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Exclamation Writing a spiritual successor to Lucario and the 10 Ordeals

That story is still on my mind, and I had more fun writing that than anything else (even though I never finished it). Well, I've since moved away from the Pokemon franchise but I haven't forgotten the style that 10 Ordeals was written in.

I've been slowly building up an original story called Uniques United: Path of the Emissary and I've recently made a decision to get into the business of animation and cartoons with the help of a mentor.

Uniques United is a story about six sibling mice who serve as agents for a king. They have no official title yet and this story sets them off on a journey to earn the title of Emissary, hence the title of the story.

The story will have many of the elements found in 10 Ordeals including the "10 Challenges," the mystery-solving elements, and even the whole "teleport to another world" thing that made 10 Ordeals stand out as an interesting read.

How does this grab ya?
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