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Default An Imbalance in the Universes... (Pokémon RP)

London, England
A scientist frantically came into the lab, holding a laptop. "Guys!" He seemed out of breath. "Guys, we have a problem."

"What is it?" one of the scientists in the room asked.

"It's..." He paused to catch his breath. "It's the Pokémon universe. Something has already gone wrong." He set the laptop on the corner of a desk and flipped through a few of the many windows he had up. "The instruments have gone mad! It might just be my computer, but I swear something's off." All of a sudden, a shadow came over the computer. The scientist looked behind him, and in the few seconds he had, he recognized the figure. It was the famed rogue Pokémon. Mewtwo.

Now, if you didn't get the gist of it from there, basically something's gone wrong in the world of Pokémon and the Pokémon are starting to come into the real world. Although, just how that happened, you'll have to find out for yourselves.

Rules, guidelines, etc.    
Follow all forum rules (which is a given, but basically, don't let it get out of hand).
Don't go too NSFW with anything (yes, you know what I'm talking about )
No killing other people's characters (this is a given; attacking others is fine though).
Since this takes place in England, try and use British English as much as possible.

Sign-up form    
Other notes:

My character    
Name: Jonathan Hyde
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jonathan has green eyes and fairly long brown hair. He always seems to have a sort of sinister look on his face. He's fairly tall and skinny, standing at 5'10". He wears a gray hoodie and sweatpants.
Personality: Jonathan is fairly laid back, yet somewhat serious at the same time. He can often tease people and then immediately return to business. He can take others' advice, but he won't go out of his way to follow it.
Background: Jonathan was raised to a single, poor, neglectful mother living in London. Thus, he spends most of the time out of the house, doing odd jobs for people to make some money.
Other notes: N/A
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Name: Liam Killman (no pun, real person. I just like his name.)

Age: 15

Gender: Male


Eyes - Gray, not the ghostly kind, but a piercing icy kind.
Hair - A shade darker that auburn. Long bangs.
Face - Pointy, but not snake-like
Height - about 6'
Est. Weight - about 110. He is extremely skinny, mostly composed of bones and thin defined muscles.
Hat - A Black Beanie with a horizontal darkgray strip.
Top - A plane, light grey, short sleeved, fruit of the loom shirt
Bottom - Loose black pants.
Shoes - Dark blue and black sneakers.

Personality: Liam is swift and ductile. He is alert and hides his nervousness. His nervousness causes him to be jumpy.

Background: Extremely smart and talkative. In school he would outwit everyone. Eventually lost all of his friends because of his friends lack of understanding. He cant help using large and unique words.

Other notes:
1)Is fond of birds :]
2)His parents had 5 other children, so it is hard for them to care for him. So when They never have a problem with him being out of the house.

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Name: Liselle
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has blue-green eyes, and long, honey-blonde hair usually worn in a braid down her back. She's about 5'2", and is a little on the skinny side, though not by a whole lot. She wears a brown "Wyoming Cowboys" t-shirt, blue jeans, sea-blue crocs, and, when it's cool outside, a gray sweatshirt.
Personality: Liselle keeps to herself most of the time, sometimes to the point where her friends will forget for a moment that she's there. She strongly disapproves of bad language, though she tries not to get on people for using it. She is, however, always ready to lend a hand when it's needed.
Background: Liselle grew up for most of her life in Vancouver in America, until her Dad's job forced them to move to London. Thus, she usually stuck out wherever she was. Over the last few months, she slowly began to learn how to fit in a little better, though she still sounds more American than anything else. Since money's been a little tight with her family recently, she's been trying to find some small jobs around the neighborhood to earn enough money to afford a table at an upcoming craft fair.
Other notes: She loves knitting, and will almost always have a small project with her wherever she is.

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Both accepted. Considering how fast that grew, I'm either gonna wait for one more sign-up or until tomorrow morning to start it up.
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Name: Solomon Swift
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Average sized body. Although his appearance may give him off as athletic, he has quite weak constitutions.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160 Lbs
Personality: Having a naturally projective voice, he tends to overcompensate by talking rather quietly. This is the result of many people telling him to calm down when he tries to express himself. Sol is the case of a naturally extroverted character who feels obligated to be introverted for others.
Background: A former resident of British Coloumbia, Canada, Solomon is a 1st year college student who is studying abroad in London. As previously said, many people have seen Sol to be an erratic personality when he lived in Canada, and his lack of hesitation to throw himself out there has resulted in multiple instances of name-calling. After one too many, Sol did his best to keep to himself. This attempt to fly under the radar has, however, resulted in his emotions being pent up over long periods of time before all being released at everyone on various occasions, sometimes ruining his image.
Other notes:
1.) Sol is taking General Studies classes with a so far undeclared major. The phenomena taking place are soon to change that.
2.) He lives in a small apartment and will occasionally be having class when major discussions are taking place, it all depends on his schedule.
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Accepted. Gonna get the start-up going soon.
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Name: Emma Wane
Appearance:Emma is shorter than most standing at 5 foot even but with an atheletic build. Her dark black hair hightlights her bright blue eyes. She accents her dark complexion with a bright red dress shirt and generally a short black pleated skirt with a small heeled shoe.
Personality: Emma is optimistic and fun-loving, however she is naturally shy around people at first. She also is easily embarrased at her mistakes.
Background: Emma was originally from Hobart, Tasmania in Australia. A family mishap led her to live with an aunt in Syria, but Emma's aunt sent her to go to school in London with her cousin.
Other notes:She has dyslexia making it hard to read certain things
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