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Default Respite Darkness

Chapter 1: Prelude;Genesis
In the Beginning..there was nothing. as far as time crawled, there was only Darkness. then as if out of nowhere a 3 Lights appeared, the brightest light Izayoi Lux Harmonia, the Light inbetween, Cainus Nihilum Somnum, and the Dark Light, Tenibris Anima Impetus.

Izayoi, Cainus, and Tenibris wanted to fill that endless void with life and Harmony and creating Avatars for themselves. Izayoi's Avatar's were; Izayoi, and Arc Murakumo which controlled her element of light, Cainus's Avatars were; Fenrir,Fafnir which Controlled Fire and Ice Respectively and Susano'o which controlled Lightning and Wind. Tenibris's Avatar was Abyssion which controlled Darkness. These Avatars became the elemental cycle, Light, Fire, Ice, Thunder and Wind, and Darkness. And for a time, all was peaceful.

Until a green light that stretched from the darkness It Grew and began devouring the land they had built. And in its wake gave birth to monsters, and they began to erode the newly inhabited lands were being destroyed by them. The three lights confronted the Void and began to fight it sadly all they tried but began to fail. And the fighting Raged for weeks, The three Lights were more or less defeated. But their avatars began fighting against the Void and they exhibited their powers. They began to push back the Void and it's legion of Void Spawn.

Then Tenibris used his body as a catalyst to contain the void. and Izayoi and Cainus used their most powerful magic and sealed the void away inside Tenibris and its Army vanished while Tenibris gained a mark that burned away on his chest.
Several Years passed and Harmony was granted on the land again. But something was amiss, Tenibris was driven to insanity by the Void inside him and Plotted about using his power of the Void and the darkness with that he Killed Izayoi and Cainus. Their Avatars gained the powers of the Other two lights and Fought one of their creators. To stop him they created a Magic Circle and a Door to cast him away.. before they contained him he Vowed revenge and swore he would return. and as a lock on the door they created 6 weapons of their Elements and vowed someone one day will destroy him. then they cast their weapons away for the time being. The World saw peace and Harmony reigned in......but. You cannot have Harmony without Chaos..
500 Years passed since then..

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Chapter 2: Blood and Ashes
After the events of the sealing of Tenibris, The Avatars began to Fix the World they're Creators wanted to make, but to keep the balance in check not only their powers but the Door of Tenibris which lies dormant. Afterwards the Avatars had to find a way to do so. so they needed to find a host for their powers and to seal him away for when the time comes.
so a bloodline was given the power to do so. By using the Family named Paradigm.
-Modern Day-
The sky was lit with smoke and a blood like alure. A Boy Named Nero Weiss Rushed out of the forest to see his entire Village in Flames and did what anyone would do in a panic, he Ran.

"M-Mother!" a voice rang out.. and ran through his village and he went to his house and saw her lying on the floor covered in her own blood... "WHY!" and he rushed to her side, and she shed a tear "N...Nero, please run,go as far away from here with Virgil and Kyria...Please," as She Begged
"But mother..." and she drew her last breath "NOOOOO!!!! DAMN IT!!" and he punched the ground and looked around for something to possibly defend himself with, but he could find nothing, but smoke on the ceiling. He ran out of the house to go find his friends. he saw the bodies of other villagers, and he clenched his fist and began to cry to himself.

After a minute of wandering he saw his friends being surrounded by Soldiers of the Order, the Military force of the world "Take the girl.... she's supposed to be the one, her and her cursed family have done nothing but cause pain" one soldier said Angrily, Nero ran towards them and Saw Vergil with Kyria who looked up and Saw Nero before letting out a small smile and lost consciousnesses. " Virgil!, Kyria!" Nero called out and he ran towards him but was met by a Soldier who drew his sword at Nero and struck. " AUGHHH!!" Nero cried as he fell to his knees, and blood ran down his chest. He looked up at his attacker briefly before hitting the ground. "That's what happens child, now don't interfere." The Soldier with an odd looking weapon and armor said, These words would burn into Nero's mind, even though as weak a he is now tried to comprehend this whole situation.

"NERO!" Virgil called out. "You shut up!!" another knight yelled and Knocked out Virgil with one Punch. Nero only saw a blurry image as he saw his friends being taken away, and sputtered "I'm Sorry" and proceeded to pass out due to blood loss.
Then a Man in odd looking clothing who came from the other direction saw the macabre and destruction as well as he saw Nero unconscious, bleeding to death and gasping for air. he picked him up and walked off into the forest. "I just get to this place looking for a rest stop.. and I see more dead bodies. Only if This blasted army weren't so Corrupt" and he looked down at Nero with one of his eyes covered by an eye patch "Dont worry kid you'll be just fine" And he walked off into the direction he was walking leaving the scent of blood and ashes behind him.

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Chapter 3: True identity
"W-What..." and Virgil woke up with a light shining in a room hitting him in his face and turned to see Kyria in the Bed Beside him.

"At least I know she's safe..and Nero, last time I saw him" Virgil tried to forget what happened, and being more focused on getting out alive with Kyria

"I...Need to protect her, but how. I'm too weak. I couldn't even protect Nero, or anyone!. what can I do" and Virgil sat back down. He turned to the Orange Haired and Fair Skinned Kyria, Virgil went to her side and began to shake her "Hey are you okay?" Virgil asked

"Nnngh,..V...Virgil" Kyria said. "Yeah Kyria i'm right here, are you hurt?" Virgil worried "No, no, i'm fine, just have a headache. But wheres Nero, is he safe?" She asked and hoped at the same time, and Virgil paused for a moment. "Sorry Kyria, I dont know, one of those guys knocked me out cold" Virgil said with his head down. She gasped, fearing the worst, "Dont worry we'll find him I promise. But why did the Order attack us for?" Virgil thought and Kyria put her head down "it was because.......They we're after me..,I don't know why. But my Parents and Grandparents told me I am the Child of the Avatars. Apparently I have to succeed where others failed, and I'm sorry I never told you or Nero, I was afraid, I didn't want you guys to worry, but now thats absolutely worthless now" and Virgil looked stern but more worried as he felt as so she was in danger. Then she looked at him "I have the mark to show you" She showed Virgil her Palms "I am...Kyria Paradigm, of the Legendary Paradigm family, who serves the Avatars themselves, but that's all I know.. I'm sorry" She apologized

Virgil still stunned, looked back at her "Hey, Don't worry we'll get this done I know it." and He let out a smile trying to reassure Kyria as well as making her happy at the same time

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Chapter 4: Malice and Darkness
Nero awoke with the faint scent of blood still stained on him and a sharp pain in his Chest where bandages cover now. Nero checked his surroundings.. and saw a man leaning against a wall with two oddly shaped weapons beside him. One emitted a dark aura...and it felt like it was calling Nero, and Nero gazed at the weapon, and a Voice interrupted his thought "Kid, are you ok, you were hurt pretty badly when i found you, and your villiage was destroyed.." the voice said. "Oh...yeah" and then Nero realized and remembered what had happened and his Chest began to hurt "Where's Virgil, where's Kyria!" Nero yelled, "WHO ARE YOU, and more off WHY AM I IN A RANDOM CABIN!" Nero questioned,"you can call me Johnny Aurion The man answered showing his face with a headband over his left eye, looked at Nero and struck fear into him, and Nero didn't even know him. Johnny looked at his weapon.. and it emitted off a dangerous aura. "I found this abandoned cabin...Funny huh.So kid...can you get up...are you hurt or anything?" Johnny asked "Yeah. my chest hurts a bit but I can get up" Nero said while he winced in pain "well get up im going to show you how to defend yourself. I have a training sword in the corner go get it" Johnny said while exiting his small house. Nero with a stunned look on his face, tried to comprehend what Johnny just said, about 'training' eventhough he was just struck down. but he thought he would just listen to him regardless, as it would be disrespectful not to. so he got up and found his shirt which was cleaned of all the blood stains on it and put his shirt on and grabbed the shortsword that was against the wall. Nero stepped outside to she Johnny looking at the sky, then quickly turned his atttention to Nero. "Now kid...I'm going to go easy on you" Johnny said, Nero showed a little fear,he began to sweat, but cleared his mind and then he readied his stance to fight, and surprisingly they did so for 2 hours, and Johnny being impressed that every time Nero was knocked down he kept standing back up. "Darn Kid.., your more resilient than i thought" Johnny said while panting Nero just stood there panting then dropped to his knees. "Johnny..I-i'm done now.. " and Nero was exhausted "Still a child I see. you fight pretty well for a beginner" Johnny said. and Johnny brought him inside to prepare a quick meal. "Ok Food's ready" as Johnny said with a bowl in his hands Nero he was Asleep. Johnny chuckled, and went outside to go eat. He Looked back at the road he brought Nero on and saw something peculiar. he looked to the horizon and he saw a squadron of Soldiers, a squad of eight to be exact and they were with their Captain. Johnny cursed to himself and hurried inside . "of all days..why now" Johnny said, he went and picked up one of the weapons in the corner and stepped back outside and waited outside for the soldiers. They approached Johnny and began questioning him about harboring fugitives, then one soldier noticed who he is "Y-Your Johnny the Malice" one of the soldiers said in fear "Yeah, and what if I am" he said nonchalantly. The soldier became enraged and challenged Johnny,"You, You killed my Brother, Aurion Now i'll take yours as reparation" he struck at Johnny, and Johnny smiled and from behind him he grabbed a handle and brandished his Gigantic Tomahawk-Sword with a great amount of speed, and blocked his attack and knocked the soldier back. "For soldiers, you guys are very lousy at your jobs." and Johnny smiled The soldiers laughed and mocked him then the Captain, who was clad in gold armour said from behind them "you cant beat them seven on one", "Oh really..guess it's time..To BEAT THE ODDS!." Johnny replied "and he Held his sword out "Activating Dragon Soul, Cainus Nihilim Fafnir ACTIVATE!" and a Red circle appeared under Johnny and the Headband on Johnny's Eye, became a Seal and was released, a Burning aura surrounded Johnny as the area around him began to heat up, and the soldiers began to stagger backwards. "Are you ready... To Die" and in a Blink of an Eye, three of the seven soldiers were killed, and the fourth one was being choked to death by Johnny. "cant beat them seven on one eh?" said sarcastically, and after he said and the captain kicked Johnny from behind and began staggering, and he rushed towards the Captain but his magic began wearing out. "Darn IT!...Not now, i need the transformation to last a bit longer" and it ended which began to weaken him, "Crap" he leaned on a tree as he looked physically weakened. The remaining soldiers surrounded him and began to beat him mercilessly and the Captain laughed as if he accomplished the feat "so much for your trick right, cant even maintain it. we Knights of Izayoi shall end your miserable life you monster. "STOP IT" and the soldiers turned and saw Nero, the soldiers all looked at him, then turned back to eachother. and began to laugh as hard as possible. Every time Nero tried to speak their laughter tuned him out. "Oh...HAHAHAH T-That was rich kid, no go back inside and ignore what we're doing" and with that they went back to beating Johnny. Nero ran inside to look around for a weapon, and he paused as he saw with a sword, it was that same sword that seemed that it spoke to him earlier and it began to do the same "You...what?" Nero asked but at situation he had to think quickly and picked up the sword and ran back outside. "Leave him alone. or else" Nero Threatened "Kid you'll die get as far away as possible!" Johnny yelled,but looked at the sword he was holding "Nero..You didn't" and was kicked again, Nero growled "you've given me no choice", and he ran towards them and began to slash at them but missed every swing.and was punched and had the wind knocked out of him. And was knocked to the floor, and in this stupor the sword began to talk again. " you..want, Leave me alone." as he tried to whisper Then he heard a screeching and a phrase popped up in his head and the next thing he was on his feet. and he began to murmmur, and it began to become louder and the Soldiers turned and the sword began to glow. "Tenibris Anima Impetus Abyssion! Activate" Nero yelled and a purple aura began to surround him,and a eye on the sword opened up. then Nero rose his head and his eyes turned from blue to yellow, and chuckled "so can four soldiers take on a 16 year old" and he smiled. They turned towards each other and attempted to laugh and Nero dahed quick enough and ended up in front of Johnny. "Can you tell me what was so funny. I've seemed to not have understood the joke" and he Slashed at all three of them and it cut through their armour but didn't kill them then they proceeded to run away except the captain. "Ok another parlor trick. I will strike you down in the name of the" and the captain was cut off...and so was his hand. "Ah...AHHHHHH" and the Captain ran off holding his hand aswell. "And that. was that" and Abyssion wore off. lifting the aura around Nero, which made him lose some balance and he began to hold his chest. He walked up to Johnny and helped him up "That power was incredible...but it was scary." Nero said. Johnny was stunned at what had transpired. "Sorry for taking the sword" Nero said and Johnny paused "Kid...I mean Nero it seems like it was made for you,just take it.", Nero let out a small laugh, but it wasn't without a shread of fear. "Well Kid, i'm going to head inside take a nap and i'm heading off tomorrow." Johnny said "Hey, where to?" Nero asked "Cause I, kinda don't have anywhere to go." and Nero began twiddling his thumbs. "......No...It's too dangerous and thats that" Johnny said as he dusted himself off and limped back to the cabin. "But i'm looking for some people. and they're both very important to me." Nero said. "And all I thought I did was save a person who was near death......If they're that important you'll need to head off into one of the imperial'll probably find something you're looking for" Johnny said "Heh..I think we're gonna be good friends" Nero said, Johnny smiled while fixing his Headband "Whatever" and they both walked into the cabin "How in the Hell he activate that sword, everytime I tried to use it, it nearly destroyed my hand. This kid is peculiar, I'll seriously have to keep my eye on him" Johnny thought to himself
Somewhere else another plan was brewing, one that will change the course of events to come
"Child...The King wants to speak to you" a knight said and Virgil walked into the throne room. "y-yes sir" Virgil said with hesitation... " I have a Gift for you, do you know about the ancient Avatars of this world, and what they did to save the world, They changed their consciousness and powers into weapons to stop the Dark one from destroying the place we call home." The King said, Virgil nodded "I read up on them while i was in the room"
"And you know about your friend in there as well being the child of the Avatars, Her Family owes us their gratitude, and they hid her away, but back to your 'Gift'." The king signaled one of his followers to retrieve something, and after a moment returned a gave it to the king. "This is the Divine Light sword, Lux Izayoi, and this is my quest to put upon you, I want you to become the Paradigm girl's Guardian" The King said. And Virgil had a surprised look on his face no matter how much he tried to hide it "Y-Yes your Majesty". and the King Nodded "when the time is right you two will banish the darkness and reign Prosperity in." the King explained Virgil thought about it ".......As long as I protect my friends, I will do this Task"

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(OOC: From Now on the Story will be from Character Scenarios, So starting with The Main Character Nero, and moving from there on and so forth, and everyone's story will begin from the beginning to show what they see from their Perspective.)

Nero Chapter 1: After-Effect
-Nero Layed on the floor with Johnny across the room taking his nap. he stared at his hand
"That power....feels as if it's, lingering".
And his Eyes began seeing in negative and his breathing became shallow, and his chest began to pulse where he was slashed earlier

"What's H-Happening" and the pain disappeared quickly.

"*Wheeze* What was all that about, it felt odd, as if something attacked my Heart directly" Nero Pondered the situation but brushed it off saying it was a Lack of rest

"I wonder how Vergil and Kyria are doing...I hope they're fine, but why would the Order attack us?..It just doesn't make sense" And Nero ruffled his hair but winced anytime he accidentally hit his chest with his elbows

"I just pray they're alive. I don't know what I'd do without them" and he Sat up and held his chest again

"Kid, Your talking out loud. So I don't know Why those guys attacked you, I just found you covered in soot and blood in a burned down area with no one around you....well there was someone else.." Johnny said

Nero cocked his neck in surprise "Someone...else?, but all the townspeople were killed who else could be there?"

Johnny rubbed his right eye "Some dude in a cloak..but my main focus was saving your life so I couldn't confront him. sorry, I guess" Johnny said lazily

"Oh, well thanks" Nero said and Johnny nodded and Went back to sleep. "Heh, guess I should follow suit" and Nero fell asleep shortly after. They got up at dawn, and continued to journey towards one of the Imperial Cities The Studious city of Drieal.

Johnny stopped walking and looked at the city from a hilltop "Drieal......." and Johnny continued walking down that path with Nero following shortly behind him looked at his hand as it rested upon Abyssion's Hilt and quickly removed it

"Hey Johnny...Where did you come from?, cause it seems odd how you showed up to save me when you did" Nero asked

Johnny paused "I-It's a long story kid, don't want to talk about it.." and Johnny put his hand on his eye patch and continued walking forward

"Oh..Ok" Nero pouted for a bit but Stopped as he saw the entrance into the city, The City was Huge, and it had to be since it was an imperial city.

Nero smiled at the grandness at the city, as this was his first time, but Johnny's face stayed stern as if horrible memories flowed back to him.

"Wow. This place is..HUGE!" and His Face lit up and he Ran into the city

"NERO! WAIT!!" Johnny yelled but Nero disappeared into the city "Idiot....." and Johnny thought about going after him but decided to find an inn or somewhere they can stay.

"Nero found himself in the town square, asking around and looking for his friends but to no avail. "Jeez...I know it's a City and all but why is it so hard to find two people"

and in the Multitude of Voices two voices Yelled out "NERO!! OVER HERE!", and he turned around to see two of his friends and that sight brought tears to his eyes and he Ran towards them

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Nero Chapter 2: Reunion

Nero ran until he saw them with tears falling from his eyes , and tripped over his own feet "OW!"

"Good old Nero" Vergil said as he chuckled and held his hand out to help him up. and Kyria ran out beside him and did the same

Nero looked up and took their hands and began to tear up again. "Y-Yeah...*sniffle*" and he gave them a hug and they returned their own. "After yesterday I thought I wouldn't see you guys again" Nero said

"Wait..Yesterday?, Nero we last saw you 4 days ago after you got hurt" Vergil said surprisingly. and Kyria Nodded "Yeah, And I woke up here with Vergil"

Nero paused "But...I was only asleep for a Day I swear it.." and Nero began ruffling his hair and saw a sword on Vergil's back "Hey where'd you get that" and Nero tried to grab it but Vergil grabbed his wrist. "H-Hey!" and Nero pulled away

and Vergil looked and saw a Sword with Nero "I could ask the same thing...", Kyria looked at them both "Guys, lets not argue, what matters is that we're all here together." Kyria said in her soft voice "And did you get here?, Vergil Told me you got hurt." Kyria asked

"O-oh um, Someone helped me, He's Right over....oh jeez, I think I accidentally left him behind to find you guys sorry..heheh" and Nero laughed

"Oh Vergil, Kyria it's time to come back now" a voice said

Kyria and Nero flinched at the voice, and Kyria murmured in disgust and dislike "Carlisle"

and A young man who looks a few years older than them appeared in royal like clothing, and Light blonde hair and the crowd of people around them stopped talking and grew silent

"It's who's this little...classe inférieure specimen" Carlisle insultingly said

"he-he's a friend of ours." Kyria said

"Yeah my Na-" Nero said before he was interrupted

"Oh well should be leaving now, good bye" Carlisle interrupted and walked away and Vergil walked away with his trademark smirk and Kyria followed and looked back at Nero "if you're still here tomorrow, i'll try and find you" She said

"Jeez what a Jerk.." And Nero Turned around and saw no one other than Johnny "uh...oh"
"SO!...You like ditching me eh?" and Slapped him in the back of the head. "I save a Kid and bring him along and this is what I get.." and Johnny Yelled "Nero, I got us an Inn, Lets go!." and kept walking ahead

"OOOOWWWW!!!!!" Nero said and followed Johnny, but he began to think "Who was that guy...and why would they have to follow that dude. i'll Ask tomorrow.." and Nero continued walking to the inn.
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Nero Chapter 3: Ignorance

Nero sat on his bed in the Inn thinking about the events yesterday and rubbing the spot Johnny hit him before "Why are Kyria and Vergil following that dude, It just doesn't make any sense." and then he remembered what Kyria and Vergil told him about not seeing him in four days. Then Nero stood up and walked over to Johnny's room to ask questions about the last four days. "Johnny, what happened after you found me?"

Johnny laying on his bed heard his question and slightly rose his head "well I found you dying on the ground, Then I took you inside the cabin" Johnny answered nonchalantly.

Nero stood there trying to keep his composure but was failing " How..Long was I unconscious?"

Johnny paused for a few seconds before answering his question "For four days. When I found you kid you were pretty beat I said you were near death, and If I told you earlier you would've done something stupid before you found your friends" Johnny explained. "But hey since we're here, I say we enjoy ourselves. The Castle is holding a Tournament here, the prize is some money and some sort of request. Wanna join?" Johnny asked

Nero hesitated at first and then began to warm up to the Idea of a tournament, probably because he wanted to see his friends again. "Sure, why not" and Nero had a big grin on his face "And when do we sign up?" Nero asked

Johnny took out the flyer he received. "Weeeelllll.........Tomorrow." Johnny said

there was a silence and the two just stared at eachother and Johnny jumped out of his bed and Ran out the door with Nero not too far behind and made a Mad dash to the sign up post and Nero ran into someone....someone rather important.

"You ignorant simpleton, Watch were you're running-" and this person was none other than Carlisle "Oh its the classe inférieure specimen and he brought a raggedy friend"

Johhny stepped up to his face "Oh...who are you to be calling me raggedy?" and then Johnny looked into his face and Many memories came back, which almost flung him into a rage, but Johnny tried to keep his composure...which was fading fast. He stepped away and signed up for the Tournament and proceeded to walk back to the Inn.

"H-Hey Johnny-" and Nero grabbed onto his jacket and Johnny paused and pulled away

"Ohh I must've hurt the raggedy man's feelings, well if you cant take the heat get out of my face" Carlisle disrespectfully said

And Nero Flipped out and grabbed Carlisle by his collar and threw him against the Sign-up stand "HOW DARE YOU!!!" and Nero's eyes changed from blue to yellow. He began to look around as the crowds that had amassed grew silent and began to whisper about.

Carlisle began to laugh "You don't Know...HAHAHHAHAHA. I'm PRINCE Carlisle, which means My Father the King RUNS THE WORLD" and Someone appeared behind Carlisle looking remarkably like him but with green eyes and Brown hair "oh Nicolai, do you mind removing this simpleton away from me." and the person did exactly as commanded and pushed Nero away from Carlisle. Carlisle then fixed his shirt and Signed up for the Tournament. "And if you sign up, dont expect to make it past the first round, and if you somehow and in some way do....I don't mind Carving into you like a Thanksgiving Turkey, and Nicolai we're off. Then Carlisle and Nicolai disappeared into the crowd

"Nero, are you ok" Kyria said after coming out of the crowd and helping him up. "You didn't fight Carlisle didn't you?"

Nero calmed and his eyes turned to there normal color "Yeah, I did..." Nero fought back asking why she and Vergil were following Carlisle "But I didn't know he was the Prince" Nero walked over to the sign-up sheet and Signed his Name and began to walk back to the Inn

"Wait..." and Kyria grabbed on to Nero's shirt. "Nero...I want you to win that Tournament...please" and she walked away

Confused on what happened, he took her wish to heart and walked back to the inn

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Nero Chapter 4: Cause

Nero woke up in the night as he made it a habit so tends to do. He woke up thinking about the promise he made to Kyria, which relayed in his mind over and over. "I want you to win that Tournament...please". "Heh of course I'll win. I never go back on my promises" and Nero stood up and stepped outside since he wasn't getting back to sleep anytime soon. It was Cool outside, the chilly air nipped his nose. and he just stared at the milky black sky with it's only illumination being the moon.

One hand shifted to a railing that was infront of him and his other hand moved towards the hilt of Abyssion which was with him since he acquired it. "Huh...why does my hand keep doing that" and he quickly moved it. Nero heard something so he turned to where the noise was coming from and a figure walked up towards him

"Nero, it's me Vergil, come here. I need to talk to you. It's Important" Vergil said

"Oh Hey Vergil, whats up. What do you need?" Nero asked

"I heard you signed up for the the tournament thats going to be held tomorrow. So...I need you to not participate. It's dangerous" Vergil explained

"What!. Why would I do that" Nero said ignoring the it's dangerous part

"Like I just said It's Dangerous, especially if you do make it to Carlisle. His arrogance is his bravado, if he gets serious he will kill you." Vergil said

"Like I'd give him the chance, and whats up with you, back home you were never this serious." Nero said

"Because I'm not a child Nero...I have to be responsible. For you and Kyria, so just listen to me!" Vergil exclaimed

"No....I Promised I was going to win and That's what I'm going to do.." and Nero couldn't hold back the question he wanted to ask for a day "Damn it Vergil why are you following Carlisle anyway. You aren't related to him, so why not just come back, it'll be the three of us again and we can watch each others backs again.." Nero blurted out.

"I Have a duty to do Nero and I can't blow it off...I'm a Knight now so I have a responsibility and for Kyria........." Vergil just stopped dead in his sentence "forget it....I tried to come here and convince you out of dying but you seem intent on it." and Vergil began walking away

"HOLD ON!" and Nero reached out to Vergil and grabbed his shoulder. "What about Kyria huh?!..what happened when you guys left. You became a Knight, after all that just happened. Answer me!" and the Aura began to envelop around Nero

Vergil gasped at the sight when he saw Nero. "I See..." and in one quick movement Vergil drew his own sword and a light surrounded him. "Izayoi...Activate" and the Light shown bright enough to temporarily blind Nero "Nero...I'm done, goodbye" and Vergil walked away.

"WAIT!!" Nero yelled while he was still blinded. "He.....has a Sword like mine...but where?...." And Nero yelled into the sky "WHATS GOING ON!!!!!!!!" Nero began to cry softly "Darn it.....everything was fine...."

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