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Old September 13, 2013, 07:35:34 PM
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Default Nismo's Sprite Gallery

Hello, I've gotten back into spriting! Not much else to say, other than that this might be a little lacking in splices/fusions as I find the other styles a lot more interesting.

To start, I only have like 5 sprites on this computer so I may as well post them all.

Name:  luxrepose.png
Views: 113
Size:  1.9 KBName:  umbreondevamp.png
Views: 112
Size:  896 BytesName:  mawiledevamp.png
Views: 118
Size:  1.0 KBName:  glaceondevamp.png
Views: 93
Size:  950 BytesName:  eeveereevamp.gif
Views: 101
Size:  2.7 KB

We've got my Luxray repose from a while back, devamps of a few various Pokémon, and an animated Eevee revamp that I just finished a couple minutes ago.

Also, I have the Glaceon one in Game Boy colors!

Name:  glaceondevamp-gameboy.png
Views: 113
Size:  978 Bytes
Old March 9, 2014, 10:05:02 AM
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I noticed that nobody has posted in this ;_;

I really enjoy your devamps! I love the Mawhile and I think that you did a fantastic job on it!
Old March 9, 2014, 12:28:31 PM
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Man i remeber when everyone here VR was into this. Heck i actully tryed to get into this stuff once. But anyways they look good.
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