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Old April 14, 2012, 04:55:06 PM
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Default Any good battle subway teams?

I've lately have been trouble beating the Battle Subway, so I ask for the best team you can think of for it. Give EVs, items (No BP items) and moves please.
The team I last fought them with (And I think they were the best I fought with) are:

Hydreigon with Expert Belt
Crunch, Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Surf

Volcarona with BrightPowder
Psychic, Quiver Dance, Heat Wave, Bug Buzz

Cobalion with Rocky Helmet
Volt Switch, Swords Dance, Iron Head, Sacred Sword

Any ideas to optimize this team for the Battle Subway, or do you have a better team idea? Please post, I'm desperate for BP.
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