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Default Exstinction: Rise of the Xenothropes

In the time of modern man, a new breed of humans were born: Xenothropes, humans with the power to change into anthropomorphic animals. But, Humans saw them as freaks and unclean monsters of society. They were feared and hated. Each person changed into an animal was decided by their personality complex. But, there are a few whose personality matches that of a mythical beast. Sadly, there is only five that do so. There were more, but Cronos, The Phoenix, and Uranus, The Chimera, both died when humans attacked them on the day of their wedding. The others were tortured to death in human military bases across the globe. Now, only non mythical beasts and the remaining five exist.
The mythical beasts are the Xenothropes last chance of survival. They are scattered across the world. They were last seen in England, North America, India, Africa and China. A group called the Last Hope haved dedicated their lives to finding the mythicals and urging them to help stop the humans. But, the humans also have an organization to stop the Xenothropes, The Thirteen Blades. They are pursuiting any and all Xenothrope that have joined with the Last Hope. Will The Last Hope succeed or will they fall to the Thirteen Blades?

These are the last mythical beast Xenothrope:
Black Dragon (taken)
White Dragon (taken)

Rules (obviously):
No weapons (this was based off a marital arts game)
No sexual posts please
Keep all blood and gore to a minium
All Site rules apply
All rp rules apply
4 characters per member
Some humans can be part of Last Hope
and some Xenothrope can be part of Thirteen Blades, but they can't transform around other members.

Character Sheet:
Side: (Last Hope or Thirteen Blades)
Species: (Xenothrope or Human)
Sub Species: (Xenothrope only)
Xenothrope Appearence: (if Xenothrope)
Other: (for the mythicals, put what country they were last seen in)

Name: Anastsia Windfell
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Side: Last Hope
Species: Xenothrope
Sub Species: White Dragon
Personality: Adventurous and brave, willing to take on people or Xenothropes stronger than her to save others, but a bit shy and not very go at making friends
Bio: Anastsia, or Ana for short, was born somewhere on the East Coast of North America. Her parents homeschooled her by taking her around the states and the world to historic places. She never made that many friends because she always traveled around and couldn't stay in one city for more than a week, the only one that she made was with a Xenothrope named Alexander because he was traveling with them . She was always around people but never really talked much. She didn't know she was a mythical beast Xenothrope until she transformed one day to save her parents from the Thirteen Blades.
Appearence: 5' 9" wears a lot of black with the yang (white with black dot) graphic tees with black slacks and black shoes. Her hair is long, silky and dark chestnut colored. She has deep blue eyes and has the yang symbol tattooed to her right hand.
Xenothrope Appearence: Wearing her human clothes, she stands as a 6' 5"
tall Eastern Dragon with white fur and blue eyes. Her mane, claws, horns, and tail tip fur are all black. She does not wear shoes in this form, she's bare footed.
Other: Last seen in North America

Name: Alexander O'Brian
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Nationality: Irish
Side: Last Hope
Species: Xenothrope
Sub Species: Black Dragon
Personality: he a bit stubborn and cold, but he's kind and helpful underneath. He tends to go overboard when there's fight and can be very reckless with fragile objects
Bio: He's a foreign exchange student from Ireland. He came to stay with the Windfell family when his parents , both Xenothrope (Bear and Mouse), have handed him over to them because they could not take care of him. He traveled with the Windfell for most of his life and learned so much from their homeschooling. He normally only talks to Ana, because he's not to social with new people. After an near death experience with Ana, he transformed into the Black Dragon and flew far from North America.
Appearence: 6' 1" wears lots white with black trimming and yin symbol (black with white dot). He has lean muscle build, so he's not to bulky. Normally seen wearing a white tee with the yin on it, white pants and white shoes. He has flaming red hair and teal colored eyes.
Xenothrope Appearence: Like all Xenothrope, he wears his human clothes in form. He is a black western dragon with red eyes. His horns, claws, spikes, underbelly and arrow tail tip are white. Like all Xenothropes, he is bare foot and stands at 6' 9". He also has pitch black wings.
Other: Last seen in England

Name: Victoria McAllen
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Nationality: Scottish
Side: Thirteen Blades
Species: Xenothrope
Sub Species: Black Panther
Personality: She is a loner. Not very social and tends to stray away from the spotlight, but very aggressive and cold on the battlefield
Bio: Victoria was left alone at ten when her parents were killed by the Thirteen Blades. He learned to use her Xenothrope form to hunt for food and attack anyone who threatens her life. Because of this, she tends to stay away from humans. She does have a few friends that she does talk to sometimes. She never really likes to be around crowds. She joined the Thirteen Blades to act as a spy for the Xenothropes.
Appearence: She's 5' 7" wears a blue jacket with blue pants, black boots and a graphinc tee that shows a black panther. She has sufer blonde hair and forest green eyes with black leather gloves.
Xenothrope Appearence: She stands at 6' 3". Wearing her human clothes, she is basicly an anthropomorphic black panther
Other: n/a

Name: Victor Rite
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Nationality: Italian
Side: Thirteen Blades
Species Human
Sub Species: none
Personality: He somewhat cruel, but only to Xenothrope. He cares nothing for the shapeshifters as he calls them. He is ambitious about wiping out the Xenothrope.
Bio: Leader of the Thirteen Blades. He vowed revenge for the death of his family from a Xenothrope attack. He was the human that killed Cronos and Uranus during their wedding. He always smiled at the death of a Xenothrope. He created the Thirteen Blades to hunt down all Xenothrope and purge the world of their existance.
Appearence: 6' 2" wears a black suit beneath a black cloak. He has short jet black hair, a small mustache and blue eyes. He wears wild west style boots that have steel toes and gloves with small spikes on the knuckles
Xenothrope Appearence: none
Other: n/a

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