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Default PermissionsBukkit 1.2k/SuperPermsBridge 1.2k

PermissionsBukkit and SuperPermsBridge is both typed on here.


this is the thing that gives us groups such as the admins and members on a server.

also there are nodes that other plugins as well as itself, it can set the nodes to groups.

From my knowledge there are four groups on the server.
Admins: That control all
Moderators: Basically they have the Moderation Commands
Members: This is the default
Purgatory: They cannot build nor destroy on the server

Commands (admins only)    
PermissionsBukkit uses the command /permissions, with aliases /perms and /perm.

/permissions reload - reload the configuration from disk.
/permissions check <node> [player] - check if a player or the sender has a permission (any plugin).
/permissions info <node> - prints information on a specific permission.
/permissions dump [player] [page] - prints info about a player's (or the sender's) permissions.
/permissions group - list group-related commands.
/permissions group list - list all groups.
/permissions group players <group> - list players in a group.
/permissions group setperm <group> <[world:]node> [true|false] - set a permission on a group.
/permissions group unsetperm <group> <[world:]node> - unset a permission on a group.
/permissions player - list player-related commands.
/permissions player groups <player> - list groups a player is in.
/permissions player setgroup <player> <group,...> - set a player to be in only the given groups.
/permissions player addgroup <player> <group> - add a player to a group.
/permissions player removegroup <player> <group> - remove a player from a group.
/permissions player setperm <player> <[world:]node> [true|false] - set a permission on a player.
/permissions player unsetperm <player> <[world:]node> - unset a permission on a player.

All commands have in-game help and are usable from the server console.
Nodes - Allows a player to build. Defaults to true. - Allows viewing of usage for /permissions.
permissions.reload - Allows use of /permissions reload.
permissions.check - Allows use of /permissions reload. - Allows use of /permissions reload.
permissions.dump - Allows use of /permissions reload. - Allows viewing of usage for /permissions group. - Allows use of /permissions group list. - Allows use of /permissions group players. - Allows use of /permissions group setperm. - Allows use of /permissions group unsetperm. - Allows viewing of usage for /permissions player
permissions.player.groups - Allows use of /permissions player groups.
permissions.player.setgroup - Allows use of /permissions player setgroup.
permissions.player.addgroup - Allows use of /permissions player addgroup.
permissions.player.removegroup - Allows use of /permissions player removegroup.
permissions.player.setperm - Allows use of /permissions player addgroup.
permissions.player.unsetperm - Allows use of /permissions player removegroup.

Also, the following parent nodes are provided for convenience:

permissions.* - Maps to, .reload, .check, .info, .dump, and to* and permissions.player.*. Defaults to op.* - Maps to, .list, .players, .setperm, and .unsetperm.
permissions.player.* - Maps to, .groups, .setgroup, .addgroup, .removegroup, .setperm, and .unsetperm.


SuperpermsBridge is kind of like FakePermissions for GroupManager or PermissionsBridge for PermissionsEx. Once it's installed, it pretends to be the Permissions plugin and converts any plugins that use Permissions 2.7 or Permissions 3.1 to use Superperms instead.

You can have PermissionsBukkit without SuperpermsBridge or SuperpermsBridge without PermissionsBukkit if you like, but both of these are limited in functionality. If you install SuperpermsBridge without PermissionsBukkit you will not be able to make use of PermissionsBukkit's groups feature or admin commands, and if you install PermissionsBukkit without SuperpermsBridge, plugins that have not updated to use Superperms directly will not function.

For plugins that use Permissions 2.7/3.1, you can use the special node 'superpermbridge.*' to give the equivalent of what used to be the '*' node for plugins that do not use Superperms directly. If you don't want to give the * node, you can also use the node 'superpermbridge.pluginname' to do the equivalent of what used to be the 'pluginname.*' node. Once again, these only apply to plugins that SuperpermsBridge handles and not to plugins using Superperms directly.

Ok that's enough Copy-Pasta.

Here's the Original Links:
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