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Default Trouble in Pebble Beach (sign-ups)

December 1958
Pebble Beach, NY

"Go, go, go, we need to get the HELL outta here!" Alarms rung, and the distant sounds of police sirens filled the air. Five people loaded bags into a Chevy wagon. It was a jewelry store, and it had just been robbed.

This RP takes place in the fictional town of Pebble Beach, NY. It's a few miles north of the big city, and thus, while it's a common stop for people hanging around the city, it's often overlooked. Recently, a small group from the mafia have been thrown out of the city, and they've come to Pebble Beach, it being the nearest location. Your mission? Should be fairly obvious.

Rules (READ READ READ)    
Okay, I'm gonna be a little more strict after the broken logic that happened with my last RP.

First rule, DON'T BREAK THE UNIVERSE. Make sure everything goes with what's happened before. I WILL enforce this.

Second rule, USE GRAMMAR to the best of your ability. Really.

No godmodding, as usual.

Nothing too NSFW, as usual. I shouldn't have to enforce it, since nothing really could ever potentially lead to it.

Don't just go around killing people. I WILL enforce this.

As there are only a few bad guys, don't just kill them.

No Mary-Sues, even though that never really happens.

This is the 1950s, so people had REVOLVERS, not pistols.

Also, this is the winter in the Northeast. It's COLD and SNOWY.

By the way, I'm not trying to restrict your fun. I'm trying to keep you guys from either doing stupid things or breaking logic. And these rules shouldn't be too restricting.

Character sheet    
Weapon: (I'm letting you have this, just be sure that you don't go around killing people)
Background: (optional)
Other: (optional)

(I'm still deciding whether or not to have a character of my own, as it's largely NPC-based)
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