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Default Brutal Murder in the Biography section (Sign-ups)

Our story takes place in the town of Liona, Oregon; The local public library has organized an after-hours social event for Teens from Grades 6-12 (11-18 years old) to take place in their large "Community Room". The event is a role-playing Murder Mystery: The members of the library's Teen Council are acting as characters come to life from Books and Manga both old and new, who are all suspected of the murder of Draco Malfoy of the Harry Potter series.
Things seem to be going well until near the conclusion of the game (Just as the killer is about to be revealed) when a scream from the second floor of the building brings the Teens to the scene of an actual murder. Strangely enough, though he has no identification, one person points out that he looks a lot like Dustfinger, from the Inkheart books. Linda, the Young Adult librarian, tells the frightened Teenagers that the Liona Public Library holds a secret; the characters actually do come out of the books after hours and walk all around the library grounds until the library opens again, when they all must return to their books again or else risk being trapped in the "Outside World" until the library closes again that night. However, part of this strange phenomenon is that if a character is wounded or killed, they will return to their books before the library opens again as long as at least one copy of the book and/or movie they came from remains on library grounds. Otherwise, they will remain in this world until a book is returned to the property. This is reassuring, until the librarians realize that all of the books in the Inkworld Trilogy have been stolen, as well as the Inkheart movie DVD's, leaving the dead Dustfinger trapped outside of his story. Now, with the help of the other Characters, we must find the books and the criminals before even more Characters are killed and trapped in the real world. And beware, for now that they know we're after them, the murderers might just be getting ready to kill us instead, and we don't have books we can return to...

Rules and Guidelines    

• This should go without saying, but please follow all General Role-Playing Rules
• Keep it PG-13
• You can have multiple characters, but I ask that you keep it to no more than 2. I think it'll be easier for everyone that way, both for the RPer to control, and for everyone else to keep track of who's controlling whom
• You are allowed to invent NPC's, and while there isn't a rule against directing an NPC someone else invented, please keep in mind that they may have been introduced for a particular reason and having several people controlling them could throw everything off and be frustrating for everyone
♦ Above all, have fun!

Sign-up sheet    

Age: (Must be 11-18 years old)
Teen Library Council member?: (Yes/No) (TLC members don't get anything special, except they dress up as one of the suspects during the game at the beginning.)
Favorite Book/Manga: (Optional)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. I'll edit this with my own character in the morning.

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