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Default My Fluttershy Design I Final Project

So in my Design I class this semester, which by the way is a class where you well... design images with various methods (NOT including digital) and the only 'colors' you have to work with are monochrome, or Black, White, and Grey. Then the final came along and we were given a new option: we could now use ONE color, but make any shade, hue, etc. from it using the before mentioned monochrome colors. We had to come up with three topics to research and present to the class with pre-drawn image ideas and idea board images (such as screenshots of the TV shows, games, etc.). The class voted for me to work with the My Little Pony topic, much to my surprise so I knew the one pony I was going to attempt, which was Fluttershy, as I've recently grown more attached to her (well, umm, since I'm much liker her myself~). Anyhow, working with three mediums we had to use cut-out paper (not
construction paper, but rather pricey craft paper), gauche (a paint), and collage (or any material that you can find that works). I ended up using paper as my main medium, using the gauche for details and wrapping paper as the collage material for the background.

Dimensions: 22 x 30 inches
Colors: Black, White, Grey, and Magenta (+ a LOT of white and black...)
Material: Canson craft paper, Gauche, and wrapping paper

And here is my final result, I had to Photoshop the image quite a bit, however, as my phone's camera is not the best. That's why her hind-legs look soo, itty-bitty and deformed as I used the stretch tool to fix the bad angle I had with the picture. >w<
Le Project    

Now this brings up a question to my mind: If you had to do any sort of art project for a class, would you do something Pony-related? And if so, what would you plan on doing, with or without any particular restrictions? And if you had to do the same project I did here, which Pony would you have gone with and how/why?

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I would possibly do something Pony-related, but what I go to school for (computer science) doesn't really grant much of an opportunity to do something like that, at least not yet.
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