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Old September 22, 2011, 06:53:11 PM
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Default SimpleChestLock 0.11.3

SimpleChestLock 0.11.3

Simply slap a chest with a stick, and it's locked. Only you can access it.
Slap it with a stick again, and it'll be open for everyone.

Lock chests slapstick-style!
Lock jukeboxes, furnaces and dispensers!
Doors, trap doors, levers, buttons and pressure plates supported, but see the note below!

/scl reload
Reloads the chests file and settings -- WILL DISCARD ANY CHEST LOCKS SINCE LAST LOAD, so /scl save first if you don't want that!
Takes an optional argument; the file to save to. If no file name is given, Chests.txt is used.

/scl save
Save the chests file right now, rather than wait for the plugin to be disabled to do so. Note that the plugin will also autosave every 5 minutes or so, just in case the server crashes.
Takes an optional argument; the file to save to. If no file name is given, Chests.txt is used.

/scl status
Tells you how many items each player has locked, and the total amount of locked items.
Permission Nodes    
simplechestlock.command.reload - Access to /scl reload - Access to /scl save
simplechestlock.command.status - Access to /scl status
simplechestlock.ignoreowner - Unlock any item, use any item.
simplechestlock.lock - Access to locking anything at all
simplechestlock.usecombo - Access to locking with a combination lock
simplechestlock.lock.* - Lock any lockable item

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Old September 27, 2011, 09:29:31 PM
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You may want to look into

Lockette is a little bit like SimpleChestLock yet has a lot more features which makes sharing chests a lot easier. You can use lockette to have only certain users access chests, furnaces, dispensers, and doors. Lockette can also be used with the Permissions plug-in to have certain groups such as Admins only able to open a certain door or chest.

By default all OPS on the server can override locks.

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