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Default Going Up

This is a short fanfiction-creepypasta-thing based off of the creepy stuff around Lumiose City. Just a little backstory I made up. This is done as a scary story repeated by the city's denizens. I plan on writing it in a more detailed form in the near future.

Not long ago, there were two people, madly in love. They both worked for the same hotel, her a maid and him a bellboy, and had the luck of living in the same apartment complex, but on different floors. She lived on the fourth; he lived on the second.

They were scheduled to be married in April. It was in March that the tragedy happened.

When their boss found out, he was furious. Coworker relationships, he said, limited productivity and produced distractions. He was to be transferred to their hotel in Castelia City with promise of a promotion, an ocean away.

This time, he was not on the elevator with her when she was heading to her apartment, and she found it odd. She assumed he didn't want to see her again, and left for Lumiose Station, where she often sat to read.

There, she found a note on one of the boards. It read "I'll get help, meet me in the usual place."

She headed for that elevator.

When she arrived, the receptionist apologized. "It broke," she said. "The cable snapped. I'm afraid those inside died..."

She never saw him again. Oh, how long he must have waited for her there!

They fixed the elevator shortly, and she got home. There, without hesitation, she walked to the balcony, and leapt.

It is said she waits for him on the second floor, hoping he'll return. She is also seen near the elevator at the hotel, listening for the elevator.
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