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Default Clan wars( Sign Ups)

Hello there I am starting a new Rp called Clone Wars(lol thread title mistake ) if you sign up your cool!

Date: 4.13.2013
An unknown organization has spread across the land causing havoc among the regions using powerful pokemon and have been doing strange operations near legendary sighting areas there goals unknown. They have committed several terrorist attacks on the city's and the death toll will rise if nothing is done though not much is known about there plot. The recently inducted J.D.F program or group has been trying to fight the evil organization. But the situation has been only becoming more grim.
(I will control NPC's unless I give permission to someone else to)

This Rp starts three days before.

Sign up sheet:

Age: (Not to young)
Team: (Can be decent but not OP)
Region: (Kanto,Johto,Hoenn)
Town: (Any town in the regions above)
Personality: (One of the natures that best describes them more of the personality should be explained through RP)
Affiliation: (Evil organization,J.D.F,None)

My characters:

Name: Rey (No last name known)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Team:Larvitar lvl34, Magmar lvl28, Electabuzz lvl28, Skarmory lvl31
Region: Currently in Kanto
Town: Unknown
Appearance: Has purple short spiky hair( Spikes go backwards), A navy jacket with an insignia on it's right shoulder. Black tight pants, orange shoes and black sports gloves.
Affiliation: Evil organization

Name: Chase Strika
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Team: Breloom (Celadon) lvl29, Raichu (Princeton) lvl28, Poliwhirl ( Navy) lvl 28
Region: Kanto
Town: Viridian city
Appearance: Has orange shortish longish hair blue eyes a cyan jacket black jeans and yellow conver high tops
Personality: Jolly
Affiliation: None

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Name: Baku

Age: 15

Region: Johto

Town: Ecruteak

Appearance: Long-ish dark blue, messy hair , a black suit and tie with a white button up shirt underneath, wears black converse high tops, has purple eyes.

Team: Gengar, (lvl 50) Arcanine (lvl 36) Dewott (lvl 26) Aerodactyl (lvl 30) Zorua (lvl 20) Hypno (lvl 34)

Personality: Adamant,Brave

Affiliation: J.D.F.

This is a really interesting idea and I'm actually kind of excited :3
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Accepted thank god someone signed up(sign up please you'll get a imaginary cookie)

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