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Default The Right Versus The Good

Some people see my threats as a joke. I could put my gun right up to their head and all they would do is laugh. Well, I guess I can't look threatening when my gun is just my hand in the shape of a gun. Regardless, those that laughed at my threats are now laughing six-feet-under.

You see, I have some special powers, but I don't quite fully understand them all yet. The first one I have, my weapons of choice, is the ability to shoot bullet-like projectiles out of my finger tips, as long as my hand is in the shape of a gun. As far as I know, this gun of mine has four settings - a pistol, a machine gun, a shotgun, and a rifle. This pistol is just how you would think - pinky and ring finger curled in while the index and middle fingers pointed out with the thumb resting on top for the sights.

The machine gun setting is similar to the pistol, except the thumb goes out to the side to act like a clip. The shotgun is rather deceiving - the thumb has no real purpose, so it can be wherever, but the rest of the hand looks like I'm about to give someone a handshake. The rifle is the simplest of them all - I just have to point with my index finger with everything else is curled in, with the exception of my thumb which rests on top of my middle finger to act as the scope.

The other two powers I have I'll get to later. I use these powers to free the world from the people who leech off the life of the people around them, those who are only alive today because it's illegal to get rid of those who have technically done nothing wrong in the eyes of the law, or those who are the scum of the planet. In other words, I use my powers for the right thing, but some might not considered it the good thing. There's a big difference between the right thing and the good thing.

Out of all the people I've met, there's only one person who thinks like me, but she doesn't have any powers. She's just my escape when reality is just too much to handle. I don't remember how long I've known her. She's always been there, since the very beginning. We're close, but I don't want to get too close - I might hurt her, like I hurt him all those years ago....

Terribly sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Bryar. I'm the one responsible for all the deaths in the area, but if you ask me I did what should've been done before I was even alive. You see, not only is murder illegal for obvious reasons, having any sort of powers without being in the armed forces or public security forces is also illegal. Those with powers and not in the two groups I listed just now are taken away, if caught, to a hidden location, never to be seen or heard from again - they're most likely killed.

I'm a wanted man, but the military doesn't know who to look for and that's thanks to my other two powers. I don't know why or how, but I was lucky enough to get the abilities to both teleport and move through solid objects. Well, it's not really teleporting and it's not really moving through objects, but that's what's essentially happening. For the teleporting, I move at the speed of light to a distance within my sights, but I only go a rather short distance compared to my sight - going too far might crush my legs. Trust me, it nearly happened once. As for moving through objects, I actually go between all the molecules in the object. Everyone who's paid attention in their science class know that solid objects have tiny particles that vibrate rapidly, called molecules. First, I feel the object to figure out at what rate the molecules vibrate, because not all solid objects vibrate at the same rate. Then I vibrate my own molecules at the same rate to move through them. I just have to make sure not to vibrate at the same rate as the Earth - I have no way to grab things if I do that unless I want to be stuck in the ground.

I'm still trying to figure out the full potential of my powers. From what I hear, there are plenty of other people out in the world with powers as well. Makes sense because of that one law I talked about just a little bit ago. I'm also told I'm a rare case, meaning not many other people have three powers. Most people who have powers only have one and it's rare to see two powers from one person. It's a rare case to see powers in a person in the first place, so I'm more rare to see than two blue moons in a year.

Back to my friend who has no powers and thinks just like me, she helps me out more than just keeping me sane. She helps me figure out who needs to be taken out of this world. While I search out away from the area where I live, Amy, who I've neglected to mention her name till now, looks around town a bit to see who needs to leave this world. Her memory is sharper than my knife and her drawing abilities would make Da Vinci jealous. Once she finds someone, or even a few different people, she goes home and draws every physical detail of the person. The rest is up to me.

But today, Amy is taking me knife shopping. My blade is getting dull more quickly, no matter how many times I sharpen it. Plus, it's not convenient enough when I get too close for comfort. She already knows what kind of blade I want and I haven't even said anything to her yet. That's just one of the many things I love about her.
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"Here," Amy said, handing me a knife in its sheath. The blade was slightly curved and exactly three inches long - just at the legal limit, but having a knife of legal length isn't my first concern. The blade was dull, as all knives are when they are still in a shop; it's a precautionary measure taken to prevent thieves from holding up the store with a shop's own knife. The sheath had a clip that could attach to various things. In my case, it would clip onto the left side of my belt for easy access to a reverse grip with my left hand and a quick draw of the blade. It was exactly what I was looking for.

The clerk saw me taking an interest in the knife, "You got a keen eye there, sir. That there is one of our finest blades. Multi-purpose and guaranteed durability for life with hardened steel. Now, what exactly are you planning on doing with that knife?"

I continued to stare at the knife and tried avoiding eye contact with the clerk until I could think of a reason that wasn't "For taking out the ones that deserve it."
So I looked at the clerk and said, "For self-defense. Can't be too careful with the recent string of murders in the area, can you?"

"Ah, I getcha. Ya know, the investigators say all the victims were killed by gun fire, but they couldn't find a single trace of shells. They couldn't even find evidence of black powder around the crime scene and there were no witnesses. Whoever's commitin' these murders certainly knows how to hide his tracks."

I couldn't help but chuckle a bit, "Well, I'm sure if he were to go toe-to-toe with me, he'd get what's coming to him."

Amy paid the clerk and he boxed the knife, "Y'all have a good day now."

The moment we left the store, I took the knife out of the box and attached it to my belt. I don't need a license to carry a weapon around so long as it's not concealed. I took my old knife and vibrated its molecules at the same rate as the Earth and stuck it in the ground, handle first. Nobody would be able to get that knife without having a bit of dirt stuck in it.

Amy looked at me with her emotionless stare of hers, "Should you really be using your powers for such nonsense?" She's about as serious as me and even equally detached from her emotions as I am to mine.

I stood up and looked out to the city, "No, I guess not. But I figured it would probably be best left here where nobody can get it than in a place where some ignoramus might get it and cause harm to those with common sense."

She though about it for a moment and shrugged, "I suppose it makes sense. Might keep the stupid ones distracted with how it's stuck there and how they could get it out of the ground. It's not sharp enough to cause much harm anyway."

Amy was as level-headed as me. For as long as I can remember, she's never really shown much emotion, kinda like me, but she does have her bursts of emotion from time to time, again, like me. She never really did anything with her black hair of hers. She never put it up or curled it or any of that. She just liked to keep it at shoulder length and she always brushed her bangs to the side. She never liked to act girly; she never wore makeup or skirts. She tried doing both one day - we both agreed she looked weird and she never did it again. For how little emotion we both show, there's no denying that we make each other happy.

When we were not busy, we would go to the hill outside of town and lie down or watch the lake on the other side of the hill. It was our way of relaxing.

I was about to fall asleep on the hill when Amy said something, "The wind is acting a bit unusual, isn't it? It's all over the place at random speeds."

I sat up, "Now that you mention it...." I looked around. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, until I saw something flying around in the sky, "You see that? What is that?"

I stood up, Amy stayed sitting down, but we both tried to get a good look at the thing in the sky. Amy was the first to notice what it was, "I think that's a person. Seems like he has a power of his own."

I was getting a bit irritated, "Hey! Do you mind calming down a bit?!"

The man flew down in front of us, "So sorry, is my wind bothering you? Can't help it. It's not everyday that I get to show off my potential, but you wouldn't know anything about that, would you?" The man's voice was hinting at a bit of hostility.

"You have no idea how wrong you are. Just leave before you get hurt."

"What are you going to do about it?!" The wind became fierce, it started pushing me and Amy, "You have no idea what it's like to live in a world where your gift is considered a sin!"

"You're wrong!!" I fired a shot at him, but the wind was too fierce and my shot couldn't reach him.

"Oh, so you DO know what's it's like, huh?" The man laughed a sinister laugh, "Perfect! You'll be the first one to make me stronger!" He flew up high and picked up the wind even more, throwing both me and Amy in the air. I grabbed Amy and teleported down to a tree. The wind was less fierce here.

"Stay here. I'll take care of this guy." I set her down and teleported back to the top of the hill. "This is between you and me, windbag!"

He smirked, "I'll make you regret ever having those powers of yours!"
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I stood at the top of the hill and he floated high in the air, the wind blowing towards me fiercely. It was a stare down for awhile, or at least it felt like awhile, both of us waiting for the other to make their move.

Me knee started shaking, I've never been in a real fight like this before. He took advantage of this and swooped in at high speeds. I got out of the way, but I lost my balance in the process and he swooped again, knocking me off the hill and sending me down the hill.

I got on my feet and started running up the hill, trying to get the highest ground possible, but he landed on top of the hill and stirred up strong winds blowing against me, making it impossible to get anywhere but back down.

He looked down on me from the hilltop, "You have special powers, but you don't even know how to use them. It's a surprise that you're here fighting me instead of dead in your own house!"

I snapped. I teleported to the top of the hill and rocked him square in his face, sending him rolling down the hill. The winds stopped for a moment, but he gained control of himself quickly and the winds started back up. I fired off a few shots as he was rolling, but none of them connected.

His smirk turned into a scowl, "This is getting annoying, it's time I end this!"
He rose high into the air and swooped over and over, I continued to dodge, looking for a way to hit him. Then I remembered something - he used the wind to stop my shots, but now he's gotten lazy and the wind is trailing him. His defense has dropped.

He flew by once more, I raised my hand, placing it in the rifle position. Time seemed to slow down and everything seemed to have gone quiet. I took aim and took the shot, hitting him right in the shoulder. He fell out of the sky and started bleeding heavily.

He rolled down to the bottom of the hill, I ran after him.
"Not a bad shot guy... I got careless *cough* Maybe you're not so worthless after all," I kicked him, "Hey! Gotta kick a man while he's down?" He coughed up more blood.

"What did you mean by 'You'll be the first to make me stronger'?"

"Oh man, you have these powers and you really don't know? *coughcough* I'll just leave you in the dark."

"Answer me!" I grabbed him by his shirt.

He laughed, "Figure out yourself!" He coughed up more blood, right on my face this time. I dropped him and he died.

"Bryar!" Amy ran over to me, "Are you okay?" Her face was showing deep concern, something I don't normally see from Amy.

I wiped the blood off my face, "Yeah, I'm fine," I looked at the dead man and saw a blue aura rise up from the body, "What the-?"
The aura rushed into my head. As it did so, I heard a thousand voices, but couldn't make out a single one. None of it made sense, but somehow I understood one of the voices - it was telling me something about my powers.
"I'm fine," I looked at my own hand, then raised it to the sky in the pistol position. I fired a shot, "My shots are faster. What this guy tried to pull with his wind, blocking my shots that is, won't happen again by anybody."

Amy was confused, "How do you know?"

I didn't quite understand it myself, but somehow I knew the answer, "A voice told me. I heard it when that aura rushed into my head. It told me exactly what happened to my powers... it said all of my shots will fly through the air faster than ever before."

We stood still for some time, completely silent. Then what that man said ran through my mind, "We need to figure out more about powers."

Amy thought about it for a moment, "Cristy should be able to help us out."

I nodded, "Yeah, she should, but today was crazy. I'm gonna head home and rest for the next twenty hours and talk to Cristy tomorrow."

Amy let out a rare giggle, "I understand."

I took Amy home and then I went home myself. First thing I did was lie down on the couch - everything felt weak. My first real encounter with someone else with powers and I nearly get killed. I wonder if that's how it's going to be with other people with powers....

Then I thought about Cristy. She was nearly the complete opposite of Amy; she almost always wore a skirt that went down to her knees, she always wore a little bit of makeup, and she always showed her emotions to the fullest - I remember one time where Cristy's laugh even made Amy laugh a little bit. Good times.... She was one of the most knowledgeable people I knew, but I was too tired to do anything else today.

I fell asleep from exhaustion right on the couch. When I woke up, I was on the floor - guess I fell - and Amy was resting her head on my chest with her arms wrapped around me; she was sleeping. I'm used to Amy sneaking into my house, so this isn't anything out of the ordinary. She left me a note right on my knife's handle - it said 'I sharpened you knife for you. Don't forget next time. -Amy'

I felt a little light headed and fell back asleep again. What a long day.
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I really did sleep for twenty hours. I was only joking when I said I was going to, but I guess when you fight for your life, the adrenaline has a way of making you heavily exhausted when it stops rushing. Amy was gone. Don't know if she went home or is hiding somewhere in my house.

After taking a shower to make myself a bit more presentable, I found Amy on my bed, drawing a picture. When Amy's not drawing the faces of targets, she was drawing one heavily detailed picture that she's been working on for the past couple of years. She won't let me see it, but she told me the picture is something she saw so long ago. She said it was a dream she had a few years ago and she said it was the most real-feeling dream she's had. The only other info she'll tell me besides that is that I'm in the picture. So far, I don't like it.

She looked up from her sketch book, "Feeling better?"

I let out a yawn, "I suppose so."

She went back to her sketch book, "Will you be heading over to Cristy's house soon?"

"Yeah. The sooner I learn more about my powers, the better."

Cristy lives next to the library. It's incredibly convenient for her because she's always eager to learn more, but going to her house is always a risky choice for me because the library is near the police station and officers are always on the lookout for those with powers. I have no choice though. I have to learn more about my powers.

I took the back-roads when teleporting. I didn't want to attract any unnecessary attention. There wasn't a whole lot of officers around the station today - they probably found the windbag just outside of town and are most likely investigating.

I got to Cristy's house and knocked on her door and, surprise surprise, she answered, "Hey, Bryar!" She gave a quick hug, "How've you been?"

Cristy kept her black hair even shorter than Amy and it was always soft looking and soft to the touch. Her glasses were something that essentially defined her - she was always either readjusting or cleaning her glasses, doing both more frequently when she was talking about something, reading something, or thinking about something.

I yawned, still tired, "You know. Taking out those who deserve it, nearly dying then sleeping for a day. Nothing new."

She looked worried, "You nearly died? Come in and tell me what happened. It wasn't one of your targets who was a bit more than you expected?"

I entered her house and sat on the couch, "Of course not. It was another person with powers," She went from worried to wide-eyed, "Did you hear about the body they found just outside of town?" Cristy nodded, "That's who it was. He had the power to control the winds. After I killed him, a blue aura rose up out of his body and rushed into my head."

Cristy was awe-struck. That's Cristy for you - always learning, "That's actually why I came over today. I was hoping maybe you could help shed some light on powers."

She thought for a moment, cleaning her glasses while doing so, "There might be a book in the library. I checked it out awhile ago, but I can't remember its contents."

We went over to the library. I was never a fan of reading, but I'll do anything I can to learn more about my powers. Cristy was looking through the shelves, trying her best to find the right book while I stood over to the side, looking out the window. I could swear I saw police blocking the road.

"Here it is!" Cristy took a semi-large book out from one of the shelves and read the title, "'The History of the Living Supernatural.' This should have almost everything you need to know about powers."

She handed me the book and I sat down to look through it. There was a lot of info to take in. The book explained the earliest known recording of a person with powers, a theory of how powers become present in a person, the blue aura that rushed into my head, and a theory of what might happen when there's only one person with powers left in the world because a person with powers has their powers grow in strength when they kill another person with powers.

It was so much to take in, but I couldn't possibly read it all at the library. I checked out the book and Cristy and I left the library. We were heading back to her house, but there was a police road block stopping everyone that passed by. I knew it.

"Excuse me, you two," The man who stopped us was a Lieutenant, but not in the police. He was a Lieutenant in the army - it was obvious by his uniform. He didn't have a weapon in a holster, meaning he most likely had powers, "Sorry to bother you two, but would either of you happen to have any information on the murder of a young man just outside of town?"

I was nervous, but I didn't show it. A cold sweat dripped down. I didn't know what to say, but thankfully Cristy said something to the Lieutenant, "We haven't heard anything. So sorry we couldn't be of any help."

"No worries, ma'am. Sorry to bother you two, carry on." The Lieutenant stepped out of the way and Cristy and I continued walking.

We got past the police road block, but I was still nervous. Then I heard the Lieutenant call out to us, "Hey you!" We turned to face him, "You sir! You wouldn't happen to have any powers would you?"

This was what I was nervous about. The History of the Living Supernatural explained this as well - some people with powers have a secondary power that allows them to detect other people with powers.
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The Lieutenant approached and I spoke, "What would make you ask that?"

"I was just wondering because if you did, you seem like you could be an excellent addition to the army."

My heart nearly skipped a beat, "Sorry, I don't have any powers and I'm not interested in enlisting. I have other ambitions."

"Ah, that's a shame. If you ever change your mind and decide to fight for the greater good, don't hesitate to call," He handed me a business card. It read 'Lieutenant Adam Roberts - Fight for the greater good' and had the phone number of his office, along with the number of a military recruiter.

When we got back to Cristy's house, I threw myself down onto her couch, "Can't I go one day without feeling like I'm about to be taken out?" I let out a sigh.

Cristy was cleaning her glasses, "At least you weren't caught. And now you have all the known info on powers you could want."

I looked at the book on her lap, "I suppose that's true," I let out another sigh, "Let's take a walk. I need to relax."

"To the usual spot, then?"

The usual spot with Cristy was a river in the more natural part of town - there weren't many buildings around and the ones that were around resembled log cabins; it's a rather peaceful place for the quiet people to live. Cristy and I would always stand on the wooden bridge that overlooked the river and just stare down stream.

It was an especially peaceful setting - the sun was setting over the horizon, you could hear the river flow down stream, and the gentle wind rattled the leaves on the surrounding trees.

Cristy was standing a bit uneasy, "Are you okay, Cristy?"

She readjusted her glasses, "Yes, I'm fine. There was just one thing I wanted to know, if you don't mind me asking...."

"What is it?"

"Well, um..." There was a long pause. The wind stopped blowing and the river hushed. Then Cristy took a deep breath, "I was wondering... how did you find out about your powers?"

Everything was silent now. Not even the river seemed to have made a sound, "I don't want to talk about it..."

She looked down the river, "I underst-"

"But, I have to tell someone. Not even Amy knows how I found out my powers."

I took a deep breath, "Here it goes....
I was just a kid when I found out about my powers. I was only seven years old. It was a summer's day. Looking back on it, the day was rather ominous - there was an overcast, the wind wasn't blowing, and the birds weren't chirping. I was hanging out with my best friend, Cole, and like all normal kids, we were just playing games. We played all the games kids would when they were outside - tag, hide-n-seek, red-light green-light. We played them all. After all those games, we decided to play cops 'n robbers."

Cristy gasped, I continued, "I was the cop and he was the robber. Like most kids, we liked to pretend to shoot at each other using our hands as pretend guns. Well... as I was chasing him and we were pretending to shoot each other, my hand was positioned in such a way that..." I raised my hand in the pistol position and pointed at the river then fired a shot. The echo could be heard for quite awhile, "I got him right in the forehead..." My eyes started tearing up, as did Cristy's.

"I called my mom and she called for emergency vehicles, but there was nothing they could do - Cole was pronounced dead on the spot. My mom was crying, but I was confused. I tried asking her what was happening, but all she said was 'Listen to me, sweetie. Don't tell anybody what happened and don't let anyone know about what you can do.'"

Tears were streaming from Cristy's eyes, "I repressed those memories. I completely forgot about my power and I forgot about Cole... until middle school. I was watching TV with my mom one day. The show was about unsolved and bizarre murder cases. They talked about the murder of a seven-year-old boy that happened several years ago. They explained how he was shot in the forehead and there wasn't a shred of evidence found anywhere near the scene... then they showed a picture of the boy... it was Cole."

Tears started streaming from my face. I tried wiping the tears away, but they flowed too quickly, "I absorbed the info from the TV and the events of that day came back to me. I felt ashamed of what I had done. I was struck with an unbearable amount of guilt and it threw me into a state of depression right where I was, still watching TV. I cried right in front of my mom and ran straight out the door. I don't know why I was running, I just thought it was all I could do in that situation. While I was running, I started teleporting. I got as far away as I could until I teleported too far at once and broke my knee."

Cristy looked like she couldn't believe the story, "That's why I started hiding from people," I was starting to sob, "I was afraid... I was afraid I was going to hurt more people! I used my last power to hide in places where nobody would find me... so nobody else would be killed by my stupidity!"

I yelled out to the sky, "Why do I have to be a murderous freak of nature?!" I yelled out again, firing shots out into the open. Cristy crouched down and covered her ears. Everything fell silent.

I fell to my knees, tears dripping from my face onto the bridge, "Why me...? Why was I given these powers? Why couldn't I have been just a normal person living a normal life?" Cristy got on her knees and wrapped her arms around me, stroking the back of my head, trying to comfort me. I just kept sobbing.

"I've tried ending it all before... with my powers, it's not hard. If it wasn't for my mom walking into my room and surprising me, I wouldn't have missed," I rested my head on Cristy's shoulder, tears were still dripping from my eyes. I was starting to calm down, "That's everything you need to know about me... how I found out about my powers, why I avoid people and tend to avoid showing emotions, and ultimately why I don't..." The next line made me want to end it right there, "why I don't want to get closer to Amy...."

Cristy was still comforting me, "I'm sorry... I shouldn't have asked...."

I wiped away more tears, "You shouldn't be sorry... I have to live with that past and there's nothing I can do about it. All I can do now is move forward, step by agonizing step."

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Where am I...? There's... nothing. It's empty, dark, no ground nor a sky, but I'm standing...? There's someone in the distance... no, two people. Both of them are girls. If I could just walk forward... "step by agonizing step." An echo? Yeah... I'm moving, getting closer... or am I? One's getting closer, but the other is the same distance away. The closer one... it's Cristy, but she doesn't look happy. What's she saying? I can't hear her... wait, what was that? It's more clear now... 'You said you didn't want to get closer, so... she's leaving. It's for the best, isn't it?'

"No!" It was just a dream. I was sitting up in my bed and Amy was holding breakfast in her hands.

"Bryar? Are you okay?" I was breathing heavily and had sweat dripping from my head.

"It was just a dream... it was just a bad dream, that's all," I lied down, wanting to go back to sleep. Amy wasn't going to let me.

"Get up, Bryar. It's Monday. I know you hate school, but you can't keep skipping."

I looked at her and sighed, "Fine."

I don't know how I managed to do it from how much I've skipped, but it's my 4th and last year in high school. I guess the school system is just too easy on kids if I can skip all the time and still have perfect grades. None of the teachers or administrators can explain it.

Everyday, I walk through the halls with a scowl, shouldering the idiots who shuffle their feet on the floor as I pass them. If only I could afford to go to a nicer school or live in a nicer area... I can't even afford my water bill.

Lunch time - the only time of the day I get to see Amy. The only time of the day I'm sane. Amy and I sat along the wall of the lunch room which was raised above the floor of the rest of the lunch room, it was pretty nice actually.

I was doing some intense thinking and Amy could see it, "What's on your mind, Bryar?"

I wasn't sure if telling her was the best idea, "Well... have you ever wanted to take out all the idiots in the school?"

Amy stared at me, "Yes, but... there have been so many reports of school shootings... wouldn't this be just another random act of violence?"

I shook my head, "This isn't a random act. It will be thought out and my targets will be deliberate. It will remove some of the idiots from the population... they can't live off the success of the intelligent ones for as long as they have... it's the right thing, isn't it...?"

Amy thought for a moment, then nodded, "I suppose it is. But... how will you take out the lessers without harming the uppers?"

I reached into my backpack, "I've gotten that taken care of already," I pulled out a stack of envelopes. They looked like official letters from the school, "These are invitations to a celebration for academic greatness. They will be sent out to everyone who consistently succeeds in what they strive for in the school environment. Basically, anyone with an A- average or those who have shown they know the information laid out in front of them."

"And I'm guessing you want me to host that celebration, right?"

I smirked, "You really do think like I do."

After school, I sent out the invitations using the school's mailbox so the return address doesn't point to my house. All I could do now is wait for two months to be up and move through each day "step by agonizing step." Those words kept echoing through my head....

Everyday was like the day I sent the invitations - agonizing and full of the idiots taking advantage of the ones who know how to live and who know what they're doing. It made me sick.

Except the day before the celebration day. There was a certain tension in the air, I could feel it. Throughout the school, I could hear those who received the invitation talking about the next day - they all sounded excited. Everything was working the way I hoped it would. It was a good day and I was in a good mood... until....

Someone ran into me and knocked me down, "Watch where you're going, you ignoramus!"

He became angry in an instant, "What's that supposed to mean? You sayin' I'm stupid?"

"No, even stupid people know something. You know nothing, as an ignoramus does."

"I should just kill ya, you... you..." He frustrated himself and reached for his pocket. I stood up and swiped his legs in one. He hit the floor and I was ready to shoot him.

But I calmed myself down, "No... not yet. It's not time," everyone looked at me as I walked out the main entrance. Their miserable little lives will be over soon enough.
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It's time. The day that will shake the country, no - the world. What I'm about to do is unimaginable, but it must be done. Everyone will be blind-sided, especially Amy, but... I can't tell her the truth... not yet, anyway.

Amy and I were at the park. We had the place reserved for the celebration. Picnic tables were set up with food and drinks. A podium was also setup for Amy to give a speech for the invitees. Things were about to fall into place.

Amy was going over the speech she was going to give, but kept hesitating. She was worried, "Bryar... what if... what if this doesn't work? What if someone catches on to our plan?"

I was staring at the ground, my own dark hair covering my eyes from being seen, "I'll deal with that if I have to. Just... just..." I was shaking. I took a deep breath, "Just do your best to stay calm. The invitees will be showing up soon."

I started walking towards the park exit, "Wait!" I turned around, Amy was looking worried, "Be careful, Bryar... for me."

I looked at the ground, not sure what to do. Then I nodded - I couldn't even make up the words. I started towards the exit again. Each footstep shook my own body, each step being more tremulous than the last.

I reached the school grounds. My knees quivered, but they didn't shake. My head rattled, but it didn't move. The sky... it was so very ominous... like the day I shot him.... I walked towards the entrance, but it was difficult. Each step grew heavier as I went on, like something was holding me back.

I grabbed the door handle. All I could hear were my nervous breaths. I had no thoughts at that time. I just knew I had to continue on with what I was doing. Then I took one deep breath and opened the door.

The halls were crowded - passing time, as expected. I dragged my feet closer to the crowds of people, still staring at the floor. They stopped and looked at me, making only an occasional whisper to the person next to them.

I lifted my hand in the machine gun position, still shaking and nervously breathing, "All of you... just..." People in the crowd were still whispering, still looking at each other, still looking at me, "Just... drop dead." Shots were fired.

No matter how many shots were fired though, I couldn't hear anything. I couldn't hear the terror-filled screams that echoed through the hall, I couldn't hear my own shots ring in my ears... I couldn't even hear my own nervous panting. It all seemed surreal - I didn't feel like myself. Everything I was doing was on a subconscious level, I can't even remember how long I went on. All I remember was hearing the alarm of the school blaring as I stood still, panting from mental exhaustion.

"Is... is it... over?" I looked around. It was the same sight all around... I don't even want to describe it, nor did I want to continue to look at the horrors I've caused, "This... was the wrong thing, wasn't it...? No... not wrong... it was the bad thing. There's a difference between wrong and bad. You can be right, but bad, just as you can be good, but wrong." I said that to myself. Thinking it over and over again. I went insane, but what I said made me sane.

Police were going to storm the school at any moment and I had to leave the school. I went for an emergency exit - I didn't hear any police sirens, so I assumed it was clear on the outside. I exited the school and heard a news helicopter flying over head - I couldn't afford to be seen, but the only way to safety was past the open parking lot. If I ran for it, I would be seen instantly. I had no choice but to teleport as far as I could at once.

From the emergency exit, I could see a neighborhood across the main street. I had to get away, so I teleported to that neighborhood. The moment I landed, I dropped to the ground - it felt like my knees were ready to break. The day I ran away from home and broke my knee flashed in my mind for a second, followed by a voice.

Why did you do that?

I looked around and saw nobody, but the voice continued. Why did you do that? Why did you do that?
I screamed, both in agony and in fear as I stood. I ran away from the school, tears dripping from my face. I wanted to stop - the pain in my knees caused me to stumble and trip frequently, but I kept getting up and running away while the voice echoed through my head Why did you do that?

I just kept running, kept crying, kept stumbling... I was outside of town before I realized it, on the base of the hill Amy and I would go to relax. I tried getting up the hill, but every attempt at scaling the hill caused me to drop to my knees. It only hurt more and I fell down the hill. I looked at the sky and let out a scream of agony, tears flowing from my eyes.

I couldn't take the pain anymore, I was starting to black out. I looked back towards the town and I saw two figures running towards me. One knelt besides me and said, "You're going to be fine, Bryar...." A tear drop landed on my face, then I blacked out completely....

Why did you do that?

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I was nowhere - the abyss as it's more commonly known. I was neither in the air nor on solid ground, but it felt as if I was falling. There was nothing to be seen and nothing to be heard, but I could see everything clearly and I continued to hear the voice. It still echoed. It echoed more rapidly and as it did, it became clearer to understand. The voice is a familiar one. It was the voice of Cole.

I continued to fall, or at least I thought I did. I accepted the fact that I was nowhere and shut my eyes, but opened them immediately to find myself standing... or at least it seemed like I was standing. I looked around and I only saw one figure facing away from me. The figure turned around - it was me. He... I... I don't know how to put it. The other me wasn't happy to see me.

"Of all the people that died today," the other me raised his hand in the pistol position, "You should've been the first!" He fired. Time slowed down and I could see my shot fly through the air - it looked just like a bullet. I didn't believe him - I couldn't. If I did, I might as well be dead, but why would I imagine another me shooting me? Was my conscious and subconscious at war with each other? No... both of those are in agreement. It was something else that conflicted; something we all have and value, but never seem to change or respect when it comes to other people.

"You're wrong," Time resumed normally, the bullet bounced off my face, doing no damage at all, "I did exactly what I thought was right. Not everyone would agree with me if I said that though," I looked at the face of the other me; he was scared, "The voices I keep hearing are of the ones who think they know best for me. They're conflicting with what I think is best for me. I keep trying to shake the others off, but they refuse to let go. They think they're helping me, but they're doing the exact opposite - they're making me insane."

The other me cracked like a window. He looked at his hands with fear and let out a scream. He shattered into a million pieces. I walked over to where he was standing, but the floor beneath me disappeared and I started falling again. I fell for eternity in nothing and I saw nothing once again. But there was one thing that grew closer. It was a light; it was my light at the end of the tunnel. I reached for the light, and something reached back - I could see another figure in the light, but it was hard to comprehend the figure. It put me at ease though. I grabbed the figure's hand and a light shined brightly through the abyss of nothing.

I woke up. I saw the lights of the room and heard the sound of a heart monitor. I was in a hospital room. I heard someone weeping, too. It was Amy - she was trying to get into my room, but there was someone stopping her.

I swung my legs over the bedside and got out, but I dropped to the ground immediately. I was still in pain from my knees and it was obvious I shouldn't put pressure on them, but I did anyways. I reached for the chair closest to the bed and used it to get myself up on my feet. I used everything I could to get as much pressure off my knees as I could as I stumbled my way to the door. The voices were getting louder and Amy's weeping was getting sadder.

I stumbled right into the door, the arguing stopped. I turned the knob to open the door and I saw two police officers standing in front of the door with Amy standing in front of them. Amy's usual emotionless face was now one filled with sorrow. The officers were surprised to see me leaning against the door right in front of them.

I looked at the officers with a scowl, "What's going on here?"

The officers looked at each other, not sure of what to say, "We were told not to let anyone into your roo-"

"Let her in!" My scowl turned into burning rage. The officers looked scared, but Amy ran right for me, wrapping her arms around me as tight as she could. I couldn't hold the both of us up, so I fell backwards.

Amy cried on my chest, "I was afraid I lost you... I don't know what I would've done...."

I looked at the ceiling for a bit, "How long have I been out?"

"Three days... you kept saying 'Why did I do that?' while you were out, you looked like you were in pain... not physically though.... I can't imagine what your mind was suffering through."

I lied on the floor for a long time, saying nothing, but then the words appeared in my thoughts, "My morals were conflicting," Amy looked at me, slightly confused, "I'd love to tell you more, but the floor isn't the best of places to do it," Her face turned red. She picked me up and helped me over to the bed. She sat down in the chair next to me and dried her tears.

I relaxed a bit and collected my thoughts. I told her about what I went through. How I was in the abyss, how there was another me that tried to shoot me, how I saw a figure reach for me from the light. I told it all to her and then some.

She absorbed what I said and thought about it, "So your morals battled each other on the battlefield that was your mind... right?" I nodded and she thought some more, "So that's why you deemed yourself as insane.... It's why you hesitated to enter the building the day you... well, you know...?"

"Yeah... in the end, my own morals ended up as the victors. I don't hear the voices anymore, my thoughts are clear, and my feelings for you are..." She looked at me in anticipation, I started tearing up, "They're stronger than they ever have been before!" I reached out for her.

She teared up and smiled. She got off the chair and hugged me and I hugged her back. I didn't want to let go, "I promise you, Amy... I promise that I'll do everything I can to make you happy... and to protect you from any harm that might threaten you," We fell asleep right on the hospital bed, still in each others' arms, both of us still had tears dripping from our eyes. Neither of us wanted to let go.

I woke up later that night and turned on the room's TV. Every news channel, from local news to national stations, was broadcasting the same incident - the one at the high school. They all showed the same interview with the same man.

It was Colonel Adam Roberts, "I promise that I will solve the mystery of this massacre, by myself if I have to. I will not be at peace with myself until the one responsible is brought to an end."

I scowled at the screen, but let it go for the time being. I rested my head on the pillow and looked out the window to the town below. I could see armored personal transport vehicles on the streets everywhere. The Army was taking over the city to find me, but they didn't know they were supposed to be looking for me. It made me think for a bit.

I looked at Amy, who was still sleeping on me. I started poking at her so she would wake up, "Amy," She looked up, half-asleep, "Things are about to get really hectic around here... because of me.... What are you going to do?"

She sat up a bit and looked me right in the eyes, "Do you have to ask?" I didn't want to answer. She wrapped her arms around me and laid her head on my chest, "I'm going to stay with you until the very end."

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Three months have passed since I was discharged from the hospital. When the doctors asked how I nearly broke both knees, I told them it was because I was running away from the school after I heard shots being fired and I tripped and landed hard on both knees. The doctors said my psychological trauma was caused by the shooting, but I knew the true cause and didn't say anything. The doctors recommended I see a therapist, but I told them I didn't need one.

I continued to cleanse society of the scum of the planet. I even killed a few people who had powers, so now I'm even stronger, I can teleport even further without hurting myself, and I can fire grenade-like shots by placing my hand in a fist and sticking my pinky out. One man in particular could throw spheres of pure energy. After defeating him, I had the ability to charge my own shots. The charged shots resemble spheres, but unlike his, which were a bright white, mine are a fiery red color and the spheres at the tips of my fingers, when they are being charged, are warm when you get close. I'm ever so close to figuring out what my powers truly are.

It was time for the holidays, but nobody was in the spirit. The Army runs background checks on every one who enters or exits the town. They say it's their way of trying to keep the town safe, but they're just making everyone nervous. Amy in particular was very upset about the Army taking over. Her family is supposed to be traveling to town for the holidays, but she's worried the recent incidents might drive them away.

Amy and I were sitting at her home, watching TV. She didn't look happy, so I threw out a suggestion, "Hey Amy. You need to cheer up... let's go ice skating on the lake."

She looked a little confused, "But I thought you didn't like ice skating."

"Anything to see you smile again...."

We laced up our skates on the frozen lake. Amy was bundled up while I wore my normal attire. I don't know why, but I have never felt cold before; I wonder if it had to do with my powers in some way. After a little warm-up skate, I took her by the hand I started skating with her. I was never good at figure skating, but I tried my best to cheer her up. I made a fool of myself by trying and she couldn't help but smile a little.

It was getting late and snow started to fall. We took off our skates and were starting to head home, but something wasn't right, "Do you feel that, Amy?"

She looked around, "No, what are you..."

I hushed her and listened. It was silent, but I heard it. Something was rushing straight towards us with deadly intentions, "Look out!" I grabbed Amy and teleported out of the way, landing right on the lake. I looked back at where we were standing to see a path of glacial spikes sticking out of the ground.

"You're as good as they say, Bryar," A man stepped out of the forest near the lake. He was wearing about the same amount of clothing as me, "This should be an interesting fight!"

I scowled, "Who are you?"

He thought for a moment, "Just call me Ridge. Doesn't matter though, you won't be needing it for long," He sent another wave of spikes towards me and Amy. I grabbed Amy and teleported to the other side of the lake.

"Keep your head down, Amy. I'll make this quick," I ran towards the center of the lake, firing shots at Ridge to divert his attention towards me. He blocked the shots with a wall of ice. He sent another wave of spikes and I dodge again. I fired, he blocked. He sent a wave, I dodged.

"It's no use, Bryar, you can't get past my ice! It can stop any bullet you send its way!"

"What about explosives?" I raised both hands in the grenade position and fired both at the same time. There's a lot of recoil with the grenades, but they cause massive damage. Ridge tried blocking the grenades, but the explosions broke through. Before he had time to balance himself, I teleported right in front of him and threw a punch at his face, but he blocked just before I made contact. I didn't give him time to balance himself - I threw punch after punch and he blocked everyone of them, but couldn't counter anything.

He stepped back and tried throwing an icicle spear right at me. I dodged, but lost my balance a bit. I thought I was in the clear, but I noticed the icicle was heading straight for Amy. She was hesitating and I couldn't balance myself in time. She was stabbed right in her shoulder and fell over, motionless.

I ran over to her as quickly as I could, "Amy! Amy! Amy, say something!"

She looked at me and could barely find the strength for words, "I'm sorry... Bryar.... I didn't... I didn't know what... to do...." She raised her hand towards my face. I started tearing up.

"This isn't the end Amy... you said..." A tear fell from my face, "You said you'd be with me until the end!"

She pulled the spear from her shoulder, but hardly had the strength to do so. A small hole was left where the spear was, "I'm sorry... I made a promise... I couldn't keep...." She closed her eyes, laid her head in the snow, and I felt her heart stop beating.

"No..." Tears started dripping from my eyes, "No... this isn't the end, you can't die!" The tears flowed freely from my face, melting the snow as it hit the ground. Ridge was in shock at what he had done.

I stood up and wiped the tears from my eyes. I didn't look at Ridge, "You know... that's the single worst thing you could've done right now," I pulled out my knife, but the moment I pulled it from its sheath, it became engulfed in flame. The flame extended out even further than the blade - it became a flame sword. I could feel fire all around. I controlled it. The last chapter in the History of the Supernatural - Emergency Power: In a state of physical or emotional distress, one with powers may find him or herself in control of powers they didn't know they had. The powers are often stronger than anything the user could possibly think of.

I turned around and glared at Ridge, he started stepping backwards, scared, "I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to h-"

I teleported right in front of him, "Not good enough," I stabbed him right in the stomach then slashed him across the chest. He didn't bleed - the fire closed his wounds instantly. I punched at him with a fist of fire. He couldn't fight back - I was too quick. My sword and my fist kept striking him, but none of the hits were fatal, "No matter how much you suffer now, it won't even compare to how much you will make me suffer for the rest of my life!"

His eyes reflected lifelessness. He wasn't dead, but he was dying. He was starting to fall backwards, but I grabbed him and threw him high into the sky. I took a deep breath and let out a scream, spewing flames from my mouth and engulfing Ridge in fire, like a dragon burning the knight in shining armor. Nothing was left of Ridge, not even bone, not even ash. Only the familiar blue aura remained.

I wasn't sure of what I did, but I remembered Amy and went right over to her. She was cold. I started crying again, "This isn't the end, Amy... you can't be dead... not yet...." The blue aura rushed into my head and suddenly the last battle became clear. I put my hand on her chest, right over her heart, and let out a weak flame from my palm, "It's not over, Amy... I know you can hear me... don't leave me... I won't survive...."

I thought it was hopeless. It seemed like nothing was happening. I wanted to go back in time and prevent myself from suggesting we go ice skating. I felt like it was my fault she was dead. I didn't give up though. I still let out the flame from my palm and I still cried without end. Then she finally heard me; her heart started beating slowly and she started breathing again.

She was even weaker than before, ""

"You're okay... Amy... but... I failed you... I promised... I promised I would protect you... and I failed... I almost lost you...."

She smiled, "I'm here though... you didn't fail..." she placed her hand on my hand, "So warm...." She lied motionless in the snow for awhile, just letting the warmth fill her, "You know, Bryar... I've never seen you cry like this.... It's... sweet... you care so much... I've never seen this side of you..." She started tearing up, "Don't ever let go, Bryar. As long as you hang on... I'll make it through with you."

I sat there with her lying on the ground for at least an hour, warming her heart. It made me think of the first time I met Amy, way back in middle school... things are so different now... then and now seem like complete opposites. I need to think about back then for a moment....
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I met Amy by complete chance. It was only by pure luck that my life would stop nose-diving and turn around for the better. The turn around started back in middle-school, 7th grade. I remember the day very well. It's a day I'm not likely to forget anytime soon.

The day started off like any other day at that time. I was moping in the car ride to school and my mom didn't know what to say. When she parked the car in the parking lot, she said the only thing she could think of, "Cheer up, kiddo." I looked at her with my sad eyes, said nothing, and left the car.

I put my stuff away in my locker and didn't even bother going to class. I went straight for the abandoned janitor's room. In that room, there was a hole in the wall that was large enough for people to fit in. I would hide between the walls all day for most of my time in middle school. When I was hiding, I would go to the lunch room in the walls and look at people through a grate. I guess it was because I was envious of normal kids.

A few hours of the day passed and I was lamenting. I was keeping my head down on my knees, sitting against the wall. It wasn't lunch time, but I heard someone run up to the grate I was hiding near, opened up the grate, and hid in the wall. It was a girl with black hair down to her shoulders. She was looking out the grate. I was wondering what she was hiding from, but then I heard two teachers run into the lunch room.

The teachers looked around for a bit, but gave up in the lunch room and left. The girl sat back and breathed a sigh of relief. I was just staring at her - she still hadn't noticed me. She looked over at me, but she wasn't surprised. She wasn't worried, she didn't smile or frown. Her face showed no emotions.

"You're hiding too?" I nodded. We sat against the wall for awhile, not making any noise. She looked at me again, "You don't say much, do you?" I shook my head. We sat in silence again. She looked at me again, "Let's leave the school. I know a place where we can be free."

We sneaked out of school and went just outside of town to a hill overlooking a lake. We lied on the ground and looked at the sky for a good hour or so. Being around this girl put me at ease.

"By the way, my name is Amy. What's your name?"

The name echoed through my mind. I became lost in thought at the name. She tapped me on the shoulder, "Oh... Bryar."

We lied on the hill in silence again. She sat up and looked at me, but said nothing. I continued to look at the sky. I was feeling perfectly fine with Amy, but I remember her saying this (and this is something I'll never forget): "You've been through a lot, haven't you? I can tell... you're crying on the inside. You want to let it out, but... you have no one to lean on."

I looked at her in shock, "How did you...?"

She sat me up and wrapped her arms around me, placing my head on her shoulder, "It's okay, Bryar. You're not alone anymore. You can cry if you want."

I didn't know what to do. I was tearing up and I didn't even notice, "Why would you want to be around a freak like me?"

"Because... you're alone and I'm alone. I know what you're going through and you know what I'm going through. If we're together, we'll have someone to lean on if things are rough."

I closed my eyes right on her shoulders, "Thanks, Amy... you're the best friend I've ever had...."

We spent all day on that hill. Most of it was in silence, but we made each other happy, even if neither of us showed it. There was just a certain aura we gave off to each other that made us smile on the inside, I could feel it.

The sun was setting and I was getting a bit on edge. I wanted to tell her my deep secret, but I held off on doing so as long as I could... until she said something, "Bryar... are you okay?"

My heart started pounding, "Yeah, it's just... I'm a freak."

"What makes you say that?"

I stood up and walked over to a nearby tree. I placed my hands on it and tried pushing it. I ended up walking right through it. I looked at Amy and teleported right next to her, back to the spot where I was lying.

She didn't flinch, "You have powers? That's kinda cool actually."

"Yeah, but... there is one more," I raised my hand up in the pistol position. At the time, that's the only position I knew. I fired a shot.

She still didn't flinch, "It makes sense... why you've been through a lot. You've been hiding your powers... because you're scared, aren't you? You don't want to hurt people, do you?" I was getting sad, "It's okay, though. I understand. Your secret is safe with me, Bryar."

We hung out on the hill everyday after, just looking at the lake. I remember telling myself I didn't want this girl out of my life... that still holds true today. One day, she brought her sketchbook to the lake to show me her drawings. Even back then, she was a great drawer.

While looking at the lake, she tore out one of the pages and handed it to me, "Here. I drew this for you."

I looked at the drawing and noticed how familiar it looked. It was a picture of a boy and a girl sitting next to a tree on a hill overlooking a lake. The drawing made me happy. It made me tear up a little too. I still have that drawing stuck on my wall at my house.

"Remember Bryar - I'll be here whenever you need me. You'll be there whenever I need you, won't you?"

I nodded, "I'll be there for you, Amy. No matter where you are, no matter when you need me, I'll be right next to you."
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Amy made a full recovery from her injury. Her right arm is a bit weak, but she's been going to physical therapy to get strength back. I still felt bad for what happened, but she told me I shouldn't blame myself. I couldn't help, but blame myself.

Amy invited her family to town for the holidays. They were a bit hesitant because of the recent incidents and the Army taking control of the town, but they agreed to stay for the holidays. Amy said I should invite my family too, but when she suggested that I just looked at the ground and hid my face. Amy felt bad for asking.

Amy and I were at her house setting up for the gathering. Amy was wearing some nicer clothes for the occasion, but I was wearing the same things I would always wear. She didn't seem too happy with that, "Don't you have anything nicer, Bryar?"

"No, I really don't. I don't go clothes shopping very often and you know exactly why I don't."

Someone was knocking at the door. Amy answered it to find her family waiting outside. She introduced me, "Bryar, this is my mom, dad, and my older brother, Tony. Everyone, this is a very special person in my life, Bryar," I shook their hands.

Her father looked intrigued, "Just how special?"

"Well... I did save her life not too long ago," Her family looked a little shocked and worried all at once.

Amy's father was a tall man who was balding. His hair was starting to grey, but it looked like his hair was once a darker color. Amy's mother was a rather short lady when compared to the rest of the family. Her hair was about as short as Amy's hair, but it was colored blonde. Tony was taller than his mother, but shorter than his father. His hair was also a darker color and it was rather short. He was a bit taller than me, but not by much.

We had the TV on and set to a channel that was playing holiday classics. Amy was busy catching up with her parents. Tony was watching the TV. He also glanced over to me every now and again.

He looked over at me and asked, "So Bryar, what kind of trouble has Amy been getting into?"

"She hasn't been getting into trouble. Trouble keeps attacking her," Tony looked a bit nervous.

As the night went on, more of Amy's family showed up. Her uncle, aunt, grandmother, grandfather, and even a few cousins showed up. I felt a bit out of place with Amy's family being here. Everyone was enjoying themselves, but I had no idea what to say to so many unfamiliar people.

Amy's mother walked up to me, "So Bryar, when is your family showing up?"

I looked at the floor, Amy heard what her mother said and her smile turned to a frown. I didn't want to answer, but I had to say something, "They couldn't make it. It's too far for them to travel."

I went up to Amy, "I'm stepping out for a bit," and I left the house. I didn't care where I was going, I was just walking down the road. It was dark and snowing. The road was completely covered in snow, as a result, no cars on the back-roads.

I kept walking until I tripped because of a pot-hole I didn't see on the road. I turned over on my back to look up at the dark sky. The only thing I could see was the street light shining on the snowflakes as they fell. I thought about nothing. All I remember was feeling cold for the first time in my life.

Amy came running down the street and knelt besides me, "Bryar?"

I looked at her, "It's so cold... Amy...."

"Then let's go home. Everyone is worried about you."

I shook my head, "I don't belong there. I'd feel just as lonely there as I do here in the snow."

"Is it because your family can't make it?"

"I thought you knew... my family is dead."

Amy gasped, "They died a long time ago, Amy. My mother... my father... my littler brother and sister... they all died...."

"I'm sorry... I didn't know...."

I wiped away a tear, "I don't have a family anymore. You're the only one keeping me from being all alone in this world."

She thought for a moment, "You're wrong, Bryar," I looked at her with intrigue, "I'm part of your family. Even if you don't belong with them, you belong with me," She reached a hand out and I grabbed it. She pulled me up off the ground and hugged me. I hugged back.

"So warm...." We stood underneath the street light for a few minutes, holding each other. She made me feel warm.

"Let's go back, Bryar. Everyone's probably worried about us."

I nodded. We started walking back. She held my hand. Her hand was so warm, I didn't want to let go.

The rest of the night went on without any incidents. I didn't say much the rest of the night and whenever anyone asked what happened I told them 'Just needed some fresh air.'

After everyone left, Amy and I were lying on the couch together, "I'm sorry, Amy. I didn't get you anything for the holidays."

She shook her head, "You got me more than I could've asked for. You may not have meant to, but you made me part of something special - you've made me a very special part of your life. I couldn't ask for more."

We gazed into each others' eyes for a good hour. Then a thought occurred to me and broke the moment, "Amy... I'm going to free this town from the Army."

She got closer, "I know you can do it, Bryar. The Army won't know what hit them."
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I was looking for Colonel Roberts. I expected him to be somewhere on the edge of town, monitoring who goes in and who comes out. The most likely place to find him was the entrance to the highway as that's where the most traffic is. Not to my surprise, he was there with a rather large platoon of soldiers, probably the largest out of any exit in town.

I approached him, but he saw me and pulled out his rifle, "Halt! State your business!"

I wasn't scared, "Relax, I just wanted to talk, Colonel."

He put his gun away, "Actually, it's General now. I was promoted last month, but anyway, what is it that you want to talk about?"

"I was hoping I could help you in your investigation. I have some interesting info you could use."

He looked overjoyed when I said that, "That's great! What do you have for us, mister...?"

"The name's Bryar and here's what I have for you," I placed my hand on his shoulder, he looked a bit confused, then walked right through him. He and the rest of the platoon were dumbfounded. Before he had a chance to turn around, I teleported down the road. They looked around; they couldn't see me. I fired a shot straight up and they all looked at me. I couldn't help but smirk a little.

Roberts was dumbfounded like the rest of his men, "What in the world..."

My smirk turned to a scowl, "Listen - I want all of you out of my town now!"

The platoon grabbed their rifles, Roberts scowled right back at me, "Not until you've been brought to justice!" He fired a bolt of lightning right from his hands.

I teleported right behind him, avoiding his lightning, and whispered right in his ear, "So that's what power you have, huh?" He turned around and threw a punch, but I teleported again.

Roberts and his platoon looked around again. I was on the roof of a gas station next to the highway entrance. I let out a laugh like a madman would, "You made that too easy, General. Do people with powers get that much of a boost in the military that anyone with powers can be General, despite how incompetent they are?"

"Why you little!" He summoned a bolt of lightning right were I was standing, but I teleported again. He ended up taking out the wall of the gas station. He was furious.

I casually walked towards him on the road, "If you want to help the town, you can start by withdrawing your men. You're causing more harm than good," He tried firing another bolt at me, but I teleported right in front of him and punched him in the stomach, causing him to fall over, desperately gasping for air. Strange how he wasn't wearing a protective vest.

The other men pointed their rifles at me, but I quickly took them all down. None of them even fired a shot, "You're not worth my time, General. I'll give you a choice - withdraw your men from the town and promise not to come back or have you and your men sent out by force in body-bags," I left the scene and went to Amy's.

When I got there, Cristy and Amy were watching the news - word gets around fast it seems. Cristy was angry and when she saw me, she stormed up to me and slapped me across my face, "You idiot! It's bad enough that you ticked off the Army, but you gave them your name and your powers too?!" She tried slapping me again, but I stopped her.

"Trust me, I know what I'm doing," She just shook her head, "Amy. I'm going to need your help with something."

"Sure, what is it?"

"I'm going to be snooping around in the military outpost. I'm going to need your help taking down all the info because we won't be able to take any documents. I don't want to put you in danger, but I need you for this."

Cristy tried slapping me again. I stopped her, "Would you stop that?!"

"What if she gets hurt, Bryar? We both know you wouldn't be able to live with yourself if she did."

I thought about the day I fought Ridge. It made me angry, "I'll make sure she doesn't. I'll die protecting her if I have to."

Cristy was rearranging her glasses and scowling at me all at once, but then Amy stepped in, "Relax, Cristy. I'll be fine," Cristy still didn't approve.

I took Amy to the fenced area of the outpost. There was a large field between the fence and the outpost itself - the field was blanketed in snow. The field wasn't large enough for me to hurt myself by teleporting to the outpost, though. Amy and I were kneeling at the fence, looking at the outpost from a distance.

I looked over at Amy, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

She nodded, "Don't you remember what I said so long ago? I'll be here for you whenever. You'll keep me safe, right?"

I nodded, "Yeah. Just stay close to me and if you see anything of interest, tell me. Here we go," I grabbed her, phased through the fence, then teleported to the outpost. It was all or nothing.

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I remember that day very well. Oh, sorry. It's me, Amy. Bryar said he doesn't really remember the next part too well, so I'll go ahead say what I remember. It was a pretty scary day for me, I can only imagine what it was like for Bryar.

After Bryar teleported us to the side of the outpost, he peaked his head inside. He said everything was clear where he was looking and we phased through the wall. It was a storage room of some sort - big boxes that probably held some sort of military equipment.

We worked our way through the outpost, any soldiers that appeared were knocked out and hidden by Bryar. I stayed as close to Bryar as I could. We searched room after room looking for some documents that could tell us anything about what the Army has done or will do.

One of the rooms had what we were looking for, but it was locked by a passcode. Bryar phased through the door and took out everyone that was in there. While I was waiting in the hall, a soldier turned the corner and was surprised to see me.

He put his pistol right up to my head and grabbed my arm, "What are you doing here?!" Bryar opened the door from the other side and immediately threw the soldier against the wall, bashing his head once or twice. I could see a bit of blood spattered against the wall.

Bryar was breathing heavily, "He didn't hurt you, did he?" I shook my head. Bryar tossed the unconscious man into the room that was just opened.

There were a few computers in the room with all sorts of data. Normally, it would've been locked by a password, but since there were a few soldiers on the computers before Bryar showed up, they were unlocked. The computers had all sorts of data, from military personnel information to schematics of weapons in development.

One folder in particular was rather interesting. It had information on people with special powers. Beyond the basic information, everyone in the folder was classified based on if they were alive, in custody, deceased, or a military personnel. Bryar pointed out there was someone with all the basic elements listed in the folder - water, wind, earth, lightning, ice, but nobody had fire. Out of the available info, the only one alive was the man with lightning, who was General Roberts.

Another folder had plans for the future of the town. The plans stated that if no evidence of the killer was found after another month, the military would be given the right to check every building in town without a search warrant. If evidence had been found and the killer has been found to still be in town, but not captured after one week, the town would be sealed, the military would withdraw, and the town would be bombed. I would've gotten more information, but Bryar broke the monitor out of rage. The alarm sounded shortly after anyway, so I wouldn't have been able to get more info even if he didn't break the monitor.

Oddly enough, there was no one in the outpost after the alarm sounded, so we figured they were responding to something else and we ran out the main entrance. To our surprise, we saw a line of soldiers and tanks waiting for us. General Roberts was standing in front of them all.

I was scared. Bryar knew it and pulled me close, I grabbed Bryar. Bryar was scowling at Roberts. Roberts was laughing, "What are you going to do now, Bryar? You're outnumbered and outgunned. Even if you manage to break through us all, I've already informed higher powers that you're in town. The town will be gone one week from now," He laughed again, "Face it, you've lost!"

I held onto Bryar even tighter, "Stay down, Amy. We haven't lost yet," I ran over to the side where some sandbags were set up. Bryar started walking towards Roberts. The soldiers readied their weapons, but Roberts gave them a signal to hold fire, "This is between you and me, Roberts."

Roberts turned to face his men, "Men, make way!" The soldiers and tanks moved off to the side, giving Bryar and Roberts room to fight. Bryar pulled out his knife, left-handed reverse grip as usual. Roberts put on some grip gloves.

They stood still, waiting for the other to make a move. Roberts made the first move and fired a lightning bolt. Bryar dodged, but the lightning bolt struck near where I was hiding, so I moved further away from the outpost. They kept firing shots at each other with their powers, both of them moving quick to avoid each other.

"You know why you haven't found someone with fire yet, Roberts?" Bryar was being relentless, Roberts couldn't do much but defend himself, "It's because he's been hiding under your nose the whole time!" Bryar's knife became engulfed in flame as he slashed at Roberts. He wasn't holding it with a reverse grip anymore.

Roberts was getting beaten. He looked exhausted and he had many wounds from Bryar's blade. Bryar was getting ready to deal the final blow; I stepped forward a few to see what was happening. Roberts saw me get closer and took advantage - he swept Bryar's legs and fired a bolt of lightning towards me. It was the fight with Ridge all over again. Bryar couldn't do anything because he wasn't balanced and Roberts' attack was too fast for me to dodge.

I closed my eyes, scared of facing death. I waited for the bolt to hit me, but it never did. I opened my eyes to find myself in Bryar's arms behind Roberts. Roberts was shocked at what happened, as was I. Bryar's normally brown eyes were now shining a blood-red color. The wind was starting to pick up and it was getting warmer. Bryar set me down and turned around to face Roberts.

Bryar's face showed more than disgust - his face showed absolute hatred towards Roberts, "Don't you ever! Try that again!" Roberts tried firing another bolt of lightning, but Bryar was too quick and cut off Roberts' hand with a swing of his arm, shooting off a crescent of fire. Roberts was shocked, but tried punching Bryar with his other hand - Bryar cut that one off with crescent fire, too.

Roberts dropped to his knees, looking at his missing hands. Bryar held out both hands to his sides and two swords made of pure fire appeared in his hands. Every slash Bryar gave to Roberts was another ring of fire that was sent out. The snow melted within seconds and the grass was even starting to catch fire. I couldn't even follow Bryar's attacks, he was too fast with the swords. I only remember the last attack - as Roberts was stumbling backwards, Bryar stabbed him in the chest then slashed him in the eyes. Roberts died a blind man.

The soldiers were scared. Bryar looked at every single one of them, "If anyone is brave enough, I'll give them one free shot," The soldiers just looked at each other. One soldier actually raised his gun and fired, but he was shaking too much and missed completely. Bryar cut his throat immediately after. The remaining soldiers dropped their weapons and ran.

Bryar walked over to me, swords still in hand, eyes still blood-red. I was scared that he had forgotten who I was and he was going to kill me. He let go of the swords and they disappeared. His eyes went back to being their normal color and the cold air started blowing again.

He started tearing up and wrapped his arms around me, "I'm sorry, Amy... I didn't mean to scare you. You're not hurt, are you?"

I was nervous, but I felt safe, "No... I'm fine... thanks to you," I held him close. For as scary and destructive as he was, he held me gently, but close. It made me more than happy, but I can't describe it. It was a feeling that can't be described.

I wanted to tell him my deepest feelings right there in the field while he was holding me. I was close to telling him, but something stopped me. It didn't matter - I think he knew how I felt.
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Bryar said he didn't feel like talking today. I can't blame him either, after what happened at least. It's me, Cristy. I can't help, but feel a little bad for what happened to Bryar's emotional state after he and Amy broke into the military outpost. I felt like I was partially to blame because of what I said to him before he left with Amy.

I was waiting in Amy's house, reading The History of the Living Supernatural. No matter how many times I read that book, I always learn something new about supernatural powers. The most interesting chapter of that book had to be the theories on what might happen after the last person with powers is left alive and he or she has collected all of the auras. One theory is that person will become a demi-god. Another is that person will have control over all powers that have ever existed.

I just finished the theory chapter when Amy and Bryar walked through the door, I rushed up and hugged Amy, breathing a sigh of relief, "I'm so glad you two are okay! You're not hurt, are you Amy?"

She shook her head, "No, I'm fine, but..." She looked over at Bryar, as did I. He was looking down, hiding his eyes with his bangs.

"I failed you, Cristy... I failed everyone. You might as well run as far away from this town as possible with Amy."

I was really concerned, "Why would I do that? What happened?"

Bryar covered his eyes with his hand, trying to hold back tears, "The Army... the Army is going to destroy the town one week from now by bombing it...."

I didn't know how to react. I didn't believe him at first, but Bryar wasn't one for jokes. I wanted to say something to make him feel better, but I wasn't sure how to comfort him in that situation. I looked at him, but said nothing. Just tried to hold back tears.

He went into the guest room and closed the door behind him. Amy and I just looked at each other, "What are we going to do, Cristy? It's not like we can just run away."

I thought for a moment, "Everything's going to be fine. Bryar will think of something... he always thinks of something."

Bryar spent the next few days lamenting. He never left the guest room during the day. He spent every night out in the town somewhere, or at least that's what Amy and I thought. We tried our best to cheer Bryar up, but he wouldn't say anything. He would just look at us with his sad eyes, as if he was trying to say 'It's my fault. Run away before you get hurt.'

Before long, it was the night before the day of the bombing. Amy cried herself to sleep - she was scared of what was going to happen and she didn't want to leave Bryar. As for me, I couldn't sleep. I needed to talk to Bryar, but he was gone. I grabbed a coat, put on some shoes, and left Amy's house to look around.

There was only two spots I could think of where Bryar would run off to. The usual spot that we hang out at or the hill just outside of town. I figured he'd want to be alone and away from people, so I checked the hill first. There he was - standing right at the top of the snow covered hill, back faced towards the town. I struggled to climb to the top, but I made it eventually.

He didn't look at me, just looked at the ground in front of him, "You're still here... don't you remember what I said? It would be better if you and Amy just left town."

"Amy's not going to leave you, Bryar, and neither am I. We have faith in you, but... Amy's scared. She doesn't know what's going to happen because you haven't said anything."

Bryar got on one knee and started tearing up, "That's the second time in a week that I've scared her... ever since last week, I haven't had the courage to face her. At the outpost... I scared her... I saved her, but I scared her by doing so. I want her to get away from here so she doesn't get hurt, but I promise that I won't die."

I was doing my best to comfort him, but I was confused as to what he meant, "What do you mean, Bryar? You wanted her to leave and you were going to stay here... but why? Why not run away with her? You're not trying to do yourself in because you feel guilty... are you?"

He shook his head, "No... the truth is, I've had a plan to save the town since last week, but it's crazy and I know Amy would be terrified at me pulling it off. I didn't want to tell her so she wouldn't be scared, but it backfired... I haven't slept in the past seven days, Cristy... I've been worried about Amy. If she would've ran away, I would be at ease, but now I have to worry that my plan might fail and she might...." He never finished that sentence, but I knew what he was going to say.

"I know you, Bryar... when you strive for something, you never fail. If you strive to save the town and to save Amy, your plan won't fail. I know you'll succeed."

He wiped away a few tears, "Thanks, Cristy...." He looked out to the field, "You should get some sleep," I nodded and stood up, "But... I don't want you to leave me here alone," He sat down and held out one arm. I sat down right next to him and he pulled me in close. He was so warm... he had a flame in his palm and he placed his hand close to both of us.

I was holding onto Bryar to keep warm, resting my head on him. I was starting to fall asleep, but I asked him, "Are you going to sleep now, Bryar?"

I fell asleep before he could answer me.
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I woke up and I was still holding onto Bryar and he was still sustaining a flame in his hand. Even though there was snow all around and it was the middle of winter, I didn't feel cold at all. I looked up at Bryar, who was still looking away from town.

I stretched a bit, "Morning, Bryar. Did you sleep well?"

"I didn't sleep. Been waiting all night," He grabbed me and stood up. I was still a bit tired, so I held onto Bryar to keep myself balanced and stretched a bit.

"You know," I yawned, "It's not healthy to stay up for so long."

"Yeah, I know..." We stood in silence for a bit. He didn't move at all. I kept looking at him and out away from town to try to see what he was looking at. I didn't see anything but a lake and a large field beyond that.

To be honest, I was a bit scared. I didn't know what was going to happen, but then he said something that caught me off guard.

"Hey... hold my hand," He held out his hand, ready for someone to grab it. I wasn't sure what to do, but I held his hand anyway, "Promise me that no matter what happens in the next minute, you won't let go of my hand."

I was confused, "Umm... okay..."

He closed his eyes and started speaking, "Three of them... not in a line, but not really in a true formation. Sort of in a V shape... they're quick. All of them have at least two..." I didn't know what he was talking about, it was like a riddle, but I figured it out. He raised his hand his left hand in his rifle position, "Gotta wait for the right moment... now," He fired three shots in succession, staggering the last shot just a bit.

It seemed kind of pointless that he would do that. Nothing happened. I did as I was told and I didn't let go of Bryar's hand. Then I saw three jets coming from the horizon, flying at supersonic speeds, but before I could really process that thought, the three were starting to fall out of the sky, but they were still heading straight for us.

I hesitated at the sight, but my natural reaction was to cover my face. The moment I did that, Bryar tackled me just as the jets crashed right where we were. My eyes were shut and I didn't want to open them, but when I finally did, Bryar and I were on the ground in the same spot as the downed jets. Bryar had his arms wrapped around me tightly.

"I told you not to let go..."

"I'm sorry... I panicked," It took a minute to occur in my mind, "How is this possible? I thought you could only phase through things you've felt before."

"Hold on tight, Cristy," I did as he said and he picked me up. He phased through the debris and set me down at the bottom of the hill, "Just give me a moment to think about it..." He fell over, asleep. I just shook my head and chuckled a bit.

"You've earned that one, Bryar," I picked up Bryar and started walking back to Amy's house.

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"He just wanted me to be safe, huh?"

I nodded, "Yeah. He was nervous when you wouldn't leave."

Amy and I were sitting on the side of the guest bed, where Bryar was sleeping. He was in a deep sleep, snoring quietly. Amy was tearing up and stroking Bryar's face with the back of her hand. Bryar smiled in his sleep, Amy smiled back.

"I'm just glad he's okay... we're all okay," Amy wiped away a tear, "It's amazing to see Bryar sleeping so peacefully when he has these powers."

Bryar woke up and yawned, "Good afternoon... how are you doing, Amy? Feeling better?"

"I'm fine, but... shouldn't you get some more rest? You were up for an entire week."

"Yeah, maybe I should, but I have more important things at this moment... Cristy, remember how I phased through the jets even though I never felt them before?" I nodded, "Well... the best way I can explain it would be my reaction time is so great that it seems like everything around me slows down. Before, everything around me, including myself, would slow down, but lately I've been able to move at regular speeds when everything else has slowed down... which is what happened at the military outpost when Roberts tried hitting Amy."

We sat in silence for awhile. Nobody knew what to say to each other, we just looked at each other. I decided to break the silence, "Why don't we go out and celebrate?"

So we did, but we waited for a day because Bryar was exhausted. We decided to go out to a nice restaurant in the main district of the city. It was a bit expensive, but considering what he did, he deserved a nice meal.

While we were eating our main courses, a tall man with broad shoulders walked up to our table, "Excuse me, you wouldn't happen to be Bryar, would you?" The man talked with a sort of elegance in his voice.

Bryar was chewing, "Yeah, that's me. Why do you ask?"

"I've been hired to kill you, that's why," Bryar swallowed hard and reached for his knife, "Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you here. Too many innocent people around."

Bryar was breathing hard, "Then why tell me you're a hired gun hunting me? Wouldn't it be easier if I didn't know someone was out to get me?"

"I'm sure it would be, but there's no fun in that. My job would be so boring if I didn't at least give my targets a fair chance. Fair warning - you better watch yourself from now on," The man started walking towards the exit.

"Hey! At least give me a name!"

The man stopped and looked at Bryar, "My name is Maximilian Steel," He turned towards the exit and left the restaurant. Needless to say, we all lost our apatite. I payed the bill and we started heading home.

Amy and I were very nervous about Bryar, but he didn't seem to think there was anything wrong. Amy and I were constantly looking around to see if Max was lurking, waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack.

I was going to ask, but Amy asked first, "Aren't you worried, Bryar? You're not worried that Max might attack you at any time?"

Bryar shook his head, "Of course not. There's nothing this man could do to me that I wouldn't be prepared for," Amy wasn't eased at all by this.

We continued walking home. The evening air was silent, but the scream of a woman pierced the sky. Bryar reacted, "It came from this way!" He ran down a back-road. Amy and I followed.

When we go to the place where the scream came from, all we saw was a wolf-like creature with a greyish-blue colored fur gnawing at the deceased body of the woman. The creature turned its head to show its snarling blood-covered teeth and its glowing yellow eyes.

Amy was terrified. She started stepping back, "No... that's... that can't be it..." Her eyes showed fear, her legs trembled. She let out a scream into the sky then fainted.

I caught her before she fell, "Amy! Say something!"

Bryar looked back, "Get her home, Cristy!"

"But what about y-"

"Get her home now!"

I nodded. I picked up Amy and started running home. I was scared, but Amy was absolutely horrified. I couldn't begin to imagine what was rushing through Amy's mind right before she fainted.
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My heart was racing. Amy remained unconscious in my arms as I ran towards her house. The sidewalks were covered in snow, so I was trying my best not to fall over while running. Tonight seemed like the night where Amy's house was on the other side of the country.

Blue auras appeared a little ways ahead of me. Three of them in a ball hovering in the air. They turned into the blue-furred wolves, just like the one in the side street. I stopped and I think my heart did too. They were creeping up, ready to pounce.

They leaped and I thought I was done for, but Max stepped in and killed them all in one strike. His arm was one giant curved blade. He turned around to see me.

"Are you all right?"

I wasn't too sure of what happened. I was more confused at the sight of Max helping me than his arm-blade, "Why did you help me? I thought you were after Bryar."

His arm went back to normal, "I am, but you are an innocent bystander in peril, along with the girl in your arms," He looked forward. More auras were showing up, "This isn't the best time to talk, you and her need to be in safety right now."

Max led me to Amy's house with my directions. More wolves did appear along the way, but Max took care of every single one that showed up. I set Amy in her bed to rest. Max looked at her with concern.

"Is she going to be all right?"

"I think so. The sight of the first wolf scared her really bad. I'm sure she'll be fine after some rest."

Max continued to look at Amy, who was starting to stir in her sleep, "She's having nightmares...."

I placed under her head to comfort her a bit, "Amy, please wake up!" I started shaking her gently.

She stopped stirring and her eyes started opening, "Cristy...?" She sat up and hugged me, "I was having the worst nightmare... you, Bryar... everyone I've ever known was being killed by those wolves..." She started sobbing into my shoulder.

I hugged her, comforting her, "It's okay, Amy. Everything's going to be okay. Bryar is going to keep us safe," Amy started calming down.

Amy noticed Max in the room, "What are you doing here, Max? I thought you wouldn't care for friends of Bryar."

He seemed a little offended by that, "I may be hunting Bryar, but I'm not going to stand by and watch two innocent bystanders be killed by a pack of wolves, even if the bystanders are close friends of Bryar. I am a man of standards and not saving the innocents would be far below my standards."

Bryar walked through the front door. He saw Max and immediately attacked him with his knife, but Max blocked with his arm.

Max sighed, "Oh please, can we not fight in front of two innocent girls? Plus, the house would be in such a mess if we fought."

Bryar stepped back and sheathed his knife, "You know, for a man hunter, you don't do a lot of man hunting."

"Just because I am a mercenary does not mean I am a vicious brute, like you probably believe mercenaries are. I have standards and I am not about to go below them," Max looked at Amy, "If you'll excuse me..." Max left the house.

Bryar looked angry about Max being here. None of us said anything until Amy broke the silence, "Cristy, can you get my sketch book for me? I need to finish that drawing now," I did as she asked. She flipped right to one page and started working, "It's almost finished. Just give me another hour or so."

Bryar disappeared. I looked around the house to find him in the study, reading The History of the Supernatural once again. He was heavily engaged in the book, so he didn't even notice I walked into the room until I was right next to him.

I looked at the book, but couldn't tell what chapter he was reading, "You've read that book at least a hundred times, what could you possibly learn from that book now?"

He flipped one page back and showed me a picture. The picture showed a shrine that was built in the side of a mountain, "I'm hoping to find this shrine. It's called The Shrine of Auras. Supposedly, the monks there know everything about auras and powers, but they won't tell their knowledge with those who aren't worthy. Maybe if I can find this shrine, I can learn why these wolves have suddenly appeared," I continued to look at the picture of the shrine until Bryar set the book back down on the desk and continued reading.

"What about me and Amy? You're not just going to leave us to fend for ourselves, are you?"

He closed the book, "Why would you even ask that? Do you think I'd ever abandon you or Amy?"

I felt a little silly, "You wouldn't... that was kind of silly of me to ask."

Bryar left the study to check on Amy. I stood still in the study, looking at the book. I wasn't sure if the shrine was a real place or not. If it was, it would definitely help, but if it's not, a lot of time and effort would be wasted for no conclusions, meaning no answers.

I went to check on Amy too. She had just finished the sketching and Bryar was gazing at it. There was amazement in his eyes, but there was also fear. The sketching showed a man standing in front of a large monster that looked sort of like the wolves from earlier, but it was larger than some houses and it had lots of odd weaponry machines attached to its back. The man in the sketching was holding what looked like a sword that was on fire. The man was immobilized by fear as the monster was preparing to attack. The man looked nearly identical to Bryar.

Bryar looked over at Amy, who was a little scared herself, "This is what you saw in a dream two years ago?" She nodded. Bryar looked at the sketching some more, "I really hope you're wrong on this, Amy...."

Amy got close to Bryar, "Me too...."

We were all rather shocked by the sketching. Bryar didn't say anything about the shrine, but I did, "Bryar, when are you going to look for the shrine?"

Amy looked confused, "What shrine?"

Bryar answered, "The Shrine of Auras. Supposedly the monks there know everything about auras and powers, but will only share their knowledge to those worthy," He thought for a moment, "We can leave tomorrow morning."

Amy reacted, "We? Why do we have to go? What if the shr-"

Bryar interrupted, "Because I'm not leaving you two defenseless! If I were to go search for the shrine, you two would be easily killed by the wolves. I'm not leaving you two here to die!"

Amy was quiet, "Okay... I understand."

I decided to stay at Amy's house for the night. I never seen Bryar get angry at Amy like that... I'm pretty sure that was the first time those two have ever really fought with each other, even though that wasn't much of a fight. Those two have changed a lot since I first met them....

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We set off from Amy's house to search for the shrine. I told Amy and Cristy that we had to stop at my house first. Reason being, I told them, was that I had something to cleanup before leaving.

Cristy spoke, "Well, what are you waiting for? Don't you need to cleanup whatever it is you need to cleanup?"

I didn't say anything at first. There were so many thoughts rushing through my head. The one that stood out the most was the School incident, the one thought I'd rather forget about.

Amy nudged me, "Bryar...?"

I snapped out of it, "Oh, right. Just give me a second."

It was still early morning, sun wasn't even up yet and the clouds hid the sky. As I walked up to my house, I looked up at it. In my mind, it resembled a great old oak tree - powerful throughout time and could be thought of as wise, but at its time in life where it must bid farewell.

The door creaked open as I turned the knob. I took one step inside, but didn't close the door. I hid the contents of the house from Amy and Cristy with my back. The walls and floor were coming apart, the furniture was weathered due to a bad ceiling and roof. They called to me, or so I thought, asking for mercy.

"So you ask," I said to my surroundings in my mind all while raising my hand in front of me, "So you shall receive," A flame ignited on my hand and I let it fall on the floor. The room was set ablaze quickly.

As I walked out of the house, I took note of Amy and Cristy's faces. They were shocked to see the flames spew out from the roof and windows. I placed myself in between to two as I did before I entered the house.

Amy talked to me, but her attention was constantly focusing on my house, "Why... why did you do that?"

Those words made my headache. I clenched my head, "I've done a lot of bad over the past few months. Sure, I've done a lot of right things, but it's been the bad way of doing the right things. I want to erase what I can of my past and start over, taking the only two good parts of my life with me."

Cristy and Amy looked at me. Amy was lost for words. Cristy was about to speak but a loud explosion from the upstairs rooms diverted all attention to it.

"Just what did I keep up there anyway?"

There was another explosion and a few things flew out of one of the window. The first thing was an oxygen tank with a large hole in its side. Two fire safe boxes came flying out next. Some papers flew out as the boxes hit the ground. I already knew what was on them. Amy crouched down to look at them and I looked away.

Amy flipped through the papers, "All these names... what's with them? Why are some of my old friends' names on here?"

I sighed and picked up one piece of paper from the back part of the first fire-safe box. It, too, had a list of names on it with the only difference being the words "List of victims" written across the top. Amy read the top of the page and started tearing up.

"So that's what happened to them? I..." She started sobbing, "I thought you spared the smart ones. All of them were smart, so why?!" She grabbed my shirt and looked at me in the eyes.

I couldn't bare to look at her in the eyes, "Butch Harrison," She looked at me in confusion, "12th grade. Grade point average, 1.86. Total unexcused absences, 19," The more I went on, the more confused Amy became, "Despite his grades and constant absences, Butch was one of the friendliest people at school. He was always signing up for some sort of community service. I believe he logged around 200 hours in his junior year alone. He was also constantly helping his friends. A lot of his friends had problems in school or with other people and his friends would always vent their problems to Butch and Butch was always willing to listen," Amy let go of my shirt, but was still confused.

"I recall one incident where he skipped school to save his friend from killing herself. Butch hugged his friend and refused to let go until she felt better and had no thoughts of suicide. He was with her until six that night. If you recall, he was at the picnic that day."

Amy shook her head, tears still streaming from her eyes, "What does this ha-"

I interrupted her, "Lisa Thompson, an old friend of yours. Straight-A student. Perfect attendance for twelve straight years. Already had college paid off at several of the best colleges in the country with scholarships alone."

"How... how do you know all of th-"

"Unfortunately, she let all of this go to her head. She would hardly give any time of day to anyone that wasn't already friends with her or wasn't in the Honor Society. Despite Honor Society requirements, she never tutored anyone or signed up for any sort of community service, saying anyone that needed help to succeed was undeserving of help in the first place. She, unlike Butch, was not at the picnic that day. Nor were a few other of your friends."

Amy fell to her knees, Cristy knelled beside her. Amy's tear-filled eyes looked at me, saying the words that made my head ache. She tried holding back more tears, but couldn't help bursting out and crying right into Cristy's shoulder.

There was only one thing I could say to her at that moment: "I'm sorry."

I looked back at the burning house. The sound of the flames and Amy's sobbing was all that broke the night. A piece of paper floated down from the top floor. I snatched it from the air and looked at its contents - it was a sketching of a boy and girl sitting next to a tree overlooking a lake. The sides were charred and the rest of the paper was burning slowly. I didn't notice at first, but a teardrop trickled down my cheek as the rest of the sketch turned to ash.

I looked at Amy. Cristy looked at me like I was a monster, "Listen, Amy. I don't care if you hate me and I don't care if you never forgive me. I won't leave you here defenseless, so you're coming with me whether you like it or not."

She looked at me, her face was red and her eyes were puffy from crying. She was angry at me, "Fine... you already took away most of my life, you might as well take the rest with you."

It felt like I was stabbed in my heart. I looked down in shame, "Let's go... the sooner this is over, the better for you," Cristy helped Amy up and we started heading east towards the mountainous part of the country.

I walked on the left side of Cristy as we walked. Amy walked on the right side of her. I couldn't look up in front of me, it would be too much like looking towards the future that just crumbled in front of me.
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