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Default Shipwrecked

There will be a little bit of mature content so if you cannot handle it please... leave.
If there is something in this color if it a memory.

EEEEERRT! EEEEEEERT!AAAHH! The emergency siren and all the passengers of the SS Eliot here howling in fear. Unorganized and violent crowds of people slammered around the boat to find the rafts that were for important purposes only. But who was there to say that a ship sinking wasn't an event that would call for rafts. It was chaos on the boat. If you couldn't budge and fight your way through walls of other humans, you wouldn't get to one of the rafts.

No one had known what had happened to the boat. It just started sinking. It was the front end that was sinking, which was a tid bit scarier than if it were to be going the there way.

Not all of the passengers were able to get to the rafts without being hurt. 147 people total were left behind, 27 went over board, and 231 found rafts. There were 11 large rafts supplied and they were over flowing with people. About 20 per raft, and if more it wouldn't have been pretty.

There were two rafts that followed each other. The others went their own ways or didn't survive the raft trip. The two that followed each other found an island about 2 days after they set off. The island looked tropical and large. The trees varied there were palm, red wood, oak and maple. Various fruit trees were all over the island. And from then on the survivors of the SS Eliot had lived there.

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Default Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Angie Marcelo

"Ben, Dominic, Jenna, I know you are tired but you have to find water. It is crucial that if you find some. You drink some then come right back. We will start with the shelter. And start organizing." On the raft that Angie got on she had decided she was going to be the one to take charge. The raft was full of scared and confused people who have just seemed to do what she had told them.

The crunching sound of the white sandy beach seemed like a miracle; relief. It was telling them that they had a chance of living a little longer, a little bit of hope just in that reassuring sound.

"Allen, and Lucy, do you think you can make a fire?"

Lucy looked at Allen, then looked back at me. "Yeah."

About 25 yards away from where one raft touched land was the other. As the unofficial leader Angie went over to the other people to see what if they are okay.

She wasn't sure who to talk to to find out all of their statuses. So Angie went and talked to the sanest person there. Which happened to be a muscly guy with short but wild blond-brown hair. He wore a sleeveless brown-green shirt with cargo shorts. "How is your troop holding?"

He just seemed to notice her and looked up then back down at her saying, "I sent two of the men to find wood and shelter supplies, 2 groups of people are working on rescue fires, and 3 for food."

"Ah, I got a few on fire and some at water. I am Angie"

"Colin, we need to stick together so make sure none of you guys go astray because we are all staying in the same spot tonight."

Angie was about to ask who the hell put him in charge. But then he could ask the same to her. And she didn't think it was such a bad plan so, why not stay together. "Sounds good."

She walked away.

Angie went back to where most of her raft's people were. She looked around and thought what else was to be done. They had been there for less than an hour and none of her people have broken down. It was weird because all the people on the boat (before it had sank) were talkative, and energetic. Now they were zombies. Probably because of there shock.

"I stand corrected..." Angie muttered to herself. She had just gotten everyone working and a boy about 11 was sitting at the water's edge crying with his head in his knees. And as leader she had to go give him consolation. God this is going to get tiring. She thought.

"Hey buddy, what wrong?" What a dumb question, she thought again. they had just been stuck at sea for 2 days, experienced a shipwreck and had a good chance of dying.

*Sniff* "Ma-m-my mom isn't here" *Cough* *Sniff*

"Oh, did I send her somewhere or..." She had no more to say.

"Sh-he was left on the boat."


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