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Default Azure Chronicles: Dawn of a New Venture

A boy from Snowpoint, after recovering from losing his Father, decides to take on the Sinnoh League with his Floatzel in a final effort to make his father proud, along with dealing with any hinderance coming his way. This fanfic tells the story of his ventures throughout the Sinnoh Region, along with the friends he makes along the way...

-Prologue: The Departure-

"...Well, Floatzel, this is it," a boy said. "Starting today, I'm gonna make my father proud."

The boy looked up to the sky. It was actually clear this morning, an uncommon sight in Snowpoint City.

"I picked a perfect day for it, too."

"Logan, what are you doing?" A voice shouted. It sounded like a teenage girl's.
"Wogan!" Another girl called, her voice sounded younger.

"Wha?" Logan turned. "Ah, good morning, Annie, Viola. You guys are up earlier than usual."

"Annette, Logan. How many times have I made that clear?" she scolded. Annie was about a year younger than Logan, but she had a more serious attitude compared to Logan. She had curly red hair going down, wore a green blouse, and a denim skirt.

"Where are you going, Mr. Wogan?" said Viola. Viola also lost her parents at a young age, though she cannot remember how she lost them for sure, and Annie has been taking care of her in their place. She has purple hair going down, and since she loves to play dress-up, sometimes she's seen in a Witch's hat and black gown, her favorite costume.

"Well, Viola, I'm gonna be away for a while," Logan explained, and turned back around. "I'm going to challenge the Sinnoh League."

"You, with just Floatzel?" Annie laughed. "You and that rat wouldn't stand a chance!"

"...He's a Sea Weasel, Annie. I thought I've made that clear," Logan corrected, annoyed.

"My point still stands," Annie said. "Have you even battled someone proper?"

"No, but I'm sure the studying I took with Chandice will help me through," Logan replied, "Even if I couldn't start my journey when I made my decision when I was taking care of my Dad, she was nice enough to help me be ready for it."

"Okay...Whatever you say, Blondie," Annie conceded.

"Wogan, I want to ask you something before you go," Viola asked.

"Go on ahead," he said.

"Can you pwetty pwease catch me a Buizel like your Floatzel was?" She asked.

Logan smiled. "I'll see what I can do," he answered. "I wouldn't blame you for wanting one. Now, I must be going, Sandgem Town waits for nobody. C'mon, Floatzel, let's go."

"Flozah!" the Floatzel said, and followed shortly behind.

"You better be sure to call us!" Annie called out.

"Come back soon, Wogan!" Viola shouted.

And so, the two made their way toward Mt. Coronet, on their way to Sandgem Town to meet Professor Rowan, not knowing what adventures would wait the two along their way. But despite that, their purpose was clear. For Logan, it was making his father proud by conquering the Sinnoh League, and for Floatzel, it's to help his best friend and companion see that goal through.
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-Chapter 1: Through the Caves-

After traversing through the snowdrifts past Snowpoint, Logan finally made it to the caves of Mt. Coronet.

"If I'm not mistaken," Logan said, "Eterna City should be past the cave leading East...and Snowpoint's in the North."

He pulled out his Map.

"We need to go south from Eterna, to Oreburgh, then we go East again to Jubilife, then South again to our destination..." Logan pondered, "But before we can do all that, we need to get through these caves...I've heard the Wild Pokemon here are pretty tough."

Logan looked to Floatzel. "We're gonna have to battle to the best of our ability to get through. Let's go!"

"Zah!" Floatzel chimed, as they both went into the darkness of the caves.

The inside of the caves--The North side, at least-- seemed a bit lonely, as if the Pokemon have migrated from one spot to another. Logan remembered that the mountain had some magnetic activity running through the mountain itself, but he thought it didn't have anything to do with this phenomenon.

"Stay close, Floatzel," Logan warned. "We can't be too careless in this place. It may look deserted, but with this fog, we need to be ready in case something jumps out at us."

Floatzel nodded, and started to quicken his pace to keep near Logan.

"I think I see something up ahead," Logan said, squinting his eyes. "...Is that a boulder? It's an odd looking one..."

The two went up to it, it was a dull gray boulder, with two just-as-dull gray rocks around it. And unfortunately for Logan, it was blocking the way to the center of Mt. Coronet.

"C'mon, Floatzel, help me push this out of the way..." Logan said, going up to the boulder.

Both of them pushed with all of their will, but it wouldn't budge. But walking back from their attempt, Floatzel thought he saw the boulder move. Floatzel retracted back and growled.

"Floatzel, I know you're frustrated, but--Whoa!" Logan cried out, as he saw the boulder began to move erratically. "Th-That's no boulder!" he exclaimed. "I-It's a Pokemon!"

The Pokemon opened it's eyes. "GURAAAAA!" The Pokemon roared. Logan and Floatzel jumped back, ready to attack.

"That's a Graveler! OK, Floatzel, this is where it all counts!" Logan said, "Use Aqua Jet!"

The Floatzel ran toward the Graveler, then jumped, water forming around the Floatzel's body, rocketing toward Graveler.

It hit directly, knocking Graveler away from the two onto a lower area of the cave. The Graveler began to move again, but it started to retract back into the boulder it hid itself as.

"Close one," Logan sighed. "I'll bet there's more of where that came from up ahead, be ready, Floatz."

They went through the open part of the wall, making their way to the center of Mt. Coronet.

"Okay, now we need to go East of here," Logan explained. But shortly after, they've hit another blocked passageway. "Oh, come on!" Logan cried out. "OK, so this looks bigger than that Graveler...Brown-ish...oddly spherical, and obviously too heavy to move on our own."

He looked to Floatzel again. "Try knocking it aside with Aqua Jet?" Logan asked.

Floatzel shrugged, deciding it might work, or it might not. "Worth a try," he thought. He readied his attack in the same manner of when they met Graveler. He jumped towards the boulder...


...Only to hit himself on it square on the forehead.

"Z-Zaaaaaaah!" Floatzel cried out, in pain.

"Okay, so that wasn't my best idea!" Logan said. He hurried over to Floatzel with a Potion in his hand. "Hang on, I'm coming..."

While Logan was administering the medicine...The boulder began to move just as the Graveler did...Floatzel couldn't see, however, his eyes were shut from being in so much pain. Logan didn't see, either, his eyes were focused on helping Floatzel. The hidden Pokemon began to move toward Logan...

"Okay, that should do it..." Logan said, finished at last. He looked up. There stood the Pokemon, staring him dead in the eyes. Logan couldn't speak, he was too frightened.

"GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!" The Pokemon roared.

"Floatzel, look out!" Logan said, taking Floatzel in his arms and jumping back from the Pokemon as it stamped it's feet to the ground. "That's a Golem, and I think we just made it mad...!"

The Golem seemed dead-set on attacking Logan and Floatzel, throwing rocks their way, but Logan and Floatzel dodged each one...But Logan didn't like doing so.

"Dangit...How are we supposed to become strong if all we do is dodge their attacks?" he thought. "I'm gonna have to take action..."

"Zah?" Floatzel looked to Logan in desperation. They had to do something fast or they'd be done for!

Logan nodded. "Now, Floatzel, use Water Pulse!"

Floatzel began charging up a sphere of water, aiming towards the rampaging Golem. He shot the sphere towards him as quickly as he could, Golem not seeing the Pulse until too late, as it hit him square in the face while he was turning around. The shock knocked Golem back a few feet, not two feet from the cave's walls. He managed to get himself up, but opening his eyes, again, they were glowing a sickly pink...

"Great, he's confused," Logan said. "Hurry, Floatzel, we can still escape while he can't essentially see us! He's too strong for us right now!"

The two hurried out of the cave, leaving the Golem far behind after he realized the two were gone. They were now feet away from getting to the next area: Eterna City.

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-Chapter 2: The Scenic Route, Part 1-

"Eterna City," Logan said, breathing in the crisp air of Spring. It was warmer, a nice change of pace from Snowpoint. He took out his map again.

"We've gotten here so far, let's keep moving. There should be a gate over in the South part of the City," Logan explained. "C'mon, Floatzel, let's go!"

Sure enough, the two made it to the gate. They talked to the gatekeeping lady at the desk.

"Excuse me, ma'am, but this route goes directly to Oreburgh, right?" Logan asked.

"Yes, sir," she said, "But this is a Cycling Road, unless you have a Bicycle, I cannot let you through. I'm sorry."

"...Ah, man...I knew living in a place with a bunch of snow would have its bad points...I've been in Snowpoint so long that I've never learned..."

Logan took out his map again. "I guess I could take the alternate road through the Eterna Forest...But I don't want to end up getting lost in there," he thought out loud. "Now what?"

"Excuse me," another person said. He was dressed in some sort of Lab Coat. "I've heard your complaining, and I think I have a suggestion."

"Depends," Logan said, "Who are you?"

"Oh, pardon me. I work as an Aide for Professor Rowan," the man said. "You were heading to Sandgem from what information I could gather, correct?"

"Uh, yes..." Logan said, stepping back. "I don't trust this guy," he thought.

"Please excuse me, I'm not trying to be scary. Listen, there's another route going around the Eterna Forest south of the Route in the East. Take that route, and you'll get to Sandgem faster," he explained. "Does this information help you?"

Logan's face lit up. "Yes, it does!" he exclaimed. He started to make his way back towards the gate's entrance back to Eterna. "Hurry, Floatzel!" he said, "Goodbye, Sir, and thanks again!"

Logan made it to the entrance of the Eterna Forest. He looked around, in hopes to find the path that the Aide was talking about.

"I don't see it anywhere..." Logan said, "Do you see anything, Floatz?"

Floatzel looked around. He DID see this shady route, likely shaded from the rest of the tree. He wasn't sure about it, but it was the only other route. He pointed his two tails towards that path.

"Over southwest, huh?" Logan asked, "Alright, let's go!"

The route was just as Floatzel assumed, shaded by the trees of Eterna Forest.

"I gotta say, this is a pretty nice path," Logan said. "I wonder if any other people know about it?" he pondered for a moment...

"...Nah, probably not," he said, "More people would be here if there was."

Halfway through the path, they found a patch of fertile earth, with four berry trees planted in them.

"Ah, just what we need," Logan said, "Food!"

He checked out the trees. There were two Oran Berry trees, a Chesto Berry tree, and a Pecha Berry tree.

"I hope I remember how to do this..." Logan said, picking the berries, one by one, and storing them in the Berry Pocket of his bag. Floatzel watched, tempted to take one.

"OK, that should do it," Logan said. "C'mon, Floatz, let's go."

They soon made their way out of the route and near the Valley Windworks.

"This place brings back memories," Logan said...The Valley Windworks was where he caught Buizel with his Father when he was ten years old. It was one of the last few good memories he had of his Dad.

Floatzel tugged on his pant leg, as to ask if he was alright. He looked down to Floatzel, his concerned look on his face, and smiled.

"I'll be fine," he sighed. "Let's just move on." As he was walking across the rocky path, he realized something. "Wait...Buizels...Viola!" He exclaimed. "Floatzel, while we're here, let's catch a Buizel for Viola. The sooner the better, after all."

Floatzel nodded, and the two went towards the Windworks building.

"OK, this is where I found you..." Logan looked around, hoping to find one as soon as possible. It took a while, because most of the time, he could see Shellos. He never liked seeing those, they were everywhere in this route, as far as his memories were up for consideration.

Then, he saw a Buizel near the river, coming back from getting some fish. From the looks of it, the Buizel wasn't having a good catch. He took a closer look at...her?

"Wait a minute...This Buizel's a girl," he thought. "There's only one spot! Well, no matter..."

He nodded, and smirked. "Let's go, Floatzel, and be easy," he said. "Use Tail Slap!"

With Floatzel's two fluffy tails, he smacked the Buizel twice, knocking her backwards. The Buizel was struggling to get up, falling down instantly. She hadn't fainted, but she was close. Logan took this advantadge as quick as he could.

He shuffled through his bag and got his Pokeball out, and threw it at the Buizel. It hit successfully, putting her inside the ball in mere seconds. Logan watched carefully as the ball began to move...



Logan successfully caught the Buizel!

"I'll be sure to tell Viola once I get to the next Pokemon Center," he said. "C'mon, Floatzel, I think Floraroma has one!"

After collecting the newly caught Buizel, they made their way towards Floraroma Town, the grand meadow of flowers.
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-Chapter 3: The Scenic Route, Part 2-

"So you're already in Floaroma Town, huh?"

Annie was talking to Logan over one of the Video Phones in the Pokemon Center.

"Yeah, and I caught Viola her Buizel as there. A promise is a promise," he said. He placed a ball on a pedestal near the computer. "I'll send it over now."

"Oh, thankyouthankyou, THANK YOU, Wogan!" Viola said. She was estatic to finally have her first actual Pokemon other than a Solrock and Lunatone that used to belong to her parents, wherever they were.

Logan laughed. "No problem," he said. "I still have some daylight to burn, so I might be making my way toward Jubilife City and Sandgem Town. I'll heal Floatzel and head out. I'll be seeing you two later."

"Bye, Wogan!" Viola said.
"Don't hurt yourself out there," Annie said.

They both hung up.

"OK, Floatzel, let's get you healed up," he said.

Floatzel nodded, exhausted from his first battles in quite a while. The two went up to the front desk.

"Hello, and Welcome to our Pokemon Center. We restore your Pokemon to full health. What can I do for you," the Nurse asked.

"Yes, I'd like for you to heal my Pokemon, please," Logan said, trying to be as nice as possible.

"Certainly. Just have your Floatzel follow me, please."

Logan looked down. "You heard her, Floatzel, go on," he said.

Floatzel walked with the nurse. "This'll only take a few seconds," she said.

Sure enough, Floatzel was healed to full health. His expression was very chipper now.

"Thank you for waiting, your Floatzel was healed to full health," she said, bowing, "We hope you excel!"

"Thank you," Logan said. "Goodbye! C'mon, Floatzel!"

And so, Logan was back on track again. After going through a rather twisted route that led to another cave, and it was the only real way out other than jump a cliff, they decided to take a less drastic route and go through the cave.

Going inside, Logan thought that the cave looked more like a natural hallway, he could see the entrance at the bottom of a slope that turns once. Logan walked carefully, in hopes not to startle any Pokemon nearby...

...They were just half-way when there started to be trouble. Some of the dust in the cave was too much for Logan's sinuses...


His sneeze echoed throughout the cave. Neither of the two didn't move a muscle out of shock. They waited and waited, hoping that they didn't startle any Pokemon.

...Such wasn't the truth, as Zubat started swarming the ceiling from the top area.

"F-Floatzel, run!" Logan cried. "We gotta get outta here!"

The two ran towards the cave's exit, while a swarm of Zubat were following the two in hot pursuit. They barely made it out before the Zubat could get to them.

"Phew...That was too close..." Logan said. He looked to the side, seeing Jubilife City just beyond their view. "It's not too late, Floatzel, let's hurry!" he said.

Jubilife City seemed to be teeming with life, the whole city was abuzz with activity.

"I never thought it would be this crowded here...Floatzel, return, I don't want you getting lost in this crowd. Nothing personal," he explained, recalling Floatzel. "I'll let you back out once the crowd clears up."

Logan looked around, in hopes to investigate what was going on. The crowd seemed to go towards the Poketch Building. Logan had heard of this place, and wanted to get a Poketch himself, but because most of their money had to be put into taking care of his dad, they were too expensive for them.

He followed the crowd. From what he could see, they were holding a contest, the prize being a free Poketch, courtesy of the company. He listened to the announcer up on stage.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," the announcer said, "Welcome to the 3rd Annual Poketch Contest! One lucky person who can answer these three questions will win a free Poketch, complete with a few extra applications along with the usual ones you get with a regular Poketch! Now, who will be our lucky contestant!"

He looked around the area...He didn't want to choose someone that already had a Poketch that was simply here for the event. He saw Logan...

"Hmm...What about him?" he thought. "Hey, you there!"

Logan didn't even know he was called out. "Who, me?"

"Yes, boy, don't be shy, come up here!" the announcer said. So Logan did, stepping up to the stage. "Now, let me explain all this. I will ask you three questions, and if you answer them right, you shall win a free Poketch, with some extra applications not on your usual everyday Poketch. Do you understand?" he asked.

Logan nodded. "Yes, I do. Ask away!"

"That's the spirit! Okay, first question: What applications are on a Poketch by default?"

Logan thought for a bit. He knew that Annie had one and showed it to him almost daily. It was on a different app every time they met.

"Let's see..." he thought, "...One is a Clock...A Calculator..."

He wasn't sure of a third one. He only remembers two, the two that Annie showed him. In a hurry to find out an answer, he made a guess.

"...And one app lets you check your team's current status?" Logan answered, unsure of his final answer.

"...That is...CORRECT!" The announcer said. "Now, for question two: Name all of the Status ailments known in battle."

Logan thought for a moment. "I know this," he thought, "But I only know about being Frozen..."

Logan answered quickly. "Freezing, Sustaining a Burn, becoming Poisoned, sustaining Paralysis, and falling asleep."

"That's correct!" the announcer said again. "Now for the final question: True or false; Can the Pokemon "Eevee" evolve seven times?"

Logan thought for a moment...He remembers seeing Eevee and its evolutions in a picture book...Eevee could evolve into seven Pokemon...Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, and Umbreon...there were two others, but he couldn't remember either of them.
They both evolved by different means...

"...False, however, they can evolve into seven different forms," Logan finished.

"And that is...CORRECT! Congratulations, Mister..." the announcer said, stalling.

"Logan," he replied.

"Congratulations, Logan! You have won yourself a Poketch!" He gave him the Poketch, it was a light blue watch with a lime green LCD Screen.

"Let me explain what extras this has, Logan," the Announcer said. "This new Poketch comes with three exclusive applications! The Color Changer, which can change the screens color to whatever you want it to be! The Friendship Checker, which can test your bonds between your Pokemon, and you can keep checking whenever you want! And finally, the Alarm Clock, a prototype application that should prove wonders to you if you need to wake up early in the morning! Use these to your advantadge and you'll be sure to succeed!"

"Thank you, sir," Logan said. "I've always wanted one of these but my family couldn't afford one..."

"You're quite welcome! Everyone, give Logan a hand for his smarts and his determination!"

The crowd applauded. Logan never felt happier...

"Dad," Logan thought, "If you could see me now...Dad..." he then realized something. His face lit up in surprise. "If you'll excuse me, I have somewhere to go!" he put on the watch. "Thanks again sir! Goodbye!"

"H-Hey, wait!" the announcer said. "Where are you going?!"

But before he could hear an answer, Logan was already half across the city.

"Must've been in a hurry," the announcer said.

Logan then slowed down his pace once he was south of the city...Sandgem was just nearby.

"Okay, Floatzel, you can come out now," he said, releasing him from his ball. "Sorry I had to do that."

Floatzel nodded, and the two started to make their way to Sandgem...
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-Chapter Four: Rowan-

"Sandgem Town...We've made it, Floatzel," Logan said. "Time to meet Professor Rowan and begin our adventure for real!"

The two walked their way to the Pokemon Lab. Logan knocked on the door.

"It's open," a voice said, sounding like an older man, "feel free to come inside."

Logan opened the door, Floatzel following beside him.

"Hi, is this the lab of Professor Rowan?" Logan asked.

"Yes," the man said. "I am Professor Rowan."

He got up from his chair and walked over. "So, what can I do for you?"

"I'm Logan," he introduced, "and I'm here to begin my Pokemon quest and defeat the Sinnoh League. But before I do that, I'd like to get a Pokemon from you. As you can see, I already have my Floatzel, but I can't rely on him alone, you see."

"I can sympathize with that," Rowan said, "Follow me, please. I was talking to a colleague from Johto this morning and he gave me three other Pokemon to give away. I would otherwise give you my usual three of Chimchar, Piplup, and Turtwig, but however, I want to try something different, if you don't mind."

"Oh, not at all! Please show them," Logan said, eagerly.

The professor nodded. "Very well," he said, "They're in my back room, give me a minute to find the case they're held in."

He walked over to another room. "Okay, I think it was...No, that's not it...Wait a minute...Ah! Here it is!"

He came back, the case had already been opened. "You may choose either of these three Pokemon," he explained, "Allow me to show them to you. First is Chikorita, a Grass-type Pokemon."

He released the Pokemon from its ball. It was a small-looking reptile with a leaf over its head. It swirled the leaf around twice.

"Hmm...Can you show the next one?" Logan asked.

"Very well," Rowan conceded, "Here is the next one: Totodile, a Water-type."

He released Totodile from its ball. It was a small blue crocodile, a very chipper one at that. It danced around in place in font of the two. "Toto toto!" it cried out.

"Cool!" Logan said, "What about the last Pokeball, what does it have?" he asked.

"Well, as for this one," Rowan said, holding the ball in his hand, "has a Fire-type Pokemon, Cyndaquil, inside it."

Sure enough, Rowan released the final Pokeball, revealing a blue and cream-colored rodent. It had a rather long nose, and its eyes were clenched shut. "Quilll..." it yawned.

"Aww, it's cute," Logan said.

"Alright, sir," Rowan said at last, "Which Pokemon shall you choose, and be sure that you're confident with your choice."

Logan pondered..."Totodile does look like it would be a fun Pokemon, but I already have a Water-type in the case of Floatzel," he thought, "And I can't really picture myself using a Chikorita..."

"...Professor Rowan," Logan said, firmly, "I would like to have Cyndaquil join me."

"Very well, Logan, and congratulations on starting your quest. Why, I haven't sent a trainer out on their quest to win the Pokemon League in years. You're very lucky," Rowan said, giving Logan Cyndaquil's Pokeball, Cyndaquil arleady being recalled inside. He also gave Logan his Badge Case, as Logan already had a Trainer's Card. "Take this, too," he said, giving Logan a Pokedex, "This should help you identify some Pokemon faster," he explained.

"Thank you, Professor Rowan," he said. "So, with that done, I guess I should head to Oreburgh City, where the first Gym is...Goodbye, Professor Rowan," he said, leaving, "and thanks again!"

Professor Rowan knew he'd be seeing Logan again someday. He wasn't sure how, but he just knew that when he would, and that he wouldn't have felt prouder since his last trainer he gave a Pokemon to won the Sinnoh League.
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-Chapter Five: Friendly Rival-

Logan was walking from the east side of Jubilife City, on his way to Oreburgh with his new Pokemon, Cyndaquil, in tow.

"There should be a cave called the Oreburgh Pass up ahead," Logan said, reading the map. He wasn't exactly paying attention to where he was going, however...Until he bumped into someone.

"OW!" the person cried, sounding like an older teenage boy, "Be careful, would ya?!"

Logan took the map from his face. Seemed as though he bumped into someone with slightly blue-ish hair, with a bit of a cowlick in the back. The hair was covering half of his face, and he was clad in violet.

"Owowow...Oh, I'm sorry," Logan said. "You see, I'm trying to get to Oreburgh City, and--"

"No, no, it's alright. Honest mistake, I get that," he said. "I'm Greyson, from Eterna City. Believe it or not, I just came from Oreburgh City, and I already have my badge." He saw Cyndaquil, "Oh, did you recently get a Pokemon from one of the professors?"

"Yes, actually," Logan said, "Why"

"Ahh, well, it looks a little inexperienced," he explained, "Not trying to insult you or your training, since you have that Floatzel with you. Perhaps I can help you raise your Cyndaquil for you?"

"If you're saying that you want to battle, I'd love to!" Logan said. "I haven't battled someone since I left Snowpoint..."

"Alright, then!" Greyson said, "How about your Cyndaquil against...Hmm...He probably won't be able to hit my Misdreavus...How about you fight my Abra?"

"An Abra, huh..." Logan pondered, "Sure, let's go! C'mon, Cyndaquil, let's do this!"

The Cyndaquil tottered forward, it's flames up, ready for battle!

"Go, Abra!" Greyson called out, releasing a yellow-looking Pokemon from it's ball. Like Cyndaquil, it's eyes were also clenched shut. "Abraaaaaa..." it hissed.

Logan checked the Abra's move with the Pokedex. "Okay...Wait a minute..."

The Abra only knew Teleport!

"How do I expect him to battle, Greyson?" Logan asked.

"You'll see. Now go on, your move," Greyson answered.

"Alright...Cyndaquil, use Tackle!"

Cyndaquil charged at the Abra, quick as he could.

"Abra, use Teleport!" Greyson commanded.

The Abra was gone in a flash of light!

"Quil?!" The Cyndaquil cried out.

"I think I get it now...You use Teleport to your advantadge. Cyndaquil, see if you can corner the Abra!" Logan called out.

Cyndaquil nodded and tried to circle the Abra. Though time and time again, the Abra would just teleport and end up confusing the Cyndaquil.

"Ohh, there's gotta be something that Cyndaquil can do to stall it!" Logan said. He checked Cyndaquil's moves on the Pokedex. "Tackle, Leer...Wait a minute...Smokescreen? ...That's it!" Logan exclaimed, "Cyndaquil, use Smokescreen!"

Cyndaquil stopped and looked to Logan and nodded, billowing a cloud of smoke towards the Abra.

"Aaaa?!" The Abra cried out, blinded by the smoke.

"What the?!"

"Yes!" Logan cried, "Now, Cyndaquil, use your most powerful Tackle!"

The Cyndaquil charged into the smoke, hoping to successfully hit Abra. He did, attacking Abra from behind. Both came out from the cloud, Abra flying out, Cyndaquil simply jumping from the smoke.

Abra fell to the ground with a great bound. He couldn't move.

Abra fainted!

"Yes! Great job, Cyndaquil!" Logan said, letting Cyndaquil crawl up his shoulder. "Thanks, Greyson, that was great!"

"Ah, no problem. Abra, return!" Greyson said to Abra, recalling him. "I hope we'll be able to meet again, I never expected you to use that Smokescreen."

"Neither did I, actually," Logan said, sheepishly while scratching the back of his head. "So, Oreburgh's that way, right?"

"Yeah, but you better hurry, it's getting dark," Greyson said.

"Right. Goodbye, Greyson, and thanks again!"

And so, Logan and his two Pokemon went into the Oreburgh Pass, in hopes to get to the city on the other side...
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-Chapter Six: The First Badge-

Logan made it past the Oreburgh Pass, which was simply a few yards of a tunnel going straight into the city. Nothing much. Oreburgh City itself, however, was bustling with activity, mostly of the coal mine just outside, the workers moving to and fro like Combees to flowers.

"The Gym Leader who gives out our first badge lives here, Floatz," Logan said, "Let's hurry, the sooner we challenge him, the better!"

Unfortunately, as soon as the two made it to the Gym, the guide in charge of taking care of the Gym while the leader was away gave him bad tidings that the Leader, Roark, was currently busy working in the mines.

"So the mines, huh? Maybe if we ask, he'll let us battle him for our badge?" Logan asked him.

"Yeah, he has before," the guide answered. "He's always busy down there, though, sometimes finding fossils in the mines, too, so he could be anywhere in there."

"I'll take my chances," Logan conceded, and soon went on his way to the Oreburgh Coal Mines.

"Return, Floatzel, it's crowded over here, and people are busy," he said, recalling Floatzel. "In this setting of Rock and Fighting-Types, we'd stick out like a sore thumb enough."

Logan soon went inside the mines, deeper and deeper...he looked around, seeing miners hard at work, picking away at the rock in hopes of finding more and more coal. He was soon in the deepest part of the mines, where he beholded the biggest piece of coal ever concieved!

"Whoa...Imagine how many days this marvel could keep ablaze in a fireplace, even a small chunk of it would seem huge..." Logan said, amazed by the sight. His stunned expression did not last long, however, as he heard someone shout as if he succeeded at something important.

"Yes, I've found it! I've always thought there'd be some of it here but I never thought at this exact spot!" the voice cried, it sounded like a young man, around his twenties.

Logan soon went closer, it sounded as though it was from the other side of the coal. There stood a man with red hair, covered by a miner's helmet, wearing glasses. He was dressed up in a usual miner's uniform.

"Excuse me," Logan finally asked, "Are you the Gym Leader of this city?"

"What the--Oh, I never thought there was anyone else here but other workers," the miner said. "Yes, I am the Gym Leader here. My name's Roark. Normally, I'd challenge you now, but I've just come across a fossil I've been dying to find: the Old Amber. If the books are right, this Amber holds DNA of a long-extinct Pokemon, Aerodactyl. Being a Rock-Type Leader, this Pokemon would be a marvel to have on my team, as I've found more of my team in these mines than anywhere else."

"That's amazing!" Logan said, amazed again. "Even after they die, they can hope to be reborn again to fight amongst a trainer's side!" His mind started to drift, as if he were remembering something..."To have him fight alongside me again, from one Runesat to the next..."

"...Uh, kid? Are you alright?" Roark asked him. "You look out of it."

"H-Huh?!" Logan finally snapped back to reality. "Y-Yeah, I'm okay...So, what do you say, will you battle against me?"

"Sure, on one condition: I want you to help me test out the Pokemon revived from this Old Amber in battle, I'll tell you once it's ready to go. In the meantime, why don't you look around the City? We also have a Museum that you could also check out along with the rest of the mines."

Logan nodded. "That sounds great," Logan said, leaving. "See you later, Roark, and thank you!"

"Wait a mintute," Roark said, "I'm going to have to go to the Museum myself, why don't you follow me there? It's not too far from here."

Sure enough, Logan followed Roark to the Oreburgh Museum, where Roark turned in his Old Amber, due out to be revived. He allowed Logan to come with him to the revival chambers where Fossils were turned back into their original forms. Logan was more attentive to the end results: The Pokemon themselves, who were kept in a reserve for furthering the research of the behaviors of the revived Pokemon.

"Amazing!" Logan exclaimed, "...And rather frightening, too, in some of these Pokemon's cases..."

"Hey, trainer!" Roark called out. "The Aerodactyl's been revived! I'll be at my Gym, come on over when you're ready to battle!"

"Ah, right, the battle," Logan said. "Well, Dad, I'm dissapointed that you won't be able to see this, but it's time for me to shine...May you give me the strength to prosper..."

Minutes passed by the time Logan was at the Gym. Knowing enough that Roark used Rock-Types, he knew that Floatzel would be the best Pokemon to use in this battle, and had him out before they even came in.

"Good, you're here. I see you're using a Water-Type, and a rather powerful one at that," Roark said. "To make this battle fair, I'll use the Aerodactyl alone. He should be at the same level as your Floatzel, for all I can tell. Now, then let's begin! Go, Aerodactyl!"

Released from the ball was a dinosaur with a great wingspan and sharp fangs that could tear a cooked steak to shreads. Logan checked the Aerodactyl using the Pokedex.

"Aerodactyl, the Fossil Pokemon. Aerodactyl is a Pokémon from the age of dinosaurs. It was regenerated from genetic material extracted from amber. It is imagined to have been the king of the skies in ancient times."

"King of the skies...Well, we're gonna prove to overthrow that King from the ground-up, right Floatzel?" Logan asked.

"Flo-zah!" Floatzel cried out, in confidence.

"Yeah, now let's do this!" Logan said, just as pumped as Floatzel was. "Forward!"

Floatzel stepped into the battlefield, the match had finally begun.

Having the advantadge of flight, Aerodactyl went first, flinging rock after rock to Floatzel, using AncientPower, as the rocks had somewhat of a blue aura to them. Logan had Floatzel use Aqua Jet to outspeed the rocks, and hoping to ascend towards the Aerodactyl to make contact, as it was flying rather low for a Rock-Flying type.

He succeeds, but not before breaking through a rock already thrown, reducing it to glowing pebbles. The two landed, Aerodactyl doing so rather roughly.

"Nice shot!" Roark cried. "Okay, Aerodactyl, use Agility and take flight once more!"

Aerodactyl soon ran his fastest, then leapt, taking to the air again.

"Now, swoop down to Floatzel and use Thunder Fang!" Roark commanded.
"Floatzel, be careful! Dodge it as fast as you can and counter it with Water Pulse!" Logan commanded in response.

Unfortunately, Floatzel couldn't run fast enough, it's tails were caught in the Aerodactyl's maw, the teeth sparking with electricity, bringing the Sea Weasel excessive pain. It caught a lucky break as he kicked Aerodactyl in the mouth, freeing him from the behemoth's grasp.

"Floatzel, are you alright?" Logan asked.

Floatzel managed to get up, he could still fight.

"Great, now let's get them back with a well-aimed Water Pulse!" Logan said.

Charging a ball of water from his hands, he watched the Aerodactyl carefully. Soon as he was sure of his target, he fired the sphere at Aerodactyl, hitting him directly. Aerodactyl reacted in pain, as soon as he re-opened his eyes, they turned a sickly pink.

"Confusion!" Logan said. "Now's our chance, Floatzel, ascend with Aqua Jet and use Tail Slap on him!"

The Floatzel charged into the skies in a blur of water, and soon came out, his tails closing in on the Aerodactyl, hitting him with full force one, two, three, four times at once! The pain was too much for the Aerodactyl to handle, and he soon came crashing down to the floor. He couldn't move.

Aerodactyl fainted, and Logan was the victor of the battle.

"Floatzel, you did it!" Logan said, pleased at his victory against an actual leader, and Floatzel's effort.

Roark sighed. "It proves one this, Aerodactyl, and that's the fact that you're a worthy foe, but this Floatzel's just as worthy an opponent. Return, I'm proud of your work," he finished, recalling the Aerodactyl for a well-deserved rest. "Well, Logan, as per regulations, I am required to give you the Coal Badge. Congratulations, you've earned this."

He handed the badge over to Logan, and he put it in the badge case.

"Now, then, you're planning to go to the Sinnoh League, right? Well, maybe I can help," Roark said. "The next Gym is in Eterna Town, north of here. You can also take a rather long route outside of Jubilife City, too..."

"We've already done that before, so why not?" Logan asked. "But we'll do it tomorrow, it's starting to get dark. We'll see if we can find a place to stay and leave for Eterna tomorrow. Goodbye, Roark, and thank you for helping me prove my worth."

And so, the two left to go back to the Pokemon Center, where they could hopefully rest there for the night. Their adventure was only starting, and they had more and more challenges ahead of them...
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-Chapter 7: Secrets of the Forest-

"You mean you're already at your first badge?"

Logan was talking on the phone with Annie and Viola again, after heading back to Floraroma from Jubilife, calling from Floraroma Town's Pokemon Center.

"Yes, and I'm about to go through the Eterna Forest back into the next town for my second badge. Possibly raise up my Cyndaquil as well, he needs the training. I can already tell he's getting stronger from when we were battling with other trainers coming here," Logan explained.

"Well, just be careful, don't hurt yourself too bad. We must have ourselves fight someday, Logan," Annie said.

"You bet! We'll find that time to battle someday, just you wait. See ya!" Logan said.
"Good Wuck, Wogan!" Viola said, the two hanging up.

"...Well, guys? Looks like we're going in," Logan said to his two Pokemon.
"Zah!" Floatzel cheered.
"Quill..." Cyndaquil squeaked, on Floatzel's float.

And so, the two made their way to the Eterna Forest, taking an alternate route away from the Valley Windworks.

"That reminds me," Logan said to himself as they were walking, "I've heard of a place caled the Fuego Ironworks around this place, a sort of smelter's yard. I wonder what Pokemon reside there...probably Fire-Types or Steel-Types. It'd be the ideal place for Cyndaquil!
"Quil?" The Cyndaquil aksed, questioning Logan's thoughts of the place.
"Well, we'll have to stop by there later, I guess," Logan said to himself. "I'll have to make a note of it..."

Sure enough, the two had made it into Eterna Forest. Vast and Green, a little dark, too. Most of the sunlight was blocked out by the hundreds upon thousands of trees planted in the area, home to many Pokemon that Logan can't even begin to fathom.

"Be careful, guys. I could be REALLY easy to get lost in here," Logan said.

The two Pokemon nodded.

The three made their way around the forest, battling the trainers inside, and battling the Pokemon that wanted to jump into their way, hoping that every winding path would lead them closer to Eterna Town.

...Sadly, it didn't.

"Ugh...It feels as though we're only deep in the heart of the forest...And it's getting darker and darker by the minute. Maybe we should go back..." Logan muttered to himself, frustrated by the fact that they were lost. Just then, he saw someone in the distance.

"Is that...Greyson? What's he doing here?" Logan thought. He went over towards him. "Hey! Greyson!"

"Huh? Ah, it's you three again. If you're asking for a battle, I'm afraid I don't have the time."

"What? No, we just want to know if you know about a path out of this forest into Eterna. We're kinda lost," Logan replied.

"A way outta here? I guess I can help you out with that, but there's this thing I wanna finish before you do. There's this old house ahead of here, it's said that a rare Pokemon resides here...but it's riddled with tons of other ghosts. Some help exploring the thing would really be nice," Greyson explained.

"So we help you out exploring this thing? I'm not sure..." Logan said, wondering about his and his Pokemon's safety.

"Not to worry. I'll be using Misdreavus here, she's my most powerful Pokemon," Greyson explained. "You should be fine as well, your Pokemon are strong, Logan. No need to doubt yourself, right?"

"I guess so. Alright, Greyson, we'll help," Logan conceded.

"Great! Just follow me," Greyson said.

And so, the two made their way into the Old Chateau, riddled with vines from the exterior, and the interior was dank and dusty, the windows all broken.

"So this is the house?" Logan asked.
"Yes. The Old Chateau, as those in Eterna called it. It's supposed to be home to a Pokemon that only lives here...Nobody's ever seen it, though..."
"Yes, it is...But to see that Pokemon with my own eyes...That's what I've always wanted to do," Greyson explained, "Logan, you're being a big help here."
"Hah, thanks. Anyway, stay on your guard, Floatzel."
"Flozah!" The Floatzel said. Cyndaquil shivered, but the Floatzel assured him he would be okay...

Meanwhile, a ghostly figure cackled in the distance...he knew of the four's presence in the Chateau, and he thought he would have some fun with them...


Floatzel heard the cackling from the distance, but shrugged it off, thinking it was nothing.

The cavalcade decided to check the kitchen first, thinking there might be some clues here...
Then Floatzel noticed something odd about the oven inside. It was glowing with a red aura...

"What in..." he thought to himself.

Suddenly, the stove began to grow eyes, and began laughing maniacally!


Greyson and Logan quickly turned!
"That's the Pokemon!" Greyson cried out! "Rotom! Or at least one of its formations...The Heat Forme!"
"Rotom..." Logan thought. He pulled out his Pokedex, checking the Pokemon.

"Rotom: The Plasma Pokemon. It can uses it's body to possess electronic devices to cause mischief, it can change into five different formes that change along with it's type. Currently, this Rotom is in the Heat Forme, making it a Fire-Electric type."

"A Fire-Electric type, huh...? Hey, Floatzel, try throwing a Water Pulse at it, maybe we can weaken it that way!" Logan said.

Floatzel nodded, and began charging a sphere of water...and fired at the Rotom with full-blast, a direct hit!

"Kiiiiiiiiiiih!" The Rotom screeched, escaping from the oven, and running outside the kitchen.
"Quick, don't let him get away!" Logan said, "After him!"

...Little did he know, is that Rotom had his own way of retaliating...he soon changed his form, posessing a washing machine of the higher floors.

"Here, he went up here!" Logan said.
"Right, Abra, Misdreavus, come out!" Greyson said.

A Ghost with strange red beads around her neck came out, along with Abra, floating as usual.

Suddenly, the new Rotom hopped their way, hose from the machine in hand. It used Hydro Pump on the two, supposedly shooting them backwards...Or so the Rotom thought.

When the Water slowed to a trickle, it was revealed that Floatzel used his inflated float as a shield to block the incoming water.

"Thanks, Floatzel, you're a lifesaver..." Logan said. "Pokedex?"
"Currently, Rotom is in 'Wash Forme', making him a Water-Electric Type."
"Water, huh? Abra, use Energy Ball before he gets away!" Greyson commanded.

Abra obeyed, focusing his will into a ball of green energy, then shooting it at the Rotom. The ball knocked Rotom out of the Washing Machine, the machine falling backwards. Rotom wasn't so easy to give up, however, as he soon found another machine to posess. It was a fan, which was already running. It soon came floating out, a yellow aura around him.

"Pokedex?" Logan asked.
"Currently, Rotom is in it's Fan Forme, and is a Flying-Electric type."
As soon as Logan's Pokedex finished, Rotom began to bring a mighty gust toward the six...
"Hold on!" Greyson cried.
"C...Cyndaquil...use Smokescreen!" Logan cried!
"Logan, wait, his for--!"
Before Greyson could finish, Cyndaquil bellowed out a puff of smoke...Only for it to blind the six. The Fan-Tom then went away to change forms again, leaving the team blind in the smoke.

When the Smoke cleared, Rotom's new formation arose. It was glowing with a lavender aura, shaped like an orange box.

"Currently, Rotom has changed to the Frost Forme, and is an Ice-Electric type."

"I won't mess up this time! Cyndaquil, use Ember!" Logan shouted.

The Cyndaquil soon shot out several flames at the Rotom, making it shudder drastically. Sure enough, the Rotom escaped outside, leaving the fridge it hid in badly burnt.

"It went to the courtyard!" Greyson said. "Quick, outside!"

When they went to the Courtyard, the Rotom was already in a new formation, charging at the team with a great speed.

After the two dodged, the Pokedex began its analysis.

"Currently, Rotom is in the Mow Forme, and his type has changed to Grass-Electric."

"Alright, Cyndaquil, it's up to you, now! Use Ember again!"

"Quiiiiillll!!!" The Cyndaquil cried as it bellowed out more and more flames. The Rotom screeched in pain as it escaped the Mower, leaving it burned.

"Misdreavus, use Mean Look before he escapes again!" Greyson commanded.

The Misdreavus stared the Rotom down, locking it's body into a still state.

"Now, Pokeball, GO!" Greyson cried, as he threw a Pokeball at the stunned Rotom.



"YES!" Greyson cried out, "I just caught the rare Rotom!"
"That's awesome, Greyson! I'm glad I could help," Logan said.
"Yeah...A deal's a deal, now I'll help you guys get out of this place," Greyson said, "C'mon, follow me."

And so, Logan and his team followed Greyson, hopefully out of the forest at last...
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-Chapter 8: Times Change-

Greyson had finally led Logan into Eterna City, after helping him catch his new Pokemon, Rotom.

"Say, Logan," Greyson asked, "Aren't you going to the Sinnoh League?"
"Yes, why?"
"Why don't I team up with you for this Gym? I only have one badge, myself..."
"...Greyson, I'd love to! A little help and cooperation's always appreciated!"
"Great! The gym's just South of here, you can't miss it. C'mon, this way!"

So the cavalcade went towards the Eterna Gym, off to face Gardenia, the Grass-Type Gym Leader.

"Gardenia...Chandice talked about her sometimes, along with other Leaders from the region when I was training under her, too. She even said something about this one...Crasher Wake, was it...having a Floatzel like mine is!" Logan explained.

Logan was so lost in thought telling Greyson about his past training, he wasn't looking where he was going. Greyson, however, saw a girl dressed in a green sundress with a cherry-blossom petal print on it come his way.

"Logan, wait!" Greyson cried out, holding Logan back.
"Wh-What? What is it?" Logan exclaimed, looking around to figure out what was going on.

"...Is that you, Logan?" The girl asked.
"...Serah?!" Logan cried.
"You know her?" Greyson asked the blond.

Logan's mind flashed back again...Logan did indeed know her, when Logan used to live in Eterna City when he was very young...Serah's family usually took care of him when his parents had an errand to run when he was only a baby, leaving their Floatzel with him...It looked nothing LIKE Floatzel, though...

...Logan started to tear up as he hugged the girl.
"I-I haven't seen you in years, Serah..." Logan sobbed happily.
"I know, I never would've thought you and your family would leave Snowpoint! I'm really sorry about what happened to your dad, though..."
"It's fine, it's fine...It's exactly why I'm taking the Sinnoh League challenge."
"...Wait, you're challenging the Sinnoh League? Really?"
"Uh, yeah, why?"
"...Maybe I can help you. I've been training with Gardenia at her gym, maybe if I can pull some strings with her, we can challenge you in a Double Battle!"
"Double Battle?" Logan asked, "Greyson?"
"In short, two Pokemon are used to battle on each side. I'd advise to choose your Pokemon carefully, even if you're doing it with two trainers on two," Greyson explained.
"Sounds like fun!" Logan beamed. "Okay, Serah, I accept. Greyson?"
"We said that we'd team up, didn't we?" Greyson answered.
"Great! Just meet me at the Gym, I'll go and ask Gardenia now," Serah finished. She then left for the gym, just a few feet away from the two.

Logan and Greyson finally made it to the Gym. They went inside and waited at the front of the Gym...

There was another girl in green with red hair at the end of the gym, alongside Serah.

"Gardenia," Greyson said. "Well, Serah? Are we clear for a double battle?"
"You certainly are, trainers," Gardenia finally said, "Are you ready?"
"You bet!" Logan cried out, confident for his battle, "I'll be using Cyndaquil. Greyson, what about you?"
"I'll be putting Rotom to the test here, Logan," Greyson answered, "With that said...LET'S DO IT!"

Greyson threw his Pokeball, releasing Rotom.

"Tamtam!" The Rotom chittered.

"Come on, Cyndaquil, let's show them how I've grown!" Logan said.

"Cynda!" The Cyndaquil squeaked.

"Shall we, Serah?" Gardenia asked.
"I-I'll do my best...Gloom!" Serah cried out, sending out her Pokeball.

"Gloo..." The Gloom groaned, a sleepy expression on its face...

"A Gloom?" Logan asked himself, as he flipped out his Pokedex.

"Gloom, the Weed Pokemon: The fluid that oozes from its mouth isn't drool. It is a nectar that is used to attract prey. The drool is actually sweet honey. It is very sticky and clings stubbornly if touched. "

"We shouldn't really have to worry about that, though," Greyson said.
"Yes," Logan replied. "So long as we don't use moves that touch it physically..."

"Alright, then! Come on out, Cherrim! Let's show these two the true beauty of Grass-Types!" Gardenia shouted, releasing a Pokemon oddly obscured by it's petals...

"Rim..." Cherrim said, shyly.
"Huh?" Logan asked, "It doesn't look like it can really battle..."
"Don't let your guard down, Logan. I've seen her Cherrim battle before, it has another forme..."

"And why don't I show that form off now? Cherrim, use Sunny Day!"


A huge flash of light rose in the gym, feeling as though it was another sun!

"Ack!" Logan shouted, "I can't see a thing!"
"Be careful, Logan, that forme is coming out!" Gryeson shouted.

...When the light finally calmed down, the Pokemon looked drastically different...It had cherry blossom petals on top of a yellow face, with beady-red eyes, and a happy expression. It also had a small, equally-yellow body, covered in small petals.

"Is that...?" Logan asked, "Pokedex, what forme is that supposed to be?"

"Currently, Cherrim's ability, Flower Gift, has triggered, and it has turned into the Sunshine Forme. Attack and Defense have increased. However, Sunny Day will still be in effect for a short while, and the Attack Power of Fire-Type moves have been increased temporarily."

"Then I'd better make a use of that! Cyndaquil, use Ember!"

The Cyndaquil shot out more and more fireballs at the Cherrim, badly burning it with the doubled intensity of the heat!

"Haha! Good going, Logan! Now, Rotom, attack Gloom while you still have a chance! Use Confuse Ray!" Greyson commanded.

The Rotom shone a ball of light towards the Gloom... The Gloom, however, acted as it wasn't even being flashed with the bright light!

"What?! How could it..." Greyson murmured, "...Of course! It's eyes! The eyes are always shut, so using sight-based moves would do no good on it...Rotom, switch out!"

"Greyson?" Logan asked.

"I have an idea. Misdreavus, your turn!" Greyson called, releasing the same Ghostly Pokemon as Logan saw before. "See, I've forgotten that Misdreavus had a special move that someone in Eterna taught her a few months ago. It'd totally slipped my mind when I was picking my Pokemon..."

"Well, you can't use it right now! Gloom, use Sleep Powder!" Serah commanded. The Gloom began to bellow a strange bluish pollen from it's flower towards the Misdreavus...

The Misdreavus, affected by the spores, shut it's eyes and was forcefully put to sleep.

"Shoot! Logan, be careful!" Greyson said, "You're fighting alone from here!"

"Don't think too soon! Here, give this to Misdreavus!" Logan cried, throwing an Awakening towards Greyson.

"Thanks!" Greyson said, as he began to spray the vapor on Misdreavus...The scent of the medicine awoke the Misdreavus back to it's original strength.

"Mis! Mis!" It shrieked.

"Oh, no..." Serah muttered...
"Don't worry, Serah, I've got you covered. Cherrim, Petal Dance!" Gardenia commanded.

A flurry of petals danced across the battlefield, sent straight towards Cyndaquil...It didn't hurt him that much, but it still stung a little.

"Petal Dance, huh? Well, Cyndaquil, let's try obscuring the Cherrim's vision! Use Smokescreen!"

"Quilll!" The Cyndaquil cried, bellowing out more and more clouds of smoke towards the Cherrim, still thrashing about, even if the petals were going away from Cyndaquil.
"Shoot! Serah, cover me, I can't control Cherrim in this state," Gardenia said.
"Got it! Gloom, use Sleep Powder again!" Serah commanded. The Gloom started to pour out the blue pollen again towards Cyndaquil, hoping it would put him to sleep...Unfortunately, Cyndaquil scuttled away from the spores just in time.
"No..." Serah sighed.
"Good going, Cyndaquil!" Greyson cheered, "Now, Misdreavus, use Icy Wind!"

A chilling wind blew behind Misdreavus, slowly making the Gym colder and colder, and the Grass-Pokemon sluggish...Especially Gloom, seeming to collapse from the cold...

"Oh, no! Gloom!" Serah cried.
"Pokedex? What's the verdict?" Logan asked.

"Gloom is currently unable to battle. His HP has gone down to 0."
"Awesome, I got him!" Greyson said.
"I still need to train a little more..." Serah muttered to himself.
"It's okay, Serah. It's not over yet, Logan and Greyson! Cherrim, keep going!" Gardenia shouted.

Cherrim kept dancing, shooting the frozen petals towards Cyndaquil, but only few of them, as she was still blinded by the smoke. Cyndaquil, acting quickly, jumped back, bringing his back flares up, the icy petals shattering on his back...Once it was safe to do so, Cyndaquil was ready for anything again!

"Okay, Cyndaquil, now...What's this?"

"Cyndaquil is able to learn a new move at this time. Will you use Flame Wheel?"

"...Flame Wheel...Sure, let's try it! Cyndaquil, use Flame Wheel! Just do your best!" Logan commanded.

Cyndaquil nodded, and charged faster and faster towards the Cherrim, back flared up as high as it could go...and then it somersaulted, still charging, towards it, but then, something strange happened...

...Cyndaquil began to glow white as the Flame Wheel progressed. He was evolving.

The evolution was completed when the new Pokemon was about to impact Cherrim, and once it did, the Cherrim--and the new Pokemon-- were sent flying!

The Pokemon unraveled it's rolled-up body, revealing a bit more of a slender Pokemon, with flames on it's head and lower back. It had Cyndaquil's colors, but it's eyes were open...

"LAVA!!" it shouted, as it fell to the ground.

"Pokedex, what just happened?" Logan asked.

"Cyndaquil has evolved into it's first evolved form, Quilava, The Volcano Pokemon: This Pokémon is fully covered by nonflammable fur. It can withstand any kind of fire attack. Before battle, it turns its back on its opponent to demonstrate how ferociously its fire blazes."

As for the Cherrim, it hit the wall of the Gym, taken down by the powerful blow.

"...Darn it...Cherrim, return, and good job out there," Gardenia said, recalling the fainted Pokemon. "Well, boys, you both did great. Congratulations, especially you, Logan, on your evolution."
"Thank you," Logan said, "And you did great out there, too, Serah! That wasn't too bad for your first time in a Gym Battle. Even if you weren't fighting Gardenia herself."
"Well, I'm still training," Serah explained, "I don't think I'm cut out for full-fledged battling just yet...But I'll keep trying!"
"That's the spirit, Serah!" Gardenia said, cheering her apprentice, "Now, here, take these badges, you two. They are both the Forest Badge, the official League Badge for Eterna City. Here, you deserve them for that show!"

"Thanks," Greyson said, "Well, Logan, your next destination from here is...I think Hearthome City sounds good. Then again, what if she's out travelling again...Nah, she can't be. Anyways, next time we meet, expect a battle, okay?"
"You got it! I'll become even stronger then, just you wait and see," Logan assured.
Greyson laughed. "Sure, sure. We'll see about that. I've gotta go. Later."

"Logan, great job. You said you were going into the League because of your dad, right?" Serah asked.
"Uh, yeah, why?" Logan asked.
"...He'd be very happy knowing your progress right now. Don't give up!" Serah cheered.
Logan nodded. "...I won't. Come on, Quilava, up here," Logan said, letting Quilava crawl up to his shoulders. "Let's go."

And so, Logan and his team went down towards Hearthome City, but sadly, their only way TO it was to cross Mt. Coronet again...What will they find beyond the caves again?

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