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View Poll Results: Which champions did you like most? (Pick up to 3)
Blue (RGBYFrLg) 0 0%
Lance (GSCHgSs) 4 80.00%
Red (GSCHgSs bonus) 0 0%
Steven (RSOrAs) 0 0%
Wallace (E) 1 20.00%
Cynthia (DPPt) 4 80.00%
Alder (BW) 0 0%
Ghetsis (BW stand-in) 0 0%
Iris (B2W2) 1 20.00%
Diantha (XY) 0 0%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 5. You may not vote on this poll

Old March 16, 2016, 10:31:24 PM
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Default Favorite Pokémon Champions (Spoilers)

Which of the champions in the main series Pokémon games was your favorite? Two of the choices are technicalities, but they still count.

Pick up to 3, and explain why.

For me, I chose Lance (first champion I fought), Cynthia (an awesome end to the Sinnoh region), and Iris (she was unexpected for me).

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Old March 16, 2016, 11:02:00 PM
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I'm not even going to vote for more than one. I think Cynthia is hands down the best champion in the entire series up to this point. She's prevalent throughout the story of Sinnoh, not to mention well versed in the mythology of the region. She's also a super challenging fight, bringing in some of the most powerful Pokémon available in that region. Let's not forget her showing up in Unova as well.

And her music. Her music. Her intro is almost chilling. The piano piece played before the battle with her really sets the tone for the battle about to happen. And the battle's music is intimidating as well. The driving base pushes you through that fight. It's worthy of the final battle of Sinnoh.
Old March 17, 2016, 01:41:26 AM
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Gone with Cynthia and Lance for reasons already mentioned by others but sorry Wallace, but my vote for you was accidental. I was actually suppose to pick Steven as he's quickly become one of my favorite champions after reading Pokemon Adventures, personally thought he was pretty badass. While it isn't really anything to do with the main series of games he still deserves my vote.

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Old March 17, 2016, 04:31:35 AM
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Lance has got dragons and neat music. Two things I won't enjoy a champ battle without.
Old March 17, 2016, 01:37:21 PM
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Cynthia, easy. She's an archaeology nerd, with a role in the story that would be moderately difficult to copy/paste any other given NPC into, that basically makes her the Pokémon equivalent of Gandalf or Dumbledore or The Giver or someone. Also she's got a thrown controller-inducing team and one of the best battle songs (and overworld songs) in the game.

I have to give Lance a vote too, though, since he fights with, uh, three Dragonite.
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