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Old April 25, 2010, 12:15:07 PM
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Default Serious Debate Rules

Okay, these are temporary rules for the debate section. Everything here is in the normal rules, but it just stressed a lot more. The debate section should be considered a privilege for those who want to kill some time and look a little smarter, have their opinion heard.

Rule 1. Maturity
Stay mature. If you can't be mature in a debate, don't post. Its as simple as that.

Rule 2. Language
Like in the normal rules, obscene language is prohibited. Use big words, not swear words.

Rule 3. Don't Flame
All posts much be intelligent and respectful. Never flame other users for their opinion, no matter how controversial. As a person, you are never right. As a people, we are always right.

Rule 4. Don't Spam
Please do not create worthless debate topics or polls. Debates should be intellectual arguments, not simple surveys. Also, posts should not be spam either; that is, post an educated argument like "This should be this way because", not "this is this and thats final!".

Rule 5. Debates Have Passion
Don't post things that are simple "yes/no" answers, are silly, or really couldn't be *debated*. Examples include "Red vs. Blue", "Are Tacos Good", and "Should I Use Toothpaste". They must be passionate to some people, and something which is usually fairly divided.

Rule 6. Debates Have a Clean Start.
The first post of the debate should always be an unbiased, informational post telling people what the situation you're debating is. Putting your opinion forth first thing sways other's opinions and makes you an easy target for everyone.

Forbidden Topic List
Forbidden topics are those we'd really rather you not talk about due to flame wars in the past. This list can change over time, with entries added and removed. Currently, the list is:
  • Which Season of the Anime was the Best.
  • Which Generation of Pokémon Games was the best.

Both of these topics can be discussed elsewhere but not as a debate since there is no factual evidence for either, instead purely opinions.

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Old August 8, 2011, 05:58:10 PM
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Added rule 6, regarding bias in the first post of a debate.
Old August 11, 2011, 08:21:55 PM
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Might I make a suggestion here: if you want to post your own opinion towards something, make a second post. It would not be in violation of the double posting rule, similar to the one for the news.
Old August 12, 2011, 09:03:48 AM
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Yes... but I don't assume the users here are idiots and can figure that out for themselves.
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