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Default Sporadic Works of Literature

Well, for a project that I have for AP Lit, I have to write some creative works, and so I have written my first actually composed poem. This one, specifically, is called a sestina. It consists of 6 6-line stanzas and a 3-line envoi. In every stanza, each line ends with one of 6 specific words throughout the poem, while the envoi has 2 of the 6 key words in each line. It's a little easier to understand if you just read it, so here you go...

Small Talk    
Just chatting
Talking about feelings
Or something like that
Wondering when time will run out
It always does
Every day

No exception, probably, to this day.
Can’t expect much less than that
Constantly looking out
the window, still chatting
About if something abstract does
Or doesn’t affect one’s feelings

What was it that affects feelings
again? I forget, the chatting
fades out
to a blur as this nagging sensation does
continue to put a number on the moments of this day
that are left before I slip into that

awkward silence again. Why must that
always happen? Does
it actually every single day?
Or are my feelings
yet again clogging my thought process? This tends to happen when just chatting.
All the sense drains out.

Then, the inevitable. From out-
side, he enters so swiftly and confidently today
as usual. I have to wonder: Does
he have those feelings
of superiority that
I see in him? Meanwhile, they’ve already gotten to chatting…

Just like we were chatting, yes? Does
she forget that we were earlier? Out
the window go my feelings. And yet, I keep telling myself tomorrow could be different from today.

I might be throwing some other works of my own as I get inspired, motivated, or forced. Whichever comes first.

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