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Default To Unknown Places!

Picture a tall-ish guy with brown hair and brown eyes, who's always dressed in a yellow and blue sports kit.
Now imagine him with red horns in his hair.
That's me. I'm Matt Blackwater, and this is my story. Let me give you a little bit of background. Time to reeeeewind!

Chapter One. Our Discovery
Date; 21st of August. World; Shawshack Town.

It was halfway through our summer holiday, on our homeworld, or as we knew it, in our hometown, Shawshack Town. We had no idea there were other worlds yet.. Or that everything we'd done during the holiday we'd already done several hundred times, with 'mixed results'. My friend, Leo, who happened to be only just shorter than me, blonde, with green eyes, and I were just plain playing football (soccer) together, in a field, when I smashed the ball into a girl's window.. Bad idea, eh? She came storming out, clutching a little stuffed pig-cat-thing, and froze when she saw Leo. You see, this was the first time I'd ever met her, in the several hundred times people had played football and smashed her window to meet her, but Leo had met her once before.. And re-meeting her, in this time loop, seemed to make it shatter. The three of us were on the ground, clutching our heads as memories flooded our minds, of the hundreds of times we'd done things, with different groups each time..

"I've seen you before." "Yes, we've m-met.." "Several times!" "I see we're all together, properly, for once..!"

I heard voices, coming from behind us, as a few of our other friends came to join us, memories flooding into their minds as well.. But obviously, they took it better than we did. There was the hot-shot guy, Clyde, that everyone seemed to bloody adore, with his shiny black hair and black eyes.. And his stupid suit! Then there was Kai, who seemed to doubt his own memories now, his chocolate-brown eyes showing his emotions better than he could ever show them any other way. His light-brown hair was awfully messy, like he'd just gotten up.. Maybe the memory dump'd gotten him in his sleep, and Azel.. The less said about him, the better. Well, you'd want to know what he looked like.. He had red eyes, and sandy-blonde hair. Happy now? ANYWAY.

After discussing what'd happened, to get a better understanding of what had happened, we made up a plan of what we were going to do.

Kai and I were going to see if we could find out what caused the days to keep looping over and over again, Clyde and the girl, Ai, who happened to have white hair and blue eyes, by the way, were to try to arrange up what we'd all discussed to try to work out what we should do when Kai and I returned.. Azel and Leo? I'm not sure what they were suppose to be doing, I wasn't listening to Clyde when he gave the two their orders, but what they did do was absolutely hillarious. They had managed to get themselves into a fight with.. A monster. Some big, purple, ugly monster, with four arms. And two legs. Wait, two legs is normal, nevermind. Anyway, they got themselves into a fight with it.

How did our seperate jobs go? Did Azel and Leo even try to do what they were suppose to do? What was this monster?

The answer to those questions, and more, will be told soon. I just have to make up, I mean, remember what happened next. Bear with me!
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Yes, that's right, it's time for the next part of my story. And for this, I'll need Azel and Leo themselves to help me out here. If I know them as I do, this'll be their own explaination of the events.. Ah well, take it away, Azel and Leo! (They're colour coded. When Azel speaks, the text's in cyan, when Leo speaks, the text is in Dark Orange, before you ask, those of you 'real' people alive on the other side of.. I dunno.)

Chapter 2. Battle for Freedom
Date; August 21st, World; Shawshack Town

It's our time to tell the story this time, Leo! Anyway. As Matt told you, we all went our seperate ways, to go do stuff. I don't remember what everyone else did, but me and Leo went off to go look for 'Nightmares'. I didn't know what a Nightmare was.. And I still don't really know what one is. How did we know we were going to get into a fight with one? Anyway. Leo, you tell them how we found it.No way! Why me? I had to go with Matt when we met.. Ah nevermind.. What Matt forgot to tell you, is that there was another person in our group. She was called Rebecca.. She was pretty..Get to the point, Leo! Urgh, fine, Azel.. We had Rebecca in our group. Before you ask, she had long black hair and green eyes. And why Matt forgot her.. He'll probably tell you. She had been assigned to us.. Because she was the last person left to go into a group, I suppose. We just randomly walked around, each with a wooden stick fashioned into some crude version of a sword.. Clyde told us to, because he's a safety nut. Shh! Clyde'll hear!I don't care! Let me get on with the story! Jeez. Where were we. Oh yeah, that's right. We were just casually minding our business, when suddenly the ugly four-armed monster thing attacked us! It groaned a bit, and started trying to punch us! Violent jerk.. I'm surprised our wooden swords worked as well as they did. We just bashed at it like one of those whachamacallems.. And then it broke our swords. Not helpful. You can tell me that again. Not helpfu-I didn't mean that literally! How did we manage to get away safely? I'll be the one telling you that. Next chapter. We're running out of time.. Stupid Matt and his time restrictions.. Oh, no, we're not on Matt's.. NEVERMIND. I'll be the one telling y'all how we, the awesomest heroes ever, escaped the nightmare thing! It was a funny story. A random football hit the thing in the back of the head, covered in a purple aura.. Or well, it looked like a football.. It still seemed to hurt the jerk. The one that kicked it was a woman dressed in armour.. Must've been sweaty. I think after the event she told us her name.. Something like Lilium.. Or was it Lily.. I don't remember.. She was my mum, you jerk! Lilium! Also known as Lily! Or 'Miss Lil' as Matt called her!.. Remind me to hit him next week. Gotcha. Anyway, the monster roared when Lilium hit it with her ball! Then she took out a sword, and the beast summoned a dome! A dome? It was more of a stadium.. Would you shut up already? It summoned a stadium and thus, we were forced to play a game of football. Why football? I dunno. It was sort of like the whatchamacallit penalty shoot-out thing you get nowadays. Somehow, we beat the four-armed goalie.. Just barely, though.. Leo was our goalkeeper, and it was its own.. I'd explain more, but we are honestly out of time. We'll just get Matt or someone else to make up I mean, tell the next part..
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