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Default Pokemon Tower Defense Generations

(Please note to a Mod if this belongs in the General Gaming board please move it then.)
Pokemon Tower Defense Generations is the sequel to the original Pokemon Tower Defense, although it is very different then the original game. This game take place in Johto, instead of Kanto like the first game did. This game still in developing, you can only play to Cherrygrove City. This game give the Shadow Pokemon more of a role then the original game did, and actually on two of the level you face Shadow Pokemons. They are obtainable in the game, although some are special to find. The Mystery Gift in this game are the non Kanto and Johto Pokemon. Currently there is a Mystery Gift going on for Riolu and the first Mystery Gift: Zorua ended last week.

Check this game: or (You can enter the Mystery Code on the Play Tower Defense site.)

Riolu's Code: 934p2cd4

(If you register on the original PTD's game, you don't need to reregister, just use your email and password from the original game.)
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