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Default Metroid: The Last Stand Character (Character info located below long intro paragraph)

Metroid: The Last Stand
Kody Lee Holloway a.k.a. KodyLee21

Having recently completed the mission requested by the Galactic Federation regarding “The Ultimate Power” located in the Alimbic Cluster, Samus Aran departs from her visit to a Galactic Federation occupied planet known as Norion, her destination unknown........ Soon after she left Norion, Samus realized that she is being followed by a Bounty Hunter. In disbelief, Samus realized that the bounty hunter that was following her was Sylux. Then, as if from nowhere a portal appeared directly in front of them, and they got so close to it that they were unable to escape its grasp due to the fact that the gravitational pull of the portal was unbearably strong. Next, upon exiting the portal they see some sort of planet. Coincidentally, Samus had read of this strange planet in a forbidden Chozo Lore inscription. The location of where it was engraved happened to be in the deadliest area of a former Chozo inhabited planet that was known as Zebes (before it was destroyed by a time bomb that was set to start after the Mother Brain was killed). The name of the planet that Samus and Sylux came across was engraved in the forbidden Chozo lore inscription, and the translation of the engraved Chozo runes read: Tridaren 7. One of the many rumors among the Chozo regarding Tridaren 7 said, that the planet was, “home to a very powerful being.” Another rumor said that the being was “so powerful that if it found a way out of the planet and launched its attack through the portal that leads to the center of the Universe that it would cause universal destruction, and the only way that it would be able to do so is by using it’s most devastating attack which the Chozo dubbed: The “Dark Matter Apocalypse Bomb.” Also, if it is able to unleash the “Dark Matter Apocalypse Bomb” then the result would be catastrophic. The result of the attack, if unleashed, would cause the opposite of a Big Bang which would be called a “Dimensional Rip,” which would rip everything in existence apart due to the overwhelming amount of dark matter created by the “Dark Matter Apocalypse Bomb.” The Chozo named the insanely powerful being “The Dark Tridaren Essence.” Moments after Samus recalls the information about her and Sylux’s location, they prepare to land on Tridaren 7. Hardly a minute had passed after they landed on Tridaren 7’s surface, and they already started fighting in short range combat. Then, out of the blue both Samus and Sylux receive a transmission from an unknown sender who claims that the transmission is “urgent!” The Faint voice of the transmission’s sender says: “Now is not the time for you to fight each other, instead you need to find the location of a very powerful being native to Tridaren 7. It is capable of destroying the entire Universe, but you are both lucky that there is only 1 in existance. You must kill it or all life in the Universe as we know it will perish! If both of you survive, then both of you will need to work together to destroy the planet in any way possible because if Tridaren 7 is not destroyed before you leave the area where you are currently stranded at then Tridaren 7 will start expanding and if it expands so much that it just barely touches the portal, then it will warp to where you were when you first saw the portal that brought you to Tridaren 7 and will destroy the entire universe!” And so the search for both the Dark Tridaren Essence and the clues to reveal it’s weakness begins...............

Character Info:
Sylux: Sylux is a bounty hunter who has had a grudge against Samus since he first heard about her first success and plans on erasing Samus and the Galactic Federation from existence.

Additional info about Sylux: Samus was NOT the only survivor of the space colony K2-L Tridaxen Sidluxian was also aboard the space colony and managed to find an escape pod on the opposite side of K2-L And Tridaxen Sidluxian was the same age as Samus at the time.
Tridaxen Sidluxian.... Was raised on the opposite side of Zebes. Samus was raised on one side and Tridaxen was raised on the other
Tridaxen managed to climb aboard a G.F. (Galactic Federation) Cargo Ship when he was 17 years old
and that is when he stole the Galactic Federation Gear that he now wears.

Sylux's Real Name (In the fanfic) is Tridaxen Sidluxian.

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