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Default Flint Lockwood and the whirlwind of Characters

I was watching Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs, Despicable Me, How to Train Your Dragon and Rio at the same time, looking and running to each screen, back and fourth as I stared intently; and while I did that, I began to think. 'Why not ask to RP?' I paused, and thought again. 'I`d be Flint, a Night Fury (Not Toothless. I named it XxSootX and made it female), Blu and Vector!'

So.... My forum`s title "Flint Lockwood and the whirlwind of Characters" was actually my roleplay`s title because of the plot. X3

Here`s what`s up, SEP(SpikyEaredPichu) was the first to join in the fun; so we started the plot, while working together, on our own. And I went to roleplaying with her, and guess where Flint ended up? Right now, in the Roleplay, Flint was bitten everywhere on his body, now his breathing is shallow and slow, his heart stopped and guess who made this happen to him? Vector did! He thought Flint was Gru and BIT him! But, this is the turning point, not only for despair(Drama); but also for Action, Comedy and Suspence; Flint is getting the help he needs to survive, and Toothless; along with Jewel, were the ones who saved him! BUT.... The fun`s not over, in fact.... It`s just getting started!

You`ll need four movie characters as well as two origonal characters.
Character sheet:

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