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Default John-li's Super awesmazing pokemon soul silver Standlocke

Hey there members of VR! I'm doing my own variation of a nuzlocke I'll talk about it's rules first. First the ordinary nuzlocke rules are as follows: The big one when a pokemang faints its DEAD forever and ever period never to live again, When a pokemang dies I will box them in a dead box to be put to rest, next the first pokemon I encounter every new area is the only one I can catch in that area and I must nickname all the pokemon I catch so that there more than just slaves there nicknamed slaves! Next extra rules: The nuzlocke only starts when I receive my very first ball but I can't battle any wild pokemang just so I don't unfairly grind my starter. Next the STANDLOCKE rules! They are interesting: I have to battle every pokemon I encounter no running caves will be terrible and I can't switch until either my opponent switches their pokemon or a pokemon becomes DEAD. That's it so the first part will come out soon (which means I might end up double posting sorry admin people please don't give me an infraction if I do)
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Yaaay! Join the Nuzlocke bandwagon~! XD
Although a standlocke sounds really difficult, I'd probably die pretty quickly... D:
Old July 4, 2013, 04:03:28 AM
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Good luck! Sounds like a tough challenge and I look forward to seeing how you do!
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Part 1: might of the green bean

So I start up the game! By deleting every thing. And I'm greeted by some old man who can't tell I'm a boy and wants to know my name and all that. So I checked and I was in fact a boy and my name is John-li. So we go downstairs and my mom gives me all my stuff so I can finally be homeless like all the cool trainers are. And I learn I need to visit professed elm who is a younger professor unlike that creepy old guy. Also why do I have a trainer card if I have no pokemon it makes no sense at all. So I step outside and this stupid Marrill with the eye site of a blind man with a blindfold on bumps into me! Then Lyra runs up and they leave. So I step over to the lab ssssllloooooooooowwlllyy and notice a random red haired dude looking through the non existent window I go to say hi and he just goes and pushes me away! So I go to Mr.ADHD man Elm's lab where he paces around talkin to me about me getting a pokemon! Awwwww Yeah! So there's this little blue alligator with a psycho murderer face on a sleepy looked fire mousy and this adorable and awesome green bean with a leaf head! So the deciding moment happens And I choose the green bean! I name him Reun! So I'm told to go to this dude named Mr.pokemon's house. So me and Reun step outside and Lyra bothers me again. So before I go I show my mom my pokemang I just got! She calls it cute then hands me my poke gear then tells me how to make a phone call *facepalm*. So it's ti e to go to mr.Pokemon's crib with my pokemang since I have no poke balls I have to ignore each wild pokemon and run. But first lets examine my Green been! He is timid and quick tempered has overgrow timid drops attack so early game is gonna suck especially since I chose the starter with the most weaknesses to gym leaders. So lets head to mr.pokemon's house already! But before I leave prof elm gives me his phone number (weird) And now I can finally leave!! So I manage to go through route 29 with only two encounters which I ran from with success. I get to cherrygrove and an old man gives me the ropes then he gives me running shoes because you can't run if you don't have running shoes *facepalm #2* So now I can run to mr.pokemon's house instead of moving at the pace of a crippled sloth But interrupted again he runs up and gives me a map. Before I go to Monsieur Pokemon's house I meet a dude who gives me some box that holds apricorns. I have a encounter but I ran as the nuzlocke doesn't start until I get some balls (no pun intended). I pick up a antidote on the way another pokemon appears I run and then we finally make it. I walk in and Mr.Pokemon and that weird old guy are standing there. Mr.Pokemon gives me an egg. So that weird old guy who is apparently called oak walks up to me I yell Stranger Danger! But it appears it's okay. He talks boring stuff about loving and caring for pokemon and science. And hands a shiny thing called a pokedex. Then puts his number in my phone! (Creeeeeepy :0 ) But whatever. I go outside and get a call from Elm apparently some stuff went down and he wants me to run back. So I precede to bolt back like a cheetah with a turbo jet. I grab some potions. Still no poke balls available. Then that kid who pushed me walks up and gets ready to battle me! Super green bean go! He has the sleepy mouse with fire on its back Reun growls it tackles Reun tackles it like a beast. It leers Reun tackles. Reun tackles. It tackles Not very close match Reun is giving the mouse thing a green bean beating! So the battle proceeds and it becomes closer but Reun is leading and then the mouse leers again and then Reun misses! This is scary will I lose here!?...........Nope Reun beats it easily because he's a green bean fighting machine! Becomes level six learning razor leaf. The red haired guy runs away drops this card grabs it back and then runs off like he should. He claims I saw his name but I didn't. I get to the lab and Elm is there with a police man. The police man gets ready to call me guilty but Lyra runs up all Phoenix Wright and yells objection she tells them about the red haired boy then I yell That Guy I kicked his but in like 2 seconds! He asks me if I new his name so I just said Reed because it was the first name in my head. The police man leaves all like Ima go catch him. Lyra leaves and now ima go back to route 29. Before that elm takes the egg. And I have to talk to my mom again. Then she says she'll save my money OH GOD NO!!!! Lyra teaches me how to catch a pokemang and I get to meet my second member. So into the grass! And it's a female pidgey! I catch it And her name is! LD that's it for this part I'll make a album for pictures because I'm having technical difficulties.

The Team
Reun the green bean Lv6 tackle razor leaf growl
LD the pidgey Lv3 Tackle
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