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Old June 29, 2012, 03:39:15 PM
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Default Don't Ingest Those Rules . . .

Of government's creation. I mean like being in the army, getting free healthcare, or even getting subsidized student loans. Reason: Your sub-conscious knows it is wrong to be there or to take those offerings, unless you truly are that ignorant. In the army, you would engage in aggression against some far away brown skin people, and here you would rely on the government to force others to pay for your healthcare or loans. Each is aggressive.

Allowing yourself to go through with any of the above means you likely don't accept non-aggression as a principle, were told they were the "ideal" paths to success, or floated through life and took what was offered without thinking it through.

So what happens? Well, if you did the above, perhaps you are in fear of the TSA as you take off your shoes, and the police when you hurry to grab your ID for a traffic stop (or constantly looking at speed limits). Then when you go to a career, you may be working for the state or a company close with the government. You may go and lobby for laws promoting your industry over another, give ideas to your boss that require using government force to promote your company (health insurers will likely get better income due to the recent healthcare ruling). Many other things can happen, too, because you likely didn't build principles of any worth.

So you may continue hurting yourself. Such as you may do by protesting "oh, but free health care gives people power, and it's for our good." Ah, but you are warned now that you are on a naughty path that will promote power grabbing for your wants and needs at the expense of you and others. I won't debate you, this topic will only serve to warn you that:

Ingesting Statist Rules Can Be Hazardous To Your Health.

And please, don't go into the army, you're more likely to die from killing yourself than from being shot at. Anyway, you can now discuss how your principles, or lack of, affect your life. For me, I feel increasingly prepared. So how about you?
Old June 29, 2012, 04:12:38 PM
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So if you take free healthcare and that makes you ignorant, does that make all of Canada ignorant, mentally aggressive, and greedy for power? Also, I don't understand - working for the government or even near it means you have no principles?
Old June 29, 2012, 08:39:32 PM
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How about instead of shooting yourself in the foot by looking at things as pure black and white, you have a little look at this mystical thing called "gray"...

For some people, there is no other option. A man walks into an emergency room with a pulmonary hemorrhage, but he has no health insurance. Do you help him, or sit there and watch him die of suffocation due to internal bleeding? According to you, the latter is the suitable option. Oh wait, what's this... the man doesn't have a job. "So he should get a job". It's not that easy. You have to be better than your competition.

As for the army, it's necessary. Without a military, you know where we'd be right now? That's right. Conquered.

Is it greed, or is it accepting help from those who will give it? Is it an aggressive mindset, or is it the desire to protect your family and nation from those who want to destroy it? Don't be mistaken, I think loans and government handouts aren't the right way to go, and being in the army is definitely something I would resist at all costs, but someone's gotta do it. But to call it wrong to accept help from others is flat-out ludicrous.

That's my two cents. Don't expect to see me back in here. *chucks coins into jar*
Old June 30, 2012, 04:44:48 PM
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This seems like a relatively minor concern. Seeking financial security through pensions from the government can cause stress? Alright, and I should combat it by generating income myself? There are a lot of better reasons why I would want to do that aside from avoiding adopting a submissive mindset. Like improving my financial outlook even in case the government decides to cut down on their pension plans, or becoming wealthier than those funds alone would ever allow me to. Anyone with common sense would strive to make money for those reasons anyway.

I also find the idea of socialism causing schizophrenia just plain laughable.
Old July 4, 2012, 04:14:59 AM
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In a loose sense, I'd describe myself as a classical liberal and any time somebody describes a commodity as "free", I'm slightly annoyed. I believe in the concept of natural law and that political laws which punish victimless crimes are unnecessary. I also believe the only action a state can take is the use of force and it is better directed for the general welfare of the people.

Despite this, the claim that collectivist programs lead to schizophrenia is dubious. It also makes the fatal flaw of suggesting that correlation implies causation.

It makes perfect if horrible sense that suicide has recently been reported to be the second most common cause of death among U.S. military personnel.
Other variables and factors must be taken into account. It's not like these people are thrust into high-pressure situations such as literal battlefields where they could cave in. No: we must attribute vague, abstract principles like somebody making a political law that people have to wear Gorilla costumes on Sunday. Certainly, this must be a larger contributing factor to their mental health.

Assuming this same line of logic applied, I could as easily claim the ocean's temperatures are rising because the amount of pirates in the ocean has decreased. Military personnel have lower suicide rates Engineers, Physicians, and those working in nursing homes. Surely, their reasons for suicide are also tied to the same reasons.

The above may seem like hyperbole, but recent discoveries in the field of neuroscience prove that for the physical brain change is not only possible, but change is actually the rule rather than the exception.
This is an example of weasel wording, "some would say". What are these "recent discoveries"? I see no citations to a credible study.

I'd also like to know how you could have a neurological study proving that an abstract concept like political law leading to physical brain damage. How, exactly would you measure this on an empirical level?

Think for yourself instead of waving around the banner of political ideologies. I'm as much of a fan of individual liberties as anyone else, but this is plain silly. Ideologies and the unconstrained view of humanity are leading to the problems you're standing against.
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