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Default Your Personal Base Stats

Possibly inspired by the Personal Type Matchup thread.

If you were a Pokémon, what would your base stats look like? Obviously you can interpret this in different ways but here's mine:

Type: Psychic/Flying

Psychic, because I'm sort of smart and that doesn't fit into any of the other categories. Flying, idk. I'm kind of agile and can make some kind of long jumps, I guess.

Ability: Adaptability

Change doesn't really bother me. That could be either a good thing or a bad thing, but nonetheless.

HP: 70

See Defense.

AK: 90

I'm . . . sort of . . . strong. Sort of. I played sports years ago, that means something, right?

DF: 70

If I get punched there's probably nothing between the fist and the bone so it usually hurts and I don't like getting punched. So yeah. Kind of also applies to HP.

SA: 105

Taking special attack as intelligence, I'm kind of smart. I guess I could have made this an exact number by plotting my IQ against the normal distribution of Special Attack stats but that's honestly a lot of effort and I don't really feel like publishing my IQ on the internet.

SD: 80

Average. I took this as "ability to reason in real time" or something like that. Which I can do, but not spectacularly. So, average.

SP: 110

Running, it's a thing I do. Well, did. Once again I suppose I could have done some math on the normal distribution of Speed stats but I'd be working on that all night.
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Type: Fire/Flying
Why? See OC
Ability: Water Absorb
Why? Because after work, I can drink 5+ huge glasses and still be thirsty. Also I'd be a need on any fire team, seriously, a fire/flying with no weakness to water...*giddy face*
IDK what my stats would be specifically, but if I were to be EV trained, it would be as a Sp Wall.
Old October 19, 2014, 09:42:33 PM
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HP: 125
If you only knew my weight, you'd think I'm pretty heavy. I can also take a lot of hits in a fight.
Attack: 110
I apparently do not possess the power to hit someone softly.
Defense: 110
As said in HP, I can take a lot of hits. Being hit hurts less and less as I get older.
Special Attack: 80
I'm fairly smart, but I can't use my intelligence in terms of trash talk.
Special Defense: 80
I can take trash talk like it's nothing anymore.
Speed: 25
I am SLOW. If I was to try to find someone that is slower than me at my school, I'd want to quit before I found someone.

So there you are.

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Let's see here...

Type: Grass/Psychic
Grass because I'd like to think I'm gentle and pacifist, but also a lot stronger than I generally give the vibe of being. Grass-types can seem weak but harbor hidden power that can be particularly devastating.

Psychic because, well, brains over brawn. I have brawn only to a limited extent (I did take martial arts, after all) and I rarely have to even use it. Physical strength doesn't win arguments...that is, unless you're just that strong. I guess...

Ability: Analytic
I don't take part in a lot of things, preferring to stay back and watch from a distance instead of getting involved. That's probably why I don't have many friends IRL, because I like to observe people from a distance instead of actually talking to them...

Hidden Ability: Rattled
I...well, I scare easy. Bugs? Can't handle them. Horror movies? I can't sleep at night. Person walks up behind me? I freak the heck out. Even when I'm by myself I can get scared by believing that there might be something behind me to freak me out. But I don't really like to admit it...

HP: 85
I don't particularly have that much endurance, but I can handle myself in some situations. As such I have an average HP stat.

Attack: 70
Like I said, I choose not to use physical strength. However, I do have background in martial arts, so my Attack isn't left totally to waste.

Defense: 55
I'm very accident-prone and can't deal with it very well. I'll end up hurting myself one way or another...I just don't have what it takes to handle pain. Heck, I still hate going to the doctor's to get injections. *shudder*

Special Attack: 130
I'd like to think I have a decent amount of intelligence. That seem to be the attribute applied to Special Attack, so...yeah.

Special Defense: 100
That said, my logical arguments are, depending on the subject matter, varying from unknowledgeable to decent at best. At least among the people here at college. Back in high school I was much better at arguing...just because I was able to out-argue my peers. Now I've become a small fish, I'm afraid.

Speed: 120
I love to run. Running is fun. That doesn't mean I'm that great at it. By which I mean, I have a great sprint - among the 200+ people in my marching band, I was the 3rd fastest sprinter, which I guess is something. However, I am only average at long-distance runs, so anything > 1 mile means a quick slowdown.
Old October 27, 2014, 09:21:48 PM
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Due to my over confidence, I am going to make myself completely over powered. Welp, here goes:

HP: 90
Although I am on the short side, I am quite built. I have also been fighting and wrestling as well as playing football for several years now which has helped me learn to take many hits.

Attack: 135
Physical strength is sort of my thing. It's what "brollic" in my name means. I am addicted to working out and always getting stronger. For example, weighing in at around 160 lbs, I am able to bench press 350 pounds for 3 reps.

Defense: 110
When it comes to wrestling, I have thrive due to my defensive capabilities. I also played defense in football.

Special Attack: 105
Since it seems as if we are basing special attack off of intelligence, I consider myself to be pretty intelligent. While by no means a genius, I have always done pretty well in school when applying myself.

Special Defense: 70 (HAPPY REUNICLUS?)
I don't know what to base this off of... But everyone needs a weakness!

Speed: 101
I was always the fastest kid in my neighborhood growing up until I got a little older. I am very explosive as well as quick but I am not the fastest guy around like I used to be. I am still well above average when it comes to speed however, as I was recruited to play college football at multiple schools.

So there ya have it, I'm an all around strong attacker with solid bulk and an a pretty good speed tier. I believe that I would be a fire/fighting type due to my fighting skills and fiery passion. Hope y'all enjoyed

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Type: Normal

Normal Because I am not interesting enough to fit into another type category

Worried, Panicky Logic

I have a certain "nervous energy" that likes to materialize when I'm backed into a corner argument-wise.

HP: 100

I'm generally quite healthy

AK: 30

I sometimes struggle to get the cap off the Coke bottle

DF: 80

When attacked I would probably kick my attacker in the genitals and run quickly away

SA: 120

Taking special attack as intelligence, I'm decently witty, or at least like to think that I am

SD: 100

See "Ability"

SP: 120

I am very tall and lanky and as such can run very quickly.

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