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Default The Three Factions

"Alright, now listen up. The Lower East Side has formed an alliance with us, together we're takin' down the slayas. If you got this tape, that means you're bein' sent out. Meet me at the old warehouse after hours, let's say 11 o'clock. We can discuss the plan of action from there. I'll be seein' ya."

It's another crime RP from yours truly. Here's how it works:
The city of Rosewood, CA is divided into three criminal factions. There's the passive Upper East Side (UES), the passive-aggressive Lower East Side (LES), and the aggressive West Side, who like to call themselves the Slayers. The LES formed an alliance with the UES to take down the Slayers and have the whole city to themselves.

Faction descriptions:
Upper East Side    
The Upper East Side is passive towards other factions. They won't interact with anyone else on their own, and are happy in their part of the city. They operate in a fairly simple manner; instead of having specific positions, there are normal people and executives. The regulars will do whatever they have to at the time, and aren't bound to a specific task.
Lower East Side    
The Lower East Side are extremely organized; different people do different tasks, and the whole thing is run almost like a government. Their decisions are based on what they think is the best course of action. They take it very seriously.
West Side    
The West Side is the polar opposite of the Lower East Side. They don't take it all that seriously, and they do whatever their instincts tell them to get more cash. Most of the executives are hicks from the Pacific Southeast, but it doesn't mean they can't function well. They control half of the city for a reason.

Rules etc.    
No killing other players (NPCs are fine to kill, though), no sexual crap, etc. etc. You know the drill. Anything that isn't what I just said is perfectly allowed because I'm a very lenient GM.

Sign-up form    
Weapon: (except for LES, where it's determined by your position)
Position: (LES only)

My characters    
Coming soon. I'm tired right now, so I'mma make them tomorrow. Also, feel free to make as many characters as you like.

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