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Default WorldGuard

WorldGuard 5.3

Protect your world by selectivity turning off fire, controlling item usage, blocking TNT, and protecting areas. Most features are disabled by default (this keeps WorldGuard lightweight, even if it has a lot of options.)

* Protect areas and set flags (like mob spawning, greeting messages, etc.) on regions, controlling who and what happens in zones. Many flags available: pvp, mob damage, mob spawning, creeper explosion, ghast fireball, sleep disable, TNT, flint and steal, fire spread, lava fire, lightning, chest protection, water flow, lva flow, button/door use, vehicle placement, snow fall, leaf decay, greeting message, farewell message, administrator notifications on enter/leave, automated healing, blocked/allowed commands, respawn location, physical entry or exit blocking

* Ban, log, alert, and control the use of certain items with the blacklist
Simple user-controlled chest protection by placing signs (disabled by default, won't conflict)

* Disable and control TNT, flint and steel, creepers, fire spread, lava spread, ice and snow melting, weather, leaf decay, ice formation, fall damage, and many other things

* Bring back the sponge from Classic that takes away water

* Make pumpkins let you breathe underwater

* /god, /heal, /slay, /stack to make item stacks, /locate for compass fun

* /stopfire and /stoplag are there in emergencies

* Much much more!

It can also be used to stop spawning of certain mobs, like the Enderman.
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