offend me, it was just his personality. "He has the ability t..."

"Excuse me everyone, stop talking." On cue everyone stopped talking at once. It was the woman from the stairs, still sour-mouthed and stern. She was standing on something farther back in the room, by the height it was probably a table. "Welcome, again to Hanidy. I hope everyone has found and settled in their assign rooms. My name is Ms. Dean." Her face unwavering, unchanging and cold; By then I was swearing she was a robot. "I must make you aware of some things, some minor and some major, I will save the best for last. First I will verbally tell you the rules here: Do not ever harm anyone; Do not leave campus; Arrive to class before it starts; Use common sense, do not preform any witless actions unless told to. There aren't many rules, follow them or face the punishment of our choice. When you get back to your room there will be an envelope with a paper inside, on this paper you will find your classes and times for them. Everyone will have the same classes, but at different times. On the back of the paper you will find the office-time for all of your classes, this is where you can speak to the teachers for help."

"Now I will announce something you will be pleased about. Hanidy is a school for the 'Special'. All of you are special. Every single person in this room has a special ability. One may call it a superpower, I don't. Your powers will vary far and wide, and here at Hanidy you will learn to use these powers, for the better. We will help you master your abilities through 4 years of classes. No one will be able to tell you your special ability, you will have to discover it by yourself. Lets just hope that all of you will by the end of the forth year." A small herd of laughs came from some staff across the room, but all of the students were silent and awestruck.

"Dinner will be at 6 in the Dining Hall. You can find it in the door located directly behind me." Ms. Dean got off her soapbox and walked through the doors.

At the slam of the door behind her everyone started talking to each other frantically.

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“Is that what you were about to tell us?” Kara asked Max. The two of them, along with Amelia and me, were sitting over on one of the couches that sat in the Main Hall. After the orientation was over, all the kids but us four had left, presumably to return to their dorm rooms and think Ms. Dean’s announcement over.

“Yeah,” Max replied, “He can make people think or feel certain things. Show them, Isaac.”

I nodded and concentrated, trying to project a feeling of anxiety. When I wasn’t touching someone, it was like I could “feel” the sensation in my chest and the crown of my head, and that it was slowly spreading outwards from me like ripples on the surface of a lake when you throw a pebble into it.
I watched as Kara’s expression became nervous, and though Amelia somehow kept her face more or less the same, I noticed that she was tugging at the hem of her shirt sleeve a bit, which she hadn’t been doing a moment ago.

“Hey, I didn’t say to do it with me, too,” Max said, and I noticed his own anxious expression.

“Oh, sorry,” I said quickly, letting the feeling stop.

“Holy cow,” Kara exclaimed, “That was weird! I didn’t even know why I was anxious!”

Amelia nodded her agreement, “Perhaps that’s a way the ability to project thoughts can come in handy,” She said, as though she’d thought through it already, “You could put a reason to feel a certain way inside someone’s head as you project the emotion. It might seem more natural that way.”

“Good thinking, girl,” Kara complimented her. Amelia smiled, seeming pleased that the other girl liked her idea.

“That would be so beast,” Kara continued, turning to look at me now, “You could empty a whole room just by making them think something in the room was super terrifying, or something like that.”

“Okay, so we know Isaac’s power,” Max changed the subject a bit, “But what about the rest of us? What powers do we have?”

Everyone fell silent as they thought about it. A full five minutes passed, and the only sound that could be heard was the buzzing of a small fly that circled around their heads. “Stupid fly,” Maxence muttered, trying to shoo it away. Then the fly suddenly turned into a large hornet, and the guy stumbled back in surprise and apprehension. Kara also pulled away from it, and even I took a small step back. The only one that didn’t appear to be startled was Amelia, who kept her eyes fixed on the insect.

The hornet buzzed around for a moment longer, then settled on the girl’s outstretched palm and turned into a moth. “Well, I figured out mine,” The red-haired girl said.

“You can change insects’ shapes?” I asked, puzzled. Max rolled his eyes and Kara laughed.

Amelia just smiled, the Moth in her hand vanishing, “No,” She replied, “I can make things look different. I guess the small things are just easy to do”

“Cool!” Kara said, “How are you doing it, though? Are you bending the light in the room or something?”

Amelia frowned for a moment, “No... I believe I am warping the mental perceptions of both myself and the people around me, I think. This is all so new to me, though.”

“Huh… So you think you could just make an illusion that only one person could see?”

“Hm…” Amelia looked at Kara for a moment as if in concentration. Kara’s eyes suddenly dropped down to her leg, as if she’d just noticed something, but when I looked down myself there was nothing out of the ordinary there. The girl put her hand down on her leg for a moment, then lifted it slowly and stared at one of her fingers.

“Okay, what is it?” Maxence asked, looking just as perplexed as I was.

“A ladybug,” Kara said, looking up and at both of our confused faces, then at her roommate, “Wow, you can do it for only one person. Neat!”

Amelia smiled, and judging by the way Kara put her hand down, I guessed the illusion had faded. The blonde-haired girl continued, “It’s amazing how you can make it feel real, too. There are so many possibilities..”

“What about me and Kara, though?” Max asked, “What are our powers?” He seemed sort of troubled that they hadn’t figured out theirs yet.

“We’ll figure it out eventually,” Kara said lightly, “I guess it just takes some people longer to figure it out than others.” She looked back at Amelia, “Actually, how did you figure out yours? I didn’t see you making bugs appear in our room.”

Amelia frowned, “I’m… not sure,” She replied, “It just felt like that was what I was supposed to do. Like a basic instinct.”

“Huh. Well, seeing as how you’re so smart, it doesn’t really surprise me,” Kara shrugged. The other girl smiled, looking a bit embarrassed from the compliment.

The doors at the back of the room opened up suddenly, making us all turn. “Must be 6 o’clock,” I said, “Time for dinner.”

“Well, c’mon,” Kara said, “Let’s get in before the other kids get here; we’ll get first pick.”

We nodded, and the four of us stood up and walked into the Dining Hall.
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Everyone flowed into the Dining Hall, and our group was the first to reach it. The Dining Hall was a spacious, tall space with high and decorated walls. The beige base with the vintage red on the walls made the room a warm and comfy area. There were long wooden tables that stretched the length of the room and were parallel to the walls on either side of me as I walked in.

We chose a seat over on one of the left side of the room and near the middle of the table. All of the other children picked towards the middle of the room, but I didn't want to be too conspicuous in the room. The food was already hot and on the tables, but covered by silver domes.

Almost of of the kids were in the room in a few minutes and it forced a few people to have to sit by our group of four. All of the kids there made me think that all of these kids couldn't, in any way, fit in the bus we came in. I concluded soon enough that there must have been more arrivals in other buses. I decided not to say that to anyone else, but I knew that it would stay in my mind for the duration of the silence.

A boy named Oswald and a girl named Zita had placed themselves the closest to use. Oswald was very socially active, as far as I had seen of him, and he didn't have a problem with talking to strangers. As soon as he sat by us he said, "Would it be rude to take the covers off and just dig in?" This made the five of us laugh, but the lack of mirth in Oswald made me think that he was actually considering it.

It nearly took 20 minutes for the administration to come out, so a little talk had to spark. Zita leaned across the table with a smile on her face, "So do any of you guys know your power yet?"

Kara, who was the farthest away from her, leaned over and said, "Yeah, Isaac and Amelia got there like that." Kara illustrated her response with a few pointing gestures and a snap to top it off.

"Really? Isaac, what's yours?"

I was embarrassed with the attention, I wasn't the type of person to want to show off, and if I did I would want to be very modest while doing it. I focused and closed my eyes and focused on Zita, but soon I heard a shudder from everyone around me, even a few people in another table.

"Woah. That was weird. I don't know how to say it, but I felt like... Empty inside. Like I was lonely and afraid of something that I can't see." Zita said. I received a few not so amazed scoffs from a few other people.

"You didn't have to do that to me too! I have felt that enough!" Max had said with a disapproving tone.

This was the part I didn't like about powers, hurting someone. "I am sorry, I didn't mean to do that to you guys." Now this empty feeling was coming to me too. Like a sour aftertaste. It was the same feeling that I had sent to the other people, but a bitter and fainter version of it, but just as nasty.

Oswald quickly brushed it off and asked Amelia about her's. "Mine may confuse you guys." She looked at a fork that lied on a white napkin on the table. With a blink of the eye it transformed into a small snake. I too saw the snake, which was weird because I thought that she was just trying to make Oswald and Zita see them. The snake had a metallic shine, another thing that seemed off. Zita wasn't the first to react, but she was the loudest. She screeched a shrill and terrifying sound, but Oswald only responded with a breathy gasp. The hissing snake shifted back into a fork which calmed a little of the fuss.

"Wow... That's amazing Amelia, I am really impressed." Oswald said to here. Before I could reply back Ms. Dean and a short plump man whom I had not met yet stood in front of the room.

"Excuse me." With two words Ms. Dean silenced the room. "Welcome to dinner. Hopefully all of you have had a good first day. Before we 'dig in' I would like you to meet Mr. Xavier." She stepped back a little and the plump man stepped forward. "Well hello. I am Mr. Xavier, you Basic Abilities teacher. In my class you will be learning the basics on how to control, use, and understand your ability. I am also the 2nd in command here, so if you have a question you may also come and talk to me." He laughed a little to himself, but for no apparent reason. "Now, you may eat." Suddenly all of the domes on the platters disappeared, exposing wonderful foods galore.

The foods were crazy delicious. There was a golden glazed bird of some sort that tasted like heaven. It gave me a sensation as I swallowed and a sense of pleasure. I never knew that happiness literally could come from food, but the bird in fact was the best thing ever. I must have had half of it by myself before I noticed there was a huge variety to choose from. I had to look around at everything on my table before I could scarf down the next delicacy. I darted for a bowl of brown and white half liquid - half solid stuff. It was hard to figure out what it was, so I just concluded it was the food for an angel or a prophet, something like that. For this bowl I actually tried to pace myself, especially when I could feel myself starting to become full only off those two foods.

I glanced at everyone else for a moment before I took a slice of something else and it seemed that they were also in a hypnotic state from the food. I took a piece of a cutlet of some sort and swallowed that too. This time the food wasn't as good as before, it was starting to get dull. That seemed to be my cue to stop eating. That and I could feel myself being 14 pounds heavier than I was before I arrived here.

I leaned back in my seat and sighed the sigh of a stuffed teenage boy. The sigh was loud enough to catch Max's attention. "Woah, man," he grabbed one of the cloth napkins in front of him, "wipe your face!" He laughed at me a little and I laughed back. "You should wipe yours off too! You have food all the way on your brow," I replied. We laughed at each other and cleaned ourselves off. It seemed that we were two of the few people who were this messy.

I saw that Ms. Dean was walking in between the tables and just watching everyone. Max must have caught that too. "Hey, dude, you should try your power on her, just to mess with her." I don't know if it was the food or what, but Max isn't very persuasive and I did it anyways. I kind of stared at her a little and just thought of rage, the darkest and most fiery kind that I could. I tried for a while, but there was no effect. "It's not working." I said with a bewildered tone. This was kind of confusing to me. "Maybe it was the distance..." That was the only reason I could think of why it didn't work. Max seemed like he was about to speak then didn't. It was also strange that it didn't get the people around me, but that was a good thing.

Ms. Dean turned the corner and cam to the isle right in front of my table, which was only three feet from my seat. "Isaac, when she gets in front of us, try and do it." I nodded and waited for her to pass by me. I tried again when she was right in front of me, but again nothing happened. Max and I were confused, but I was more worried. This was such a strange thing, how is this happening. Being the worry-wart I am I immediately assumed the worst has happened already, but I kept that thought to myself.

Soon everyone was done eating and had gain probably more than me. I was still pondering when Ms. Dean had said good night to use and sent us to out rooms. I think I was the last to stand up because my thoughts were louder than her words. Max sort of picked me up and started to walk me to our room.
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