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Old October 4, 2012, 02:03:02 PM
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Default Free smart-phone inside magazine.

It's the future of tomorrow today!

The latest issue of the magazine Entertainment Weekly contains something very peculiar in it: a screen that displays ads and live updates from a Twitter feed. That's right, live Twitter feeds (thus internet access) from a magazine.

Mashable Tech did a tear-down of this device, and found it is actually a full-featured Chinese Android phone based off the Blackberry. It has full 3G support and even has a SIM card (they were even able to make a call with it).

So yes, a fully functional smart-phone (sans the housing) was included as part of a magazine. Only 1000 of these magazines were made and they were only distributed in New York and Los Angeles so good luck getting a hold of one.

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Old October 4, 2012, 02:34:02 PM
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I've been left speechless by this. I just don't know what to say...
Old October 4, 2012, 02:52:30 PM
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Ladies and gentlemen - the future is here.
Old October 4, 2012, 02:52:49 PM
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Wow. That's about all I can really say about this other than it is pretty dang awesome! To think, such a thin page could contain a screen full of tweets live. Puts a new perspective on interactive reading in magazines, I see plenty potential for this in the Social Network world of today. Sadly though, I can see this turning into yet another way for advertisement to take control as it's starting to get REALLY huge now. I kid you not, I saw an electronic sign on a sink faucet in a bathroom at a restaurant with ads. But this little Twitter feed could lead to plenty more interesting features a simple magazine could offer to us now. Though... what will the prices be now?
Old October 4, 2012, 03:23:16 PM
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Wow, first digital paper (a sheet of plastic that can display moving images and can be used as a projector), now this. This really is the future.

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